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Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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  • Pandemic online game is a cooperation game that can be played in 2 to 5 players, that have to make up a team and fight a worldwide infectious disease.
  • While it can't be truly played online, only locally, the owner of the game can share it with other people, and play in turn.
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play pandemic online game

It’s been shown, recently, that people all over the world feel the need to get emotionally involved in representations of catastrophic events with which they can relate to.

Besides movies and books, online games such as Pandemic make no exception.


What is the Pandemic online game?

Pandemic is an adaptation of the award-winning board game of the same name created by Matt Leacock.

Created as a strategy and simulation game, it can be played in 2 to 5 players that have to team up and cooperate to find sustainable cures to fight the deadly disease that holds up the entire world. Unless they do it, humanity becomes extinct.

How to play Pandemic?

Pandemic is not a multiplayer game, so it’s local-only. But it comes with a Remote Play Together feature, which allows the owner of the game to invite friends to collaborate and fight the disease together.

It can also be played via video platforms such as Zoom, letting your friends do their part, in turn.

With 5 difficulty levels to suit all categories of gamers, the players travel the globe to protect cities, contain infections from spreading, and discover the cure for each disease

The Medic, the Scientist, or the Quarantine Specialist – each member of the team is indispensable as they all have their own strengths, so the elite team has to be created wisely.

How can I get the Pandemic online game?

The game is available on a multitude of platforms, from gaming consoles to mobile devices running on Windows, macOS or iOS, at prices starting from $4.99.


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FAQ: Learn more about Pandemic online game

  • Can you play Pandemic online?

No, Pandemic can only be played locally. But it has a sharing feature to allow you to play the game together with friends, in turn.

  • Can you play pandemic solo?

Sure, you just take on the role of multiple players. The In the Lab expansion has clear rules for solo playing and is recommended as being more entertaining.

  • Is Pandemic easy to learn?

Gamers say it’s very easy to learn and after 2 sessions even the novices can get the hang of it. Besides, the cooperative side of the game allows one to lean on the go, without compromising the team strategy.