Project Cars 2 reported bugs: multiplayer doesn’t work, jagged graphics, and more

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Project Cars 2 bugs

Project Cars 2 is now live on both Windows PCs and Xbox One. If you want to drive the most powerful cars in the world and experience thrilling car races, then this is the right game for you.

Unfortunately, many players are reporting various issues after they install the game. In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent Project Cars 2 bugs reported by gamers in order to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re sure that Bandai Namco will patch these issues as soon as possible, but until then, gamers need to find a way to deal with them.

Project Cars 2 reported issues

UPD is missing

It appears that UDP did not make the cut for the initial console release.  If you’re looking for the UDP option but can’t find it, you’re not the only one as the option is currently unavailable on the Xbox One. Hopefully, the title’s upcoming update will fix this issue.

Logitech G920 issues

Gamers report that Logitech G920 wheels break the game, with the wheel suddenly pulling left and right, making it very difficult for players to keep their cars on the track.

I was really excited for this game…day one controller issues yet again, same as project cars one (Gamepad that time)
When driving in a straight line, or sitting still on the track. The Logitech G920 wheel violently yanks left & right non-stop, which makes the game unplayable. I double checked and the issues doesn’t exist in project cars one. Just project cars 2. (The wheel still yanks left & right in corners, just not as severely)

For more information on the wheels compatible with the game, check out this list.

AccuForce is not detected

Many players report that Project Cars 2 won’t detect AccuForce, so there is no way to set steering inputs. The good news is that one resourceful player has a workaround to this problem: when assigning the Steer Left and Steer Right, simply return the wheel to center as soon as you’ve turn it to the respective direction in order to assign the function. Do not turn the wheel to its extent and hold it there.

Anti-aliasing is ineffective

Gamers report that PC2 doesn’t always offer the best possible graphics experience as jagged edges are the norm.

MSAA, FXAA, SMAA, all are pretty ripe with obvious and distracting aliasing on every setting in PCARS2. And I don’t have enough power for high enough of Super Sampling for that to make a difference.

Would it be possible to add a TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) option in the near future, Slightly Mad Studios? […] at this point I’d take the the most severe post-TAA blur over all the jagged edges in an instant. Would love to have it as an option with the rest, would be incredible on so many tracks.

Joining online games is a difficult task

Many PC2 players report they can’t enter lobbies. As a result, they can’t join multiplayer online sessions. There are also various errors you may encounter while trying to connect to lobbies, including the ‘Host migration failed” error.

Help! i cant join online game sessions! I can see the game sessions but get stuck on the joining screen. it then goes to “disconnected from game session”. Anyone have some advice, “restarted PC already and tried running it as admin.

The good news is that the game’s devs are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

These are the most common issues affecting Project Cars 2. If you encounter other problems, use the comments below to tell us more your experience!


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Using the controller on x-box one. At higher speeds the car pulls to the left and if you correct it then pulls to the right. Both movements are slight. But the higher the speed the harder it becomes to control. However if you load the same car on the same track with the same tune in the same weather in “private test” this issue is resolved ! I have tested a brand new controller and even tweaked the dead zones and speed filtering with to no avail ! I have also tried turning off tyre wear ! Is anyone else facing a similar issue ?

the game crashes for me after i change the settings and restart. I am playing on pc and simply can’t load the game after a restart

Xbox one issues .screen tearing on cornering. Graphics flickering.rally cars u can see through bonnet on bonnet cam.headliggts showing through tarmac when the car behind u approaches ….

Yeah graphic issues a plenty, car damage won’t reset even when restarting races and then shows on every replay from start to finish regardless of when you got the damage. And sometimes the replays don’t work and just show random nonsense . My Thrustmaster tx wheel also does the pulling left and right on acceleration down a straight that someone mentioned with a Logitech wheel. I could go on but might post it all on steam.

doesn’t run will on GeForce GXT770 cards on PC
even with the 21st september update of NVidia
Game freezes and only a hard reset of the pc is able to get going again