How to repair corrupted Kingston pen drive on Windows 10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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repair corrupted Kingston pen drive

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What to do if your Kingston pen drive got corrupted

  1. Try another USB port
  2. Try to use your pen drive on another PC
  3. Change the drive letter
  4. Use CHKDSK command
  5. Use Comand Prompt
  6. Windows Explorer
  7. Remove bad sectors
  8. Repair without formatting
  9. Reinstall drivers

A pen drive is a portable storage space device which is capable of taking care of your storage requirements. Back in the days, these devices were not able to hold more than a hundred megabytes, but now, as the technology gets more and more complex, a pen drive can easily store up to 120 GB and even more.

Kingston is one of the largest supplier of flash memory because they are affordable, high-capacity, and totally portable. However, your Kingstone flash drive might get corrupted. If you’re dealing with this situation, try one of the various methods described below in order to fix your problem.

Steps to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive issues

Solution1: Try another USB port

It could be possible that the USB port itself is damaged or some software issue is to be blamed for your corrupted Kingston pen drive. So, if you repeatedly tried to connect your Kingston pen drive to a single USB port on your computer, a good suggestion is to try other USB ports as well.

Solution 2: Try to use the flash drive on another PC

fix corrupt kingston usb flash drive

Maybe the issue is specifically on your PC, and that is the reason why you are finding trouble in running  your Kingston pen drive. Try connecting your pen drive to another computer. Hopefully, it may work, and you will be able to backup your data from it.

Solution 3: Change the drive letter

Sometimes your computer is unable to assign drive letters (like C, D, E) to your Kingstone pen drive. Due to this reason, the files on it cannot be accessed. To solve this issue, you can assign the drive letter to your device. Here are the simple steps to fix the corrupted pen drive or memory card by assigning a correct drive letter:

  1. Connect your Kingstone pen drive to your computer.
  2. Right-click on This PC
  3. Click Manage in the drop-down menu
  4. Click Disk Management on the left side and wait for a few seconds so that Windows can load the Virtual disk service.
  5. Right-click on your Kingstone pen drive and click Change Drive Letter and Pathschange drive letter
  6. Click the drive letter and click Change
  7. Select the drive letter from the drop-down list. Click OK.assign letter

Solution 4: Use CHKDSK command

Alternatively, a good solution to repair your corrupted Kingston pen drive is to run the CHKDSK command. In order to do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your corrupted Kingston pen drive to your computer
  2. Open CMD in administrator mode – right click on the Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin)
  3. Now type the following command: chkdsk /X /f K: or chkdsk K: /f and press Enter. Here you need to replace the K: drive with your corrupted pen drive

Just wait for the process to get complete and then you should find your Kingston pen drive working as good as new.

Solution 5: Use diskpart in Command Prompt

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The CMD command which is also known as Command Prompt is one of the high rated and successful solution to repair corrupted pen drives. In order to use this command, please follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your corrupted pen drive to your Computer
  2. Open CMD in administrator mode – right click on the Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin)
  3. Type diskpart and press Enter
  4. Type list disk and hit Enter buttonlist disk
  5. Now type select disk followed by the number of your disk and press Enter
  6. Type clean and press Enter button
  7. Next, type create partition primary followed by Enter
  8. Afterwards, type active and press Enter followed by select partition 1
  9. Type format fs=fat32 and press the Enter button.

Solution 6: Windows Explorer

Another solution you can try is using Windows Explorer as this is one of the most commonly used procedure to repair a connected storage media to your computer:

  1. Open This PC
  2. Right click on your corrupted Kingstone drive pen
  3. Click Format in the drop-down menuformat USB
  4. Afterwards, click Restore Device Defaults in the popup window
  5. Click Start to begin the format process. You can uncheck the Quick format option if you want the computer to deep scan the pen drive for errors but this will take time. Our suggestion is to uncheck it only if you fail in the first attempt.format usb drive
  6. Click Ok in the next dialog box which will warn you that the data will be lost

Solution 7: Remove the bad sectors

Our storage devices store data in different sectors. Due to various reasons, these sectors become unusable, giving rise to bad sectors. Check Disk is used to perform an error check operation on your connected pen drive:

  1. Open CMD in administrator mode – right click on the Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin)Command prompt
  2. Type the command chkdsk K: to check if any errors exist on your Kingston pen drive. Here, K is the drive letter assigned to your pen drive.
  3. To fix the errors present on the disk, type chkdsk /f K:CHKDSK
  4. In order to find and remove bad sectors type chkdsk /f /R K:

This Check disk utility will now repair any soft bad sector present on your pen drive. Restart your computer after the repair process completes.

Solution 8: Repair corrupted pen drive without formatting

Next, try the following steps to repair your damaged Kingston pen without formatting and rescue your data:

  1. Insert the pen drive into the USB port of your system
  2. Go to This PC and right click on the Kingston pen drive in order to open its Propertiesusb properties
  3. Click on the Tools tab and then click the Check button. Afterwards, let the scan process get completed
  4. Right-click the icon of the Kingston pen drive and click Eject. Then remove the pen drive from the USB port.

Solution 9: Reinstall drivers

There are times when the drivers that run your pen drive gets corrupted. To fix your drivers problems, you will need to know the particular model of the Kingston pen drive you are having problems with. Once you have the details you can search the Kingston website for your drivers and, if available, download and install these drivers.

All in all, that is how you can fix your corrupted Kingston pen drive. If you tried other methods that help you solve this problem, we would be very glad if you shared that experience with us in the comments section below.


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