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It seems that another piece of malware is giving a hard time various antivirus solutions. It looks like the variation of so many hijackers or keyloggers, and it’s fairly fresh threat so there are no so many details about it.

The affected users managed to locate it in Task Manager, where it functions like any other background service.  The name is Livanletdi.exe and we’ll try to give you a better insight on what this intruding service is and how to deal with it accordingly.

What is livanletdi.exe and how to remove it from your PC

New malware threat

Every day something new in the malware department. The latest reports speak about a new sneaky malware that is identified as the executive process ”livanletdi”. It seems that this malware infiltrates into your system and, for the time being, just stays active in the background without noticeable resource trace.

However, we can say with certainty that this is a malware and we’re positive that it comes as the side-loaded hidden installer with some other suspicious apps. Meaning that its entry point is probably connected to some applications with liability that are mostly malware on their own. So, in order to avoid further infections, make sure to avoid suspicious software from untrusted sources.

Negative effects-wise, we can’t be certain what’s its main role (is it a keylogger or something else), but we’ll make sure to inform you if something new pops-up.

The worst thing about Livanletdti.exe is that it’s incredibly hard to deal with. Most of the antivirus solutions can’t track it down and remove it. Furthermore, it seems that the by-hand approach doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome, as well.

How to remove it for good from your system

Nonetheless, we prepared some troubleshooting steps that should help you get rid of Livanletdi.exe for good. Even though it’s uncommonly sturdy, you can remove it by following one of the solutions provided below:

  • Perform a Full/Deep scan with either Windows Defender or a third-party antimalware tool. Here’s how to do it with Defender:
    • Open Windows Defender from the notification area.
    • Select Virus & threat protection.
    • Choose Advanced scan.
    • Select either Full scan or Windows Defender Offline Scan.
    • Scan your system.
  • Run Malwarebytes AdWareCleaner.
    • Download AdWareCleaner here for free.
    • Run AdWareCleaner and click Scan.
    • If found, remove livanletdi.exe and related malware.
  • Use Autoruns for Windows to disable it from starting up with the system.
    • Download Autoruns for Windows.
    • Run the tool and locate Livanletdi.exe on the list of the startup programs.
    • Remove it from the list and restart your PC.
  • Remove it manually:
    • Open Task Manager and open Details.
    • Locate livanletdi.exe, right-click on it and find its location.
    • Boot in Safe Mode and navigate to the malware location.
    • Delete it and restart your PC.
    • Reset this PC.

That should do it. In case new details about this malware emerge, we’ll make sure to inform you accordingly. Make sure to post questions or suggestions in the comments section below.



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