How to Fix Pokémon Showdown if it’s Not Working [Safari, Chrome]

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  • Pokémon Showdown is a popular battle simulator created by Smogon that is played via browser on PC and mobile.
  • Users have reported being stuck on the loading screen in Pokémon Showdown despite having a stable connection.
  • The game may have issues with mobile compatibility on Chrome and Safari, switching to a desktop browser may solve the problem.
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Pokémon Showdown is an online battle simulator that allows users to play against others from their browser. However, users have reported Pokémon Showdown not working in Safari and Chrome. Follow our solutions to solve this issue.

Why is Pokémon Showdown not working in my browser?

Pokémon Showdown could be acting up for several reasons one of which is a poor internet connection. If you’re in an area with an unstable or public connection, it could be causing loading issues.

Another reason could be the platform you’re using. If using a browser on a mobile device, it might not be supported like the desktop version.

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What can I do if Pokémon Showdown is not working in my browser?

1. Play it in your PC browser

Users reported having issues when playing using a browser on their mobile device, mainly using Chrome or Safari.

The game may be getting stuck in loading mode as it would when offline even when users have a stable internet connection. Try playing from a browser on your PC to see if this fixes the issue.

Pokemon Showdown in browser on PC.

2. Force refresh the game

  1. Go to Pokémon Showdown. Pokemon Showdown homescreen.
  2. If in Chrome on Windows hold down Ctrl and press F5. Force refresh the browser if Pokemon Showdown is not working on Chrome or Safari.
  3. In Safari on macOS press Cmd + Shift + R.

Doing this will force a full refresh and restart the server which may solve the issue. Keep in mind that this does not clear the browser cache, follow the next step to see how to do that.

3. Clear browser cache

  1. In Chrome, click on the three dots in the top right corner and select Settings. Open Settings in Chrome.
  2. Under Privacy and security, select Clear browsing data. Clear browsing data.
  3. Click Clear data. Clear browser data if Pokemon Showdown not working on Chrome.
  4. Restart your browser.

If using Safari and Pokémon Showdown is not working, you can clear the browsing data by selecting clear history from the menu. Many users reported that clearing their browser cache helped get Pokémon Showdown working again as it refreshes the game and gives access to any client changes.

We hope one of the above solutions helped solve Pokémon Showdown not working on Chrome or Safari. For a more detailed guide on how to fix Safari if the server stopped working, we have solutions for that.

Let us know in the comments which step solved the issue for you, or if a different solution worked that is not listed above.

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