Top 7+ photo viewer software for Windows 10

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Many people tend to take pictures in order to keep their favorite memories, and in most cases, they store these pictures on their PCs.

Photos app is a default app for photo viewing on Windows 10 and speaking of which, Photos app will get new features with the upcoming Windows updates in the future.

Microsoft is working to improve Photos app and released updated versions for Windows Insiders. Meanwhile, it still is a rather simple photo viewing application, therefore it lacks some key features that advanced users might miss.

If you’re not pleased with Photos app and you’re looking for an alternative, today we’re going to show you the best photo viewers for Windows 10.

What are the best photo viewers for Windows 10?

1. ACDsee Photo Studio (recommended)

ACDsee Photo Viewer windows 7

This one comes in different types for different users such as the home user or professional as it is like a full photo studio suite for use in viewing, editing and creating unique images.

It supports more than 60 image formats including GIFs, plus you not only get to view crisp quality images on a super platform, you also can edit, organize, manage and even share your digital photos with your loved ones or friends or workmates from your desktop.

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Many photo viewer software can be slow in terms of scrolling, listing and selecting. ACDSee is optimized so well that all its features cannot slow down your user experience.

You will feel a real pleasure to scroll through your photo collections. Even if it comes at a $59.99 price, there is a trial version available which has all you need for photo viewing.

Install it on your computer and give it a try.

2. FileViewer Plus 3 (recommended)

file viewer plus 2 - recommended software

You would usually have to use multiple applications to manage all your photos, documents, and archives. It’s convenient to choose one that can handle at least most of the formats you are going to need opening.

File Viewer Plus 2 is a universal file viewer for Windows that can open and display over 300 different file types.

The new version brings extra features and focus on support for viewing and converting over 50 new file formats, including over 25 additional image, audio, and video formats.

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The new batch conversion feature works at great speed and you can save settings to use it again for different jobs.

Raw files are well supported with this program and you can open photos from 600 different camera models. You can also view EXIF data for digital photos and camera raw files.

The application has a simple, smart layout and is as easy as drag-and-drop files. You can download a fully-functional free trial or buy it at an affordable price.

DIMIN Viewer n5

DIMIN Viewer n5

DIMIN Viewer n5 is a lightweight photo viewer with support for wide range of image formats. List of supported formats includes JPEG, GIF, TIFF as well as RAW formats from digital cameras.

Speaking of RAW format, this application also comes with a useful size guessing function for RAW images.

Additional features include Metadata support that includes EXIF, IPTC, GeoTIFF, GeoJPEG-2000, Fluoview TIFF and many others.

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One of the more interesting features of DIMIN Viewer n5 is batch conversion and batch file renamer that allows you to easily convert multiple images or to change their names automatically.

In order to quickly locate your images, DIMIN Viewer n5 comes with in-memory and preemptive caching functions for the upcoming files.

We also have to mention that you can enhance the functionality of DIMIN Viewer n5 through the use of various plug-ins.

WildBit Viewer

WildBit Viewer

WildBit Viewer is another lightweight photo viewing solution for Windows 10 that comes with support for over 70 image formats.

One of the main features of this application is its speed, and thanks to the shell toolbar you can just drag and drop your picture folder into WildBit Viewer and use it as an organizer.

As for additional features, WildBit Viewer allows you to compare two images side by side.

If you are a fan of slideshows, you’ll be pleased to know that you can create custom slideshows with 176 different transition effects by using this application.



If you’re looking for an image viewer for Windows 10 that supports a wide range of formats, XnView is what you need.

This application supports more than 500 file formats, therefore it will open almost any type of image that you have on your computer.

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XnView allows you to view images in several ways, such as standard Thumbnail view or FullScreen view, but there’s also a FileStrip view and SlideShow with FX option as well. In addition, there’s support for image comparison and basic image editing.

One feature that we have to mention is the Duplicate File Finder that searches your hard drive for any duplicated images.

Additional features include metadata support, batch processing, and batch renaming.

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is another free image viewer for Windows 10, but unlike other image viewers, this one comes with several advanced features.

Just like many other image viewers, FastStone Image Viewer supports a wide range of image formats as well as popular digital camera RAW formats.

This tool comes with basic image editing options that allow you to resize, rotate, flip, crop your images, or perform color adjustments.

What sets FastStone Image Viewer apart from other photo viewers is its ability for image retouching using the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools.

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We also have to mention that this tool comes with eleven resampling algorithms, and it even allows you to make RGB color adjustments. There’s also support for special effects such as shadows, framing, sketching, oil painting, and lens effects.

As for editing options, there’s advanced Red-Eye removal tool as well as ability to add text, annotations or callout objects to images. In case you’re not pleased with your edits, there’s a multi-level Undo/Redo option available.

FastStone Image Viewer has an option to acquire images directly from a scanner along with support for batch scanning and PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG formats.

There’s a side-by-side image comparison available that allows you to compare up to 4 images at a time.

If you’re fan of slideshows, you’ll be pleased to know that FastStone Image Viewer allows you to create slideshows using 150 different transition effects.

In addition to transitions, you can even add music to your slideshows with FastStone Image Viewer.



IrfanView is another lightweight photo viewer for Windows 10 that supports a wide array of image formats along with digital camera RAW formats.

Just like many other tools on our list, this program supports batch conversion along with advanced image processing. In addition to viewing images, this application can also work as a simple multimedia player.

IrfanView comes with basic editing features, so you can crop or rotate your images, draw lines, circles, and arrows on them.

This photo viewer supports Adobe Photoshop Filters and it comes with wide range of effects such as Blur, Sharpen, etc. In addition to photo viewing, IrfanView comes with screen capturing feature which you can use to create screenshots.

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Another feature that we would like to mention is the ability to save your slideshows in EXE or SCR format in order to share them easily with others.

Unlike other tools, IrfanView doesn’t make changes to your registry without your permission, and if you wish to enhance the functionality of this tool, you can do so by using many available plug-ins.

Pictomio Image Management

Pictomio Image Management

Pictomio Image Management works as a photo viewer/image organizer, and like many other tools on our list, it allows you to create and view slideshows.

This tool allows you to manage both pictures and videos, and with EXIF editor included you can easily edit and save metadata of your images.

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Thanks to the advanced Library feature, you can easily sort your pictures by date taken, camera, or any other EXIF value.

Pictomio Image Management might not have all the advanced features of other tools on our list, but it makes up for with its visually appealing UI.

One of the features that sets it apart from other photo viewers is the visually engaging 3D Carousel and straightforward drag-and-drop slideshow editor.

Fresh View Multimedia Organizer

Fresh View Multimedia Organizer is one of simpler photo viewers on our list. This tool allows you to organize your pictures, music, and videos, as well as create HTML albums.

As for the number of supported image formats, Fresh View Multimedia Organizer supports about 86 different file formats, but the developers are constantly adding support for more formats.

If you feel that Photos app on Windows 10 is lacking some major features, you could try one of these photo viewers as an alternative.

XnView, IrfanView and FastStone Image Viewer are our favorites because they offer an array of advanced features in addition to photo viewing.

So, if you’re looking for a powerful but lightweight photo viewer, make sure to try one of the aforementioned apps.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to reach for the comments section below.


Editor’s Notethis article has been originally published in April 2016. We have recently updated it to include more relevant Photo viewer software and inform about Windows Photo app’s updates.