It’s time to ditch IE: Microsoft urges users to use modern browsers

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A recent blog post by Microsoft urges its users to replace Internet Explorer with a modern browser. The Redmond giant also warned companies about additional costs for extended support. 

We all know that Microsoft is lacking behind its competitors as far as the web browsers are concerned. Although Internet Explorer is an outdated browser, we can not deny the fact that it still supports legacy web apps. This is the only reason that most of the organizations and businesses still stuck around to the old web browser. That is the reason that Microsoft itself is urging its users to stop using it and adopt a modern browser.

Chris Jackson, Microsoft’s cybersecurity expert explained in details that why you should move on to a modern browser. According to him a ton of “technical debt” is currently racking up on those organizations that are still using Internet Explorer. 

He further stated that new web standards for Microsoft Edge have currently been stopped by Microsoft. Moreover, only a few testers are currently testing Internet Explorer. Eventually, those businesses who are still interested in using Internet Explorer will be paying an extra cost for extended support.

Even today, most IT Administrators prefer to use Internet Explorer and they find it to be the easiest solution. He pleaded that companies have to look in the long term perspective and choose the best approach, rather than choosing the convenient option.

Will I still be able to browse the Internet using IE?

However, you might be wondering about the fact that either the existing websites will still be supported by Internet Explorer.  Chris clarified the matter and stated that most of the existing websites are expected to work fine. 

Most of the developers currently use modern browsers in order to render web pages. There are various reasons for behind their preference, as these browsers are a lot safer, faster and support the latest standards.

The support for IE 8, 9 and 10 was stopped by Microsoft back in 2016. As most of the people have stopped using IE, so most of the developers have stopped doing compatibility tests. 

Therefore, switching to a modern browser is the only solution is definitely the best, safer, and smarter solution right now.

Microsoft plans to use Chromium in the latest release of Microsoft Edge, that is going to support Windows 7 and 8. Most of the loyal IE users believe that things are going to be better with the release of the upcoming version.



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