4 Best Dumpster Rental Software to Use in 2024

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Having a roll-off dumpster business is hard work. Managing it is no easy task as you deal with employees management and selection, communicating with the drivers that are already on the road, tracking supply, accounting, planning the optimal routes for your drivers, etc.

Even if you manage to maintain your business by doing all of this manually, considering the time it takes, the money it costs, and the stress it produces, it’s not an effective long-term solution.

It is recommended that you use specialized software designed specifically for your roll-off business. This type of software can help you manage every aspect of your business, and because of that, even increase the profit of your company, and also make your employees happier.

One of the best features of roll-off software is that it provides your employees a way to express their concerns, or important information by easily adding notes to jobs, and they can also mark the jobs as completed, check schedules that are managed by the server, etc. These tools provide your technicians with more support and constant communication can also increase overall productivity.

There are some great software options on the market that can help you with all those tasks, and even offer some additional useful features. Read on to find out more.

Make your roll-off business run smoother with these 4 tools


ServiceCore - roll-off software

ServiceCore is a great web-based software option that contains a comprehensive set of useful features for both small and enterprise roll-off dumpster businesses.

Because managing a roll-off business is already hard work, this software is designed specifically to offer you an easy solution. The ServiceCore platform offers a wide range of features that cover the needs of various businesses, and also integrates perfectly with QuickBooks, and allows you to easily import data.

The features found in ServiceCore allow you to rest assured that every aspect of your company’s management is covered. Let’s explore some of its best features.

Customer management

  • Keeps your customers database organized and easy to access
  • Customer relationship manager – easy access to customer data, status, personal notes, etc.
  • Site management – allows you to keep job site records that simplify the process of accepting visitors
  • Job creation – you can create, schedule, track, and complete jobs online
  • Job management –  keeps you informed about upcoming job or unit service by using notifications
  • Customer search – can search customers by name, company, address, city, phone and email

Business guidance

  • Can produce visual representations of how your business is performing, all on one dashboard
  • Print business reports –  can access and print professional level reports that analyze the business by technician performance, and also allows you to track completed jobs, the efficiency of your drivers, etc.
  • Print inventory reports – you can manage all inventory online, and print detailed reports
  • Inventory rental map – shows you a map on which you can see the real-time location of your rented units
  • Allows your technicians to be more effective, by the use of the included tools for easy reporting and geo-location services

Roll-off inventory management

  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world – computer, tablet, smartphone
  • Drag and drop job scheduling
  • Automatically detects job duplicates
  • Assign and schedule pick-ups
  • Can show you a visual representation of the units that are in use

Schedule and route management – allows you to optimize the routes of your trucks, and also set times for pre-scheduled jobs

  • Color-coded scheduling – easily assign jobs to your technicians by dragging and dropping jobs on their route
  • Route optimization with recommendations based on the task’s location on the map
  • Allows you to view driver routes and generate better options, and can also print out driver’s routes on a stop-by-stop basis
  • GPS tracking of your drivers
  • Work history log – ongoing, scheduled, and completed jobs

Accounting and invoicing – this part of ServiceCore is designed to offer you complete access to all aspects of accounting and can create invoices with ease.



The roll-off dumpster business is hard, but you can make it a bit easier by using ServiceCore to help with the management.
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Trux Haul-It

Trux Haul-It - RollOff Software

Trux Haul-It is another great software option that allows you to manage every aspect of your roll-off business. This software is designed to make the closing of the month procedures easy, allows you to input customer data based on classes, and many other useful features.

Key features include.

Account Management

  • Electronic document storing and management
  • Can customize database fields by the use of custom fields
  • Allows you to manage the prices of all your services
  • Rule-based automation of extra fees and compliances

Billing AR Management

  • Can create invoices for customer with multiple service types, cycles and end dates 
  • Automatic generation of inactivity fees
  • Rebates and formula based pricing
  • Credit card and ACH processing – automation of payment processing
  • Can send invoices for customers through E-mail or WebPortal
  • Optional pre-billing – allows you to detect errors before sending

Analytics and reporting

  • Multiple categories with professional looking report templates
  • Log analysis – allows you to see a timeline of changes
  • A daily pop-up with important data from sales, operations, and accounting
  • Can analyze the productivity of the routes your driver takes and adjust accordingly
  • Accounting – auditable financials, A/R & revenue analysis, etc.

Operations management

  • Route management – allows you to manage all aspects of the routes of your drivers
  • Route audit report – enables you to identify price anomalies and offer key indicators of performance
  • Google mapping – see schedules and completed jobs with routes included on the map
  • Productivity reports
  • Dispatch center

Security data management

  • The administrator can set access rules based on different profiles
  • Automatic database update
  • SQL Relational Database
  • Keeps a detailed log of all transactions with audit trails

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Starlight Pro

Starlight Pro- roll-off software

Starlight Pro is another great software option that allows you to manage every aspect of your roll-off business, with GPS tracking of your containers/dumpsters, instant tracking of your roll-off drivers, customer management, and C&D recycling.

Let’s explore some of Starlight’s Pro features in more depth:

  • Contractor mobile app – gain access to managerial features through a simple to use mobile app
  • Map-based roll-off dispatch – can adapt real-time to same-day orders, traffic, issues of customers, equipment issues, etc.
  • You can track and maintain an exact inventory of your containers, and also sort them based on availability
  • Driver mobile app – allows your drivers to be up to date with any changes in the order or location, and they can add notes and explanations on the map
  • Can configure and customize – order entry, sales order creation, scheduling, payment receipt by credit card or check, invoice, etc. , with full backup and the ability to adapt pricing for each client profile
  • Great accounting integration – automatically sync your customer accounts and order details to your accounting system

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I-PAK - roll-off software

Soft-Pak is a great software option that allows you to easily manage and control every aspect of your roll-off business in order to increase your order capacity and be more cost-efficient.

This software is designed to be able to adapt to your business’s size and is efficient for both small, medium, and large size company. Using i-Pak allows you to manage all customer service operations, billing, and payments, and routing. You can access the information either by accessing the cloud or by using your own physical server.

Let’s explore some of the best features of i-Pak:

  • All-encompassing customer service package with an easy overview
  • Can manage your driver’s routes and send updates and orders through the internet
  • Integrated billing, accounts receivable, and collections
  • Can produce reports regarding productivity and profitability of your driver’s routes
  • Inventory tracking – easily know the availability of every unit, and keep up to date with the container’s location, and for how long it was rented out
  • Fleet maintenance and LEED reporting
  • Landfill and scale ticketing
  • In-cab computing
  • Can process online payments for client websites
  • Track your commodities and the handling of hazardous waste
  • Prospect quotes and customer activity manager
  • An extensive array of management reporting capabilities – over 100 standard reports

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In this article, we explored some of the best software options on the market that allow you to easily manage every aspect of your roll-off business.

These software options will surely cover all your roll-off business needs, with different management capabilities – GPS tracking of your containers and drivers, bar-code scanning, automated invoicing, automatically updated info regarding the time of pick-up/delivery, and many others.

We would love to know what your opinion is regarding the software options presented in this article. Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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