Windows 10 users can now print entire notebooks using OneNote

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October has been a good month for OneNote as the trusty note app received an important update. While small in size, its contents make up for it in terms of utility.

While for many it might seem like an empty patch with nothing particularly interesting to see, others will appreciate the integration of a new feature which will allow them to be a lot more productive when working with OneNote.

Printing a whole Notebook in one go

It was previously possible for users to print individual notebook pages, but now that feature has been expanded.

Now, users are capable of printing out entire notebooks in one go, saving a lot of time and energy, especially if you tend to print files a lot.

print entire notebook onenote

The utility behind printing notebooks

In this digital era, it might seem pointless to include a feature that lets you print out physical copies of documents.

However, sometimes digital just doesn’t cut it when paper can make more of an impact. Many find themselves needing to pass papers around, whether they contain food recipes, scripts, to-do lists or work schedules.

Being able to complete on an entire task in one sitting is not only very useful but also satisfying.

Other important additions

As mentioned earlier, this new feature is part of a recent update, which means there are other features included as well. Here are the other new things that users have to look forward to post-update:

  • OneNote has been adjusted so that it works a lot better with a multi-monitor setup, as well as with monitors that posses a high DPI characteristic.
  • An older issue with OneNote was how it gave sub-par results when printing out PDF files. With the new update, printed PDF files look really clean and crisp and are given the same level of quality regardless of what version of OneNote the document originally came from.
  • A new setting has been made available in OneNote that allows users to automatically capitalize the first word in each sentence. This is what might be referred to as a situational feature, as some types of documents benefit more from not having a capitalized word starting off each sentence. However, for those that don’t like having to incorporate a billion Caps Lock presses in their writing might find it as being very useful.

The update will be made available not just to PC users but also to Windows Phone users as well. Those that were already finding OneNote useful should be very pleased with the newly added features, as they will no doubt bring even more overall value to the app.


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