12 Best Workforce Management Software [Out of 25 Tested]

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  • Organizations and businesses need workforce management software (WFM) to manage staff scheduling and more.
  • Employee scheduling can be crucial so here are 12 software solutions that will greatly increase the productivity of your organization.
  • Make wise decisions about how you spend your workday and the tasks you accept so that your team can follow your lead.
  • Having the correct project management tool on hand may aid in successful job management and enhanced team cooperation.
What are the best workforce management software solutions

Workforce management software (WFM) is a term for desktop and mobile programs that help an organization or business manage staff scheduling.

The goal of WFM revolves around gaining visibility into business metrics such as the number of employees needed at some moment of the day or the amount of time it takes to produce a product.

WFM core functions

  • Labor scheduling is the first essential function of WFM, and it involves helping manage employees’ skills and compliance requirements more efficiently.
  • Time and work data collection involves capturing and reporting highly-detailed information about labor use.
  • Time and attendance are used to receive input from the other modules and to apply the rules against the reported times according to the company’s requirements.

What are the benefits of using a WFM solution?

Higher employee morale

The best way to de-motivate a workforce is to mess with their pay and this is a thing that any HR manager can confirm. This is usually the most significant complaint among unhappy workers.

WFM cannot completely eliminate worker complaints about their payment, but it will definitely substantially reduce them by sharing the responsibility with employees themselves.

Smaller costs

When you’re using a WFM solution, you have the ability to eliminate such costs and reassign the employees to more productive tasks in case you want to do so.


Among the most important things that HR does today is to record and maintain records in order to provide national and local government bodies with statistical proof that your business is in perfect compliance with all legal obligations.

WFM systems will make sure that the risks for all of these are reduced to a minimum and such tools will allow you to maintain full compliance with all local and national requirements.

Without further ado, here are the 12 best workforce management tools for Windows PC.

What are the best management software for your business?

Monday.com – Best for resource management

Monday.com is a workforce management software solution and resource management utility if your objectives do not require anything more than a very basic task management system with bright colors.

Monday.com is an excellent program for easy resource management since it provides simple methods to visualize your tasks, such as a timeline, calendar, Kanban, and more.

However, like with other project management software, there is potential for improvement, particularly when dealing with complex project demands.

Setting up a more sophisticated workflow that goes beyond the boundaries of simple task management may be challenging for Monday.com.

Monday.com provides insight into employees’ day-to-day performance to ensure their success from the start. You can communicate privately with managers and their direct reports within the platform.

This resource management software and the app are so visual, simple, and straightforward with views, automation, and dashboards that you don’t need the training to get started. You may design your own workflow in minutes or select from 200+ ready-made templates based on how real teams utilize Monday.com.

Connect your data with 40+ integrations from various technologies across departments to ensure that everyone has access to the same information. This is a major benefit since it allows your staff to focus on strategic work rather than moving between tools.

Monday.com can be used on multiple devices and platforms, and you may test it out for 14 days free.


An adaptable resource management tool that can be adjusted to Kaban, Gannt chart, and other key resource management styles.
Free trial Visit Website

Rippling – Best for management automation

Rippling is a platform that allows you to save all your employee data into one single record. This allows you to manage all of your people without any effort at all.

Rippling Workflow Automator provides a simple way to automate any manual process across multiple systems at the same time. IT, HR, finance, and engineering, you can automate any part of it with its simple and intuitive interface. No code is required.

With an amazingly built analytics interface, you can bring every department and third-party data into one system that lets you create and see any report you can think of.

This software allows you to create and modify any policy and then apply them to all of your systems from one place, from PTO and security to expense policies.

With Rippling, you can control people’s permissions and speed up approval requests. Design these processes to your exact specifications, then apply them to all systems.

For Rippling, the main features are:

  • Onboard and offboard employees in 90 seconds
  • Create, customize, send and sign HR documents with ease
  • Assign project tasks to employees and managers
  • Library with a wide variety of templates
  • +500 app integrations
  • Mobile app for anytime access


A whole new way of managing and automating your workforce processes.
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ADP – Best use of AI in data providing

Running a business can be challenging, and that’s when ADP comes into place. This software was created as a faster, easier, and more reliable solution to manage your workforce and help you stay focused on what matters.

Improve operational efficiency with accurate time-tracking tools. With ADP, you can save up to 30 minutes per month per employee and up to 40 minutes per week per manager.

Automated alerts, no timesheets, timecard approvals and more, only to save you and your workers precious time. Moreover, making the correct promotions will surely increase your productivity and decrease labor costs.

Easily visualize labor needs, find the best person for a shift and manage shift swapping, as well as gain an overview into actual vs. worked hours, earned hours, overtime, and let your managers stay on budget with every expense choice they make.

ADP created an easier way to do payroll and tax filing. With an intuitive platform that makes paying people faster, your workers will be motivated to be more productive. Payroll can be made from anywhere, and even has an autopilot function.

The most important key features of ADP are:

  • Dashboards with up-to-the-minute visibility
  • Expert consultation on wage and hour compliance
  • Meet the varied work expectations of multi-generational employees
  • Faster decision-making with the power of machine learning
  • Administrative processes automation to avoid costly errors
  • 100% mobile access for improved workforce productivity


Use the power of AI to make the best decisions for your workforce.
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OnPay – Best benefits for workers

OnPay is a workforce management software that helps businesses get a better overview of their workers, as well as help with hiring and time-consuming HR processes.

If done by yourself, payroll can take up some time. Using OnPay you will save all that time for something essential to your business growth since this software does it automatically. Also, it files all the taxes and payments, with availability in all 50 states.

As well, this tool will sync all the data in your business. With integrated benefits when hiring new employees to get them up to speed fast, with automatic calculations of deductions and withholding so all taxes will be on point, all the data will be available to you in only one click.

Protect your workforce and your business from liability by getting compliant. OnPay offers pay-as-you-go workers’ comp plans that update whenever you hire a new employee. No upfront payments, nothing to keep you up at night.

OnPay provides your workforce with the best benefits. Offer them a 401(k) plan without lifting a finger. Also, it showed that a good benefits package will improve productivity and reduce turnover. OnPay makes it simple to thrive with your team.

OnPay’s most important key features are:

  • Full-service payroll
  • Deep software integrations such as QuickBooks, Xero, deputy, etc.
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Amazing PTO management
  • Fully integrated workers’ comp administration
  • Health and dental benefits in all 50 states


Boost your business by offering your workforce the best benefits.
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Wrike – Best for project management

If you want to increase your team’s productivity and efficiency you should definitely go for Wrike. This professional software is not only a management tool, but it also doubles as a customizable workspace that can get you posted with the highest priority task every day.

Wrike is a complete solution for your organization and includes dashboards, shared calendars, and all other options that allow you to organize information across all workspaces. The software also includes live editing of your projects and tasks so you can maximize efficiency through seamless collaboration.

Wrike comes with built-in proofing and approval features that enable you and your team to request and receive feedback on all their attached projects as images, videos, PDFs, and others.

And the best feature of this excellent solution is the time management feature that will help you set the right workload for your team.

Some of Wrike’s most important key features are:

  • Customizable tools for all employees
  • Enable better collaboration via file, tasks and report sharing
  • Custom request forms for any needs
  • Prebuilt templates for better workflow
  • Interactive Gantt charts for detailed visuals
  • Automation of repetitive tasks

Wrike offers a free version for up to 5 members and free trials for all the other versions so you can easily test it before you make a commitment.


Wrike is not only a management solution but a customizable workspace that can adapt to any requirements of your organization.
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ActivTrak – Best for analytics

ActivTrak is a single-agent, cloud-native behavior analysis solution used to increase productivity, streamline operational efficiency, and harden security.

It is also one of the leading employee management program tools out there, as it allows an interactive display of your workforce’s activity through comprehensive graphs and charts.

You can track employee progress and working hours, which in turn allows you to assign them to new projects more easily. All you need to do is install it on your computer, as well as the computers of all the other employees.

Once you are done, you will receive reports, and even screenshots whenever dubious or non-work-related activities are done via the computer, regardless of whether they are at the office or working remotely.

It even features some security-oriented tools, such as the ability to know who is accessing sensitive files, inserting USB devices into company PCs, and participating in risky activities.

The program is easy to use and supports integration with plenty of other tools that you may find in an office environment, such as Slack, QuickBooks, or Trello.


ActivTrak is the best employee management program tool out there, featuring an interactive display of your workforce’s activity.
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Coda.io – Best for task automation

Coda.io is a cloud-based document editor that provides word-processing, spreadsheets, and database functions, all of that can be blended and used with third-party apps like Slack and Gmail.

With Coda, you can keep all the information you need in one big document, with easy-to-access subcategories of all the different projects the team is working on.

Learning is easier for recruits with Coda. With very simple access, you can create training documents for everything he has to know. Also, adding individual tasks and deadlines for every team member is as simple as a drag and drop.

The software is created for business teams to facilitate easier communication while working remotely. Coda offers a user-friendly interface where you can collaborate effectively and make quick decisions as a team.

As you offer more data to Coda, your team can easily associate more information to more tasks or docs. With connected data, tables talk to each other and update automatically with every edit your team makes.

By using Coda.io you ensure that everyone on the team is on track with all that is happening. You can point to Slack notifications about any new task, also you can pull Google calendars and invite team members just a block from Coda.

Coda comes with a free version for your whole team to see for yourself what we are talking about, but with limited features. If you want the full Coda experience you can upgrade your plan anytime.


Team management, databases, training, tasks and deadlines all in one app.

Connecteam – Efficient task assignment tool

Connecteam, an all-in-one task manager and organizer, is another excellent workforce management software solution. It’s excellent time management and job management program that includes several handy functions such as a time clock and task schedule.

Improve your communication by using a collaboration software like Connecteam to bridge the communication gap with your coworkers and establish engagement with them.

It is your responsibility as the HR department head or team leader to oversee and ensure that everyone participates and engages in a specific project or for the organization as a whole.

You may also build feedback or surveys and distribute them to everyone involved, as well as set up push alerts to receive immediate or scheduled responses.

It becomes simple to monitor and filter the information staff on the workplace chat, as well as to eliminate improper content and manage user rights.

Connecteam’s workplace chat provides a fully different environment for work discussion, so private talks in the same app are not a distraction.

Connecteam’s corporate chat app integrates with job schedules, time clocks, and forms, making it simple for managers to reach their staff fast. There is no requirement for training to use the software on a regular basis due to its ease of use and engaging interface.

Connecteam offers a 14-day free trial and allows you to customize your plans based on the number of users you want to add, up to 200.


Employee management software that integrates everyday operations, communications, and human resource management.
Free trial Visit website

ClearCompany HRM Software – Best for HR departments

ClearCompany HRM Software is a software system that works for HR and recruits teams across both public and private industries.

The ClearCompany Talent Alignment Platform can connect recruiting, performance management, and new employee onboarding.

The tool’s Applicant Tracking System includes a few features for bulk emails, requisition templates, mobile career sites, advanced corporate website integration, and many more.

The software’s automatic reporting makes sure that clients maintain full EEO and OFCCP compliance.

It also offers more than 100 additional reports which track everything from hiring manager interview rates to cost per hire.

With this tool, you can also develop free custom reporting, and this solution automates the new hiring processes offering the option to integrate I-9 and E-verify, to manage internal tasks, and to approve offer letters.

Performance management allows for an unlimited standard and 360 reviews offering also automated emails and various reporting options.

The tool focuses more on customer support and provides a dedicated relationship manager to every client and also ongoing consulting services and support.

The supported operating systems include Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10.

Get ClearCompany HRM Software 

Ascentis Software – Control efficiency and payrolls

Ascentis offers a web-based human capital management suite that is developed to find, hire, and suitable onboard candidates.

The built-in features of this tool include career portals, social sharing, onboarding, applicant data analysis, and much more.

Using this tool, HR professionals can gain insights into trends with deep analytics within employee metrics.

Ascentis’ mobile experience for HR managers and employees offers access to information anytime from anywhere.

Ascentis Payroll’s online system allows clients the possibility to process payroll in real-time with live auditing and processing.

The tool also syncs with Ascentis HR and Time and offers a wide range of built-in reports.

Ascentis Time is an automated solution for time and attendance that provides online timesheets, clock in/out functionality, scheduling, and more features.

Ascentis HRIS makes sure that businesses can successfully comply with the new federal standards including 1095-C/1094-C reporting.

The supported operating systems include Web browser (OS agnostic) and Windows 10.

Get Ascentis

Performance Pro Software – Best for performance monitoring

The tool is a web-based comprehensive performance appraisal program for HR pros. Performance Pro is entirely customizable, and this makes it very easy to keep employees focused on a company’s strategic goals.

The system can automate the entire process from ongoing check-ins to standard appraisals. The software comes with all the necessary tools the management usually needs to administer straightforward and practical evaluations.

The software includes intuitive dashboards, customizable templates, writing assistance, and excellent reporting abilities.

Employees’ goals are easily cascaded with the rest of the organization to better align with the objectives.

The tool includes pre-built templates for particular job titles, and all of these can be modified.

Management also has access to a robust library of resources for the best practices for evaluating employees.

The team from HR Performance Solutions has been creating systems for more than 20 years, so the company is backed by industry experience and knowledge.

Get Performance Pro Software

Greenhouse Software – Applicant tracking systems

This is an applicant tracking system and recruiting software that was developed in order to help businesses find suitable candidates to conduct focused interviews and to optimize the whole recruiting process.

The tool is an integrated platform that streamlines recruiting activities such as planning hiring processes, sourcing job applications, managing interview rounds, and also organizing the post-hiring activities.

Greenhouse’s hiring process begins with finding the right candidates from a variety of sources which include job boards, in-person events, external agencies, or in-house referrals.

Recruiters can then post job openings on traditional job boards such as Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and Indeed.

They can also share job openings on the most well-known social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The app review software automatically accepts or rejects a candidate’s application based on the selection criteria defined by the recruiter.

Get Greenhouse

How do you track team productivity?

As a Team Manager, Project Manager, HR Specialist, or Snalyst, you need to constantly analyze your team’s productivity in order to meet business objectives.

While there are several subjective methods for assessing team performance, you should utilize productivity statistics and analytics to understand how your staff performs.

A productivity measure can help you track staff productivity and make better decisions when:

✅ A well-rounded communication tool is used for tracking performance.
✅ The focus is on results, not the number of hours worked.
✅ Check-ins with the staff are frequent to help them boost determination.
✅ Expectations are clear for individuals but also for teams.
✅ The company implements a system for measuring the quality of work with rewards.
✅ Showing gratitude and compassion toward teammates for boosting self-esteem and efficiency.
✅ Tracking specific key performance indicators for both long-term and short-term goals.
✅ The metrics you use to measure performance can be directly related to profit margins.

The most effective metrics for analyzing team member performance may vary depending on your business and the duties of each team member. However, if you identify the most suitable software or app for performance tracking and monitoring, you will be well on your way to success.

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