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Windows game saves files to keep the in-game progress and configuration settings. However, players might sometimes accidentally erase game saves. Sometimes players might wrongly identify a game file as one they no longer need. There is still some chance players can restore deleted games, and that’s especially the case if they’ve taken precautions to back up game data.

How can I restore deleted games?

1. Check the Recycle Bin

  1. Players might recover game files deleted with File Explorer’s options within the Recycle Bin. To check the RB, double-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop.The Recycle Bin how to recover deleted games in windows 10
  2. Then have a look through the deleted files in the Recycle Bin.
  3. Select a game file to restore.
  4. Then press the Restore the selected items button.

2. Recover Deleted Games With File History

  1. Users who have enabled File History’s Automatically back up my files option and System Restore might be able to restore deleted files from the Previous Versions tab. Press the File Explorer button to open the Explorer window.
  2. Then right-click the folder that includes the game you need to restore deleted files for and select Properties. Some users might need to right-click a game save subfolder, which includes saving files, and select Properties.Properties window how to recover deleted games in windows 10
  3. Select the Previous Versions tab shown directly below.Previous Versions tab how to recover deleted games in windows 10
  4. The Previous tab might include previous versions
  5. Thereafter, users can select previous versions of the folder that might include copies of the deleted saved games. Select a previous version that predates the file deletion date.
  6. Then press the Apply button, and select the OK option to exit.

Did you know that you just might be able to salvage some corrupted saved games? Learn how here.

3. Recover Deleted Games With Remo Recover

  1. Remo Recover is third-party file recovery software that can recover deleted game files. To recover lost game files with that utility, click the Free Download on the Remo Recover webpage.
  2. Open the software’s setup wizard to install it.
  3. Then open the Remo Recover window.Remo Recover how to recover deleted games in windows 10
  4. Selected the C: drive, or other partition, to scan.
  5. The press the Scan button to initiate a file scan.
  6. Remo Recover will display the files it discovered.
  7. Thereafter, select the Save option.
  8. Then users will need to move the recovered saved game files back into their original subfolders. Open the game folder that includes the game saves and then drag and drop the recovered file back in the subfolder.

Note that users will need the registered version of Remo Recover to save the restored game files. The alternative is to try other file recovery software, such as EaseUS Data Recovery, with which you can recover data without needing registered versions.

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4. Check Out GameSave Manager

GameSave Manager how to recover deleted games in windows 10GameSave Manager is freeware game backup software that’s worth noting. That won’t help players recover already deleted files if they’ve never utilized the software before. However, players can back up their current game data with that software so they can recover deleted files in the future. Click the Get It Now button on the GameSave Manager website to download and then install the software. Then players can restore saves backed up with that software by clicking Open Archive on the GameSave Manager window.

So, that’s how users can recover deleted game saves in Windows 10. Third-party file recovery software might restore deleted game files, but players can’t always rely on it. Backing up saved game files with GameSave or File History will ensure players can restore deleted game saves when they need to.


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