How to scan and manage valid IP addresses on your LAN

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Scanning the LAN for IP addresses is extremely important, especially if you are an admin and want to analyse all the devices connected to the network. Admins usually prefer to have access to shared folders and the control to automatically shut down the PC, remotely.

IP addresses are part of the layer 3 in OSI network and are necessary for Inter-VLAN communication. In essence, every layer three devices will be needing IP address. The IP address is also required if you are configuring DHCP snooping and some of the other advanced features.

There are more than one ways to scan the LAN for IP addresses and in this segment, we will walk you through some of the best means to do so.

How to scan the LAN for IP addresses

1. IP Config Method

This method is just to get the list of all IP addresses connected to the LAN. No advanced options are available but if you just want to access the list of IP addresses connected to the network this should just work fine.


  • Open the command prompt by typing “CMD” in the Start menu search bar.
  • Once open, type ipconfig, this will display the IP address of your own machine.
  • Now you need to ping this machine IP address by punching in the following command “ping”
  • In the next step type arp -a, voila you will get the list of IP addresses on your LAN

2. Angry IP Scanner

Presuming that you want to see the IP addresses that are being used in a particular subnet its tools like Angry IP Scanner that will come in handy. Angry IP Scanner will help you scan a range of IP addresses and will also fetch advanced details regarding the connections. Users can customise their queries and can import the same in CSV, TXT, XML and even IP-Port list files.

The Angry IP Scanner is a freeware and it is extensible with many data fetchers whilst offering command-line interface. This program is best suited for network administrators across both small and large enterprises.

Download it here

3. SolarWinds IP Tracker

SolarWinds is yet another IP address tracker utility that can be used to access networks across multiple subnets and also manage the same. SolarWinds lets you track an unlimited number of IP addresses without the need for complex configurations. Once a new subnet is added along with the name and addresses the application will generate the list of all the IP addresses on the LAN.

SolarWinds also comes with a feature that lets you filter the IP addresses by checking out the used or the reserved ones. The program also allows users to see the last time an IP address was used.

Download it here

4. Advanced IP Scanner

The best part of the Advanced IP Scanner is that its simple and straight forward utility. The Advanced IP Scanner can locate all the devices connected to both your wireless and wired local network. It’s particularly useful if you want to get a list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Advanced IP scanner also offers a remote PC shutdown feature that will allow admins to shut down the PC’s on the network. Furthermore, it also supports the Wake-on-LAN standard that lets you start system remotely by sending wake up packets. The results tab mentions Status, name, IP, Manufacturer and the MAC address of all the systems connected to the network. Furthermore one could also populate important statistics including DNS and Response time.

Download it here