Rising Storm 2: Vietnam bugs include launch issues, freezes, and more

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a brutal war game that will hook you for hours on end. For that, the game received very positive reviews, despite the numerous bugs reported by players.

In this article, we’re going to list the most frequent Rising Storm 2: Vietnam issues reported by gamers as well as their corresponding workarounds whenever available.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam reported bugs

Bullets hit invisible walls

I encountered it several times; trying to shoot out of a window just over the lower frame, you hit the window instead of shooting outside. Same for shooting slighty over a hill.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam freezes

After a few seconds I join a server everything just freeze. People run in one place or keep running the same direction they were running to before the freeze happened, they even run towards objects. And if someone shoots with their gun right before the freeze happens, the sound just never stops. And I don’t get stuck, I can keep moving but I can’t reload or interact with anything.

Memory leaks

Sometimes I can play 30 min and get a message from windows 7 that my memory is full. I saw that on task manager too.
And sometimes 2 hours without issues.

Many players report that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is wasting computer memory even on systems that boast 8GB or 16GB of RAM. Memory is leaking until the game crashes.

Mouse sensitivity issues

i got 100+ fps and when im looking down the sight and i squeeze the trigger it would stop sometimes after a few bullets and then after a second it will continue. another issue i got is that sometime looking down on sight would get stuck and i have to click my right mouse button a few times to get back to hip fire or opposite.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam freezes and a black screen appears on launch

If I play the game after I turned on my PC everything is fine. However, once I close the game and start it again, it either gives me a blackscreen after the intro FMVs played or it freezes in the main menu.

If you use RivaTuner Statistics Server, disable the “On-Screen Display Support” option and this should fix the problem.

Game freezes when full screen

The game starts windowed. When I go to options / video and choose Full screen the game freezes, music keeps playing. Then I close the game via task mananger and cant restart it without crash.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam won’t launch

When I click on “play” well … nothing happened, does someone have the same problem here ? 🙁

Server issues

There are several server bugs affecting Rising Storm 2: Vietnam players. Here are some of the most common of them:

  • Gamers get stuck on the “Connecting to server” screen
  • The server browser remains completely blank
  • Players get kicked out of servers with error “Invalid Packet”

FPS drops

However, about 15-20 minutes into a given session, my game will begin running at unplayable framerates (about 5-20 fps) whenever I move my mouse. This occurs ONLY when I move my mouse. And that’s not even the strangest part: When I exit Rising Storm 2 and enter a new game, for example Overwatch, I recieve the same kind of lag when I move my mouse. It will only go away when I reboot my computer.

If you’ve encountered other issues while playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, report them on the game’s official Steam page.



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