How to remove FileFinder Webitar Production Inc. from Windows computers

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
Managing Editor
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Many Windows users rely on Windows Defender to protect their systems against malware attacks. However, sometimes Microsoft’s built-in antivirus is not able to remove certain malware or adware, letting down users.

Recent user reports have revealed that Windows Defender cannot detect nor remove the FileFinder Webitar Production Inc. program. This malicious software is extremely annoying at it takes control over users’ browsers, directing them to other addresses. To make things worse, some users even reported that FileFinder Webitar Production Inc also disables the Start menu, search box, and Outlook instant search.

FileFinder Webitar Production Inc. is bugging Windows users

FileFinder Webitar Production Inc., this malware can’t detect by windows defender, it can not be uninstall or remove. It make all browser direct to others address. Any one knows how to remove this malware ? Please help!

Users tried various anti-malware programs, but apparently the majority of these software products aren’t capable of detecting and removing this malware.

I can’t get rid of file finder!  Tried uninstalling 3-4 times, restarted the computer even!  I ran Avast and Superantispyware Professional !!  Windows says wait while some other program finishes getting uninstalled!!  Well there is no OTHER!!  Windows couldn’t find an elephant in a haystack!!

Although Microsoft forum users haven’t been able to offer a proper solution for this issue, one Windows XP user harassed by the FileFinder Webitar Production Inc. malware has found the answer.

How to remove FileFinder Webitar Production Inc.

  1. Download and run UnHackMe. This tool will stop the malware from redirecting your browser to spam and popups.
  2. Download and run  IObit Uninstaller (free). This tool will uninstall FileFinder Webitar Production Inc. from your computer once and for all.