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  • Runtime errors are a common issues found in the Windows OS.
  • They usually indicate errors that developers may have anticipated, but could not find a solution to.
  • We have plenty of other troubleshooting guide slike this one in our dedicated Hub for Troubleshooting System Errors.
  • Even more guides can be found on our Windows 10 Fix page.

Runtime Error R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call warning usually appears when specific programs or processes are being simulated to stop forcefully.

This error is typically linked to the Visual C++ framework and occurs due to incompatibility with third-party Softwares or missing program components.

To stop getting the  Runtime Error R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call, you need to uninstall the program that triggers this error.

How do I fix Runtime Error R6025?

1. Display Driver Update

  1. Put on your PC and navigate to Device Manager.
  2. Check for Display Adapters and Right-click on it.
  3. Next, select Update Driver.
  4. Finally, choose the Search automatically for updated driver software option.

If it displays the best update is already installed, try the second option and check for drivers on windows update.



2. Uninstalling Applications that can trigger runtime error R6025

You have to try and uninstall Bing Desktop, Visual Studio 2030, AutoCAD, or any similar programs. After doing that, reboot your system, or simply follow these steps below to stop getting runtime error R6025.


    1. Stop the program that began Runtime Error R6025.
    2. Simultaneously press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to launch the Task Manager.
    3. When Task Manager opens, select the Processes tab, and click the Image Name.
    4. Find the application that caused the runtime error In the list, select it and click End Process.
    5. Now end the Task Manager.
    6. Navigate to Start, Control Panel, then you will see Add/Remove Programs below the Programs dialogue.
    7. In the list of the installed programs, find the application that triggered the error and uninstall it.
    8. Next close Control Panel window.
    9. Select Start, and enter Cleanmgr in the search field, then press Enter.
    10. Select the drive where you have installed the program on your PC. usually the C drive.
      • Choose all the options, and select OK. after that, select Delete files.
    11. Restart your PC, and Reinstall the application.

3. Get rid of runtime error R6025 by cleaning Boot Windows

In this next step, you will be utilizing the method of cleaning Boot windows to fix runtime error R6025.

  1. Open the Run utility by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Select MSConfig to run.
  3. Choose the Selective startup option in the General tab, when the next window comes up.
  4. Click the Services tab.
  5. Choose the Hide all Microsoft service option.
  6. Select the Disable all buttons to quit all services.
  7. Choose Apply and OK buttons.
  8. On the System Configuration dialog box, click the Restart option.


4. For Design X and Control X reset the software to defaults.

  1.  On your PC navigate to
    C:Program Files3D systems(Product Name)License

    and run ResetOption.exe, you will do so by right-clicking the file name, and clicking Run as Administrator runtime-error-r6025-design-x


  2. Check the box for both Clean the My Document folder, and Clean Registry.
  3. Select Clean, and Yes, in incoming dialogues.
  4. Choose X to end the dialogue process, and relaunch the app. Runtime error R6025 should be fixed by now.

For reasons best known to some users, They install applications that have various issues that trigger this error or install apps that have bugs.

Hence, regular desktop users who came up with runtime error R6025 only have to install the latest version of it.

FAQ: Learn more about runtime errors

  • What are runtime errors?

In general, runtime errors indicate bugs in the program or problems that the designers had anticipated but found no solution to them. Fortunately, there are programs designed to fix runtime errors.

  • What can cause runtime errors?

Runtime errors can be caused by memory or storage space insufficiency, incompatible applications, errors with malware, outdated or damaged hardware, and more. It can even affect games, such as Fallout or Skyrim.

  • Can runtime errors destroy my data?

If you were performing a task when the runtime error occurred, then the unsaved progress will most likely be lost.

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