Resident Evil 8 players complain about game length and bugs

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • Village is the eighth game of the Resident Evil series, released by Capcom.
  • Since its release, it made a quick climb on the Steam most-played charts.
  • Fans are complaining about the overall feel of the game and think that it's too short.
  • Bugs and FPS drops also make this game the subject of intense scrutiny. 
RE Village player complaints

Releasing a video game is hard even for the big companies that already made a name for themselves in this world. Games that looked as promising prospects have sometimes gone down in flames.

After all the good things that have been said about the overall look of their latest release, Capcom is now facing some backlash from the fans, who feel like they have been cheated.

Fans are not that happy with Resident Evil Village

Although excited with the idea of a new Resident Evil game launching, players who paid $60 for this action horror game are now starting to have second thoughts.

8 hours woooow!! Neat. I paid 60 usd for RE3 Remake and it took me 4 hours to beat the first time. Thanks Capcom for making this game longer.

The main complaints that players have are based around the fact that the gameplay for Village is short, even judging by Resident Evil standards.

Even though it was expected that Village wouldn’t have 100 hours of gameplay, fans still feel like the almost 8 hours are not nearly enough for the price paid.

Bugs and FPS drops make the game hard to play

As if this wasn’t enough reason for users to enrage over Capcom’s new franchise release, this game is far from perfect even from a performance point of view.

The constant texture and NPC interaction bugs clearly make the experience not so pleasant for the trained eye of many die-hard fans of this series.

We already discussed the fact that Village has some serious issues with FPS and this still hasn’t been fixed by the developers.

The discussion threads from the Steam Community aren’t only full of criticism, but most of the reviews are negatively orientated towards the game.

Why is it that sometimes the game stutters when your getting bitten, swarmed with bugs or shooting a shotgun at random? iv played the game on 2 different pcs using gtx gpus and its the same

Such a shame. The game turned up to be broken for many people.

We’ll keep an open eye and see if Capcom will release some patches with fixes to some of the known issues that fans constantly point out.

Have you tried Resident Evil Village? Tell us how your experience playing this game was, in the comments section below.

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