10 best browser games to play with friends [Card, Board, FPS]

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  • Looking for browser games to play with friends? This article has some of the best games for you.
  • While you can play online games in any browser, for the best results be sure to use gaming-oriented web browser.
  • Many games don't require installation, and you can play them with friends simply with ease.
  • If you need fun browser games to play with friends, we encourage you to try some of our top picks from this guide.
Play browser games with friends
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Gaming is a nice way to socialize and have a lot of fun, and in this guide we’ll show you the best browser games to play with friends.

What games can you play with your friends online?

There are all sorts of games that you can play online, shooters, card games, board games, you name it.

All these games can run from your browser, and they don’t need to be installed in order to run.

Read the next section and check our top recommendations.

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What are best browser games to play with friends?

Catan Universe

catan universe browser games to play with friends

If you’re a fan of board games, you should definitely try Catan Universe. This game lets you play a game of Catan, with your friends, right from your web browser.

In case you’re not familiar with Catan, it’s a board game in which you build your settlement and compete or cooperate with other players.

So if you’re a fan of board games or just a fan of Catan, Catan Universe is a game that you must try.

Get Catan Universe


Available as a mobile app and browser game, Slither.io is the more attractive version of Snake, the popular Nokia game from the 2000s.

Your objective is to control a worm to consume smaller worms and pellets. Defeat your opponents and become the most massive and longest player in this multiplayer game.

Avoid collision with other players because if your worm head collides with another, your game will end. Test your skills as you compete against multiple opponents simultaneously.

Slither.io is a fun game and it’s one of the better multiplayer browser games to play with friends.

Get Slither.io

Time Heist

time heist browser games to play with friends

Time Heist is another browser game to play with friends. The game requires players to split into two teams, Guardians and Thieves, with each team having a captain.

The captain needs to give hints about historical events or people and their team needs to guess the answer.

The game has a special and easy-to-follow ruleset, and it’s a perfect game to play with friends, so you might want to try it out.

Get Time Heist


wanderers io browser games to play with friends

Wanderers.io is a unique strategy game in which you lead a small tribe of settlers in a sandbox world. You can gather resources, cut trees, hunt animals, and even create your own settlements.

The game is played against other players, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for them. However, you can play the game with friends and form alliances or play one against another.

Overall, it’s a unique strategy game, and if you and your friends like strategy games, Wanderers.io is a game that you should try.

If you’re looking for fun browser games to play with friends, then Wanderers.io might be what you need.

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Get Wanderers.io

Minecraft Classic

Minecraft is a well-known game, but did you know that you can play Classic Minecraft in your browser, for free? Just visit the game’s website and you’ll get a server URL that you need to share with your friends, and that’s it.

Your friends will be able to join your game and help you build objects. We have to mention that the number of blocks and features is very limited, and many features from the game are missing.

However, if you’re a fan of Minecraft and similar games, Minecraft Classic is one of the better in browser multiplayer games that you can play.

Get Minecraft Classic


squaddio browser games to play with friends

Squadd.io is a multiplayer shooter arena game in which you compete against other players. The game has a top-down perspective, and your goal is to be the last man standing.

Currently, the game offers two maps and three different modes, but what makes this game stand from the rest is its number of characters. Each character has unique passive abilities, and each in-game weapon has different stats.

If you need a simple and fun browser game to play with friends, Squadd.io might be just what you need.

Get Squadd.io


Join your friends in a side chat and take turns at drawing. When one of you has drawn something, the others must guess the meaning of your artwork.

Skribbl is one of those browser games to play with friends that is easy to prepare. The only things you must do are to create a private room and use a link inviting your friends to join.

If you’re in need of in browser multiplayer games to play with friends, Skribbl.io is a must-try.

Get Skribbl.io


Create a private room and invite friends there to enjoy a nice card game at a virtual table top. Choose six friends, send them an invite link and start your own game.

The Playingcards.io also offers you the possibility to choose from several types of games. Select from fun browser games to play with your friends and compete in Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Match Up, Remote Insensitivity and more.

Get Playingcards.io

Cards Against Humanity

This is a party game composed of questions and answers where you and your friends will use black and white cards. Ask them a question (written in a black card), and every one of them must answer using his most amusing white card.

You will have to create a private room and send a secret code to maximum 10 of your friends.

There is a minimum requirement of 3 players to play this game. Challenge your friends and see which one of you is talented enough to give the most ridiculous answers.

If you’re looking for fun browser games to play with friends, Cards Against Humanity is one of our top pick.

Get Cards Against Humanity


Have you ever wished to play a fun 3D shooter game without having to buy and install it? If you are searching for one of the top browser games to play with friends right away, then wait no more and choose Krunker.

You must visit their website, create a custom game and invite your friends to play. Find out who are your most skilled buddies, and invite up to 10 of them to play a shooting match.

Get Krunker.io

We hope you try out our recommended games and enjoy good-quality moments spent with your friends.

Have a lot of fun and share with us in the comments section your favorite browser games to play with friends.

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