7+ best proxy tools for Windows 10 to protect your privacy

Milan Stanojevic
by Milan Stanojevic
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Best proxy tools for privacy

Protecting your privacy online is important, and there are several different ways to do so. One of the simplest ways to do that is to use a proxy, so today we’re going to show you the best proxy tools that you can use on Windows 10.

What is the best proxy tool for Windows 10?

Before we start we need to quickly explain how proxies work. Basically, proxy works as a middleman between your PC and the Internet. When using a proxy your actual IP address will be hidden, and you’ll use your proxy’s IP address instead.

Although proxy masks your IP address, it doesn’t encrypt your traffic, which means that malicious users can still intercept it. We also have to mention that proxy doesn’t affect your entire network connection, and it will affect only a single application, such as your browser.

However, this doesn’t mean that proxy tools can’t be useful, and if you’re looking for the best proxy tool, today we’re going to show you a few.

Cyberghost (recommended)

cyberghost vpn

This is one of the leaders on the market regarding your security. It masks your IP and keeps safe all your data as you are surfing the Web.

Easy to install and easy-to-use, it allows you to run up to five devices at a time. This feature is extremely useful if you are using multiple devices with the same purposes and you need a safe internet connection.

One of the most important things about security is that Cyberghost can separate your browsing from your personal data. It doesn’t log your files in order to keep them away from being damaged or stolen.

You can now buy CyberGhost VPN at an exclusive, time-limited deal with 73% discount! You will be able to enjoy, what we consider to be the best VPN software for your Windows PC.

ExpressVPN (suggested)


The most useful tool if you want to keep your personal details private, is a VPN. You can check out this best VPN list to learn more about the virtual private network.

To understand how it works compared with a free proxy tool, keep in mind that every single application will need to be configured separately to use the proxy you desire. Thus, changing the proxy server location might require a complete reconfiguration.

On the other hand, once you install a VPN tool, selecting a location becomes easy and fast. Express VPN routes and encrypts all kinds of traffic through its servers.

When you choose to connect on a free proxy server, check first if it encrypts its traffic and be aware that loads of other users are getting this free congested highway. Choosing a premium VPN instead is like a secured private tunnel just for you, optimized for speed and stability.

proxy tool for privacy - Express VPN

ExpressVPN it’s not free, though its speed and the numerous servers it has in nearly 100 countries worldwide make the difference. It’s not free, but if you don’t see those differences, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.



Ultrasurf is a small and portable tool that will protect your privacy online. According to its developer, Ultrasurf has about 3 to 5 million users every month from more than 180 countries. This tool will encrypt your web traffic while hiding your IP address.

At the same time, your IP address will be protected on public networks and you’ll be able to access any website that is blocked on a regional basis.

Ultrasurf is a simple tool, and as soon as it starts it will select the best proxy server and connect you to it. This is a portable application, so there’s no need to install it. This also means that you can run the tool on any PC and even from a USB flash drive.

We also have to mention that this tool doesn’t require any registration, so you can just download it and use it without limitations.

After you start the application, you’ll automatically connect to the proxy server and your default browser will start. In our case, Chrome started automatically in Incognito mode, so no traces such as cookies or browsing history are left behind while using Ultrasurf.

From the application, you can choose between three different servers and you can also see the speed of the server as well.

One flaw of this application is that you can’t see server location or your new IP address from the application, which can be a small problem for some users.

Ultrasurf is a small, free and portable proxy tool. The application is rather straightforward, so if you’re looking for a proxy tool, there’s no reason not to try it.



Freegate is another portable proxy tool that will protect your privacy online. Since this tool is portable, it can run on any PC without installation. As soon as you start the tool, your default browser will start.

For some reason, the default browser wasn’t correct in our case, but you can change the desired browser from the settings menu.

The application comes with a humble user interface that shows you a simple network graph. As for available settings, you can choose between two tunnels.

The tool supports HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols, and you can even use your own proxy server with this tool if you want to.

Freegate is a simple but useful tool, and if you want to use a proxy, you should definitely give Freegate a try.



SafeIP is another proxy tool that you can use to protect your privacy online. The tool comes with a simple interface so you can easily choose a proxy server with just few clicks.

All servers are listed in three categories and you can choose between US, UK and other worldwide servers. Simply double-click the desired server and your IP address will change automatically.

The tool offers several available presets such as anonymous web browsing, fast content streaming and mass or bulk mailing.

Additional options include malware protection, advertisement blocking, cookie tracking protection, referring URL protection and browser ID protection.

You can also turn on traffic encryption or DNS privacy if you want. To keep your IP address secure, you can automatically change it after certain number of minutes.

This is a simple application, and it offers most features for free. Certain features such as Wi-Fi Protection, Speed and torrents and Speed Boost modes are unavailable in the free version, but that’s not a big problem.

We also have to mention that not all servers are available in free version, and the list of available servers will change during the day. This means that certain servers might not be available at all times, but with an extensive number of servers, this won’t be a problem.

SafeIP is a simple and free proxy tool. With a large number of available servers and friendly user interface, this tool is perfect for all basic users.



Tor is probably one of the best-known application that can protect your privacy online. This application is simple to use, and in order to do that, you just need to install Tor Browser.

After doing that, simply start it and a new Firefox window will appear. The browser will have some extensions installed that will prevent websites and malicious users from tracking your online.

Although Tor doesn’t allow you to choose a proxy server, it connects to several different nodes thus hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic.

Tor is incredibly simple to use, and if you’re concerned about your privacy online, you might want to consider using Tor. This application is free to use, and you’ll be able to use it even if you’re a basic PC user.



KProxy is a useful proxy service that allows you to hide your IP address online. This is a web service, but if you want, you can download Chrome or Firefox plugin.

There’s also a KProxy browser available which is basically a portable version of Firefox with KProxy plugin.

By using this service you can circumvent any regional restrictions that you might have. This is especially useful if certain services or online content isn’t available in your country.

In addition, this service will also protect you from malicious users and keep your personal information hidden from your Internet service provider.

KProxy is a free service, but it has certain limitations. By using free version you can choose between Canadian and German servers, but US and UK servers will remain unavailable unless you purchase a Pro version.

We also have to mention that in free version servers can get overloaded due to the number of users.

KProxy is a useful service and with a portable browser option, this tool will be perfect if you want to surf the Internet anonymously.



Another free proxy tool on our list is Psiphon. This tool comes with a simple user interface and it allows you to choose between 7 different servers.

Psiphon allows you to use the Split Tunnel feature, and you can also configure local proxy ports, upstream proxy or use Transport Mode.

The tool also comes with a useful log that you can use to check your connection status. In addition, Psiphon is available in several different languages. This is a simple, free and portable application, so it should work on any PC without problems.

One minor issue is the lack of compatibility with third-party browsers. During our testing, the application worked perfectly with Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, but it didn’t work with Chrome or Firefox.

This application is completely free and it doesn’t have any restrictions, so if you’re looking for a free proxy tool, be sure to check Psiphon out.

ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy


If you’re looking for a free proxy tool, ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy might be just what you need. This tool allows you to choose between many worldwide proxy servers with just a few clicks. We have to mention that this tool offers several different modes.

The first one is Anonymous Proxy Mode that hides your IP address and allows you to browse the Internet anonymously. Expat Mode will unblock geo-restricted websites and there’s also Unblock Websites Mode that will unblock certain popular websites.

Another available feature is Ads Blocker Filter, but you can use it only for 30 minutes in free version. The free version of the tool offers basic options, but if you want to use Expat Mode or change advanced settings, you’ll have to purchase the premium version.

As you can see, there are many different proxy tools that you can use on Windows 10. If you don’t want to manually configure proxy settings in Windows 10, be sure to check some of these tools.

We have to mention that using a free proxy isn’t the most secure method to protect your privacy online, so you might want to refrain from entering sensitive information while using a free proxy.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.