5 Best Browsers to Watch SBS on Demand

SBS On Demand is available across different platforms and devices

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  • SBS On Demand is a free streaming platform available only in Australia.
  • The company uses the geo-blocking mechanism to block viewers from outside Australia.
  • Using a browser that comes with a VPN service is the best choice if you want to access a site without being detected.
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SBS is a streaming platform that offers live streaming of their TV shows and channels. It is possible by what they call SBS On Demand. SBS in full is the Special Broadcasting Service, an Australian national public service broadcaster launched on the 24th of October 1980.

It boasts six TV channels and seven radio networks. A problem with SBS is reaching. It affects how many people the broadcast reaches. So, getting the SBS On Demand browser you can use to access these channels in and outside Australia is essential.

Furthermore, accessing it is almost impossible for people outside Australia. Since people from different regions are looking at ways to access this streaming service without issues with the location barrier. Thus, we have put together this article.

Hence, we’ll highlight some of the best browsers you can download to watch SBS On Demand in and outside Australia.

Can I watch SBS On Demand on my computer?

SBS On Demand is available across different platforms and devices. For more information about this, click the link above.

Nevertheless, you can access SBS On Demand on your computer and watch your favorite TV shows. Even though some mobile apps are not available on the bigger screen versions by default, there are ways to go about it.

Likewise, users can watch SBS on demand on their iPhones, iPads, or Android devices. So, to watch SBS On Demand on your computer or MacBook, you need to use a web browser.

How can I watch SBS On Demand outside Australia?

1. By connecting to a VPN service

Because SBS uses geo-block tactics to prevent viewings from places outside Australia, it is impossible to access SBS On Demand directly. However, the most suitable way around it is by connecting to a VPN. It allows you to surf the Internet without showing your location.

Also, it can place you in the country of your choice. Hence, your internet traffic connects to a server in Australia, which gives you an Australian IP address. Check our recommendations for some of the best VPNs you can use.

2. By using browsers with inbuilt VPN services

Likewise, watching SBS On Demand outside Australia is not allowed. However, with the help of browsers with inbuilt VPN services, you can watch SBS on Demand anywhere. It permits you to browse region-restricted websites and access content unavailable for your present location.

What are the best browsers for SBS on demand?

Opera– High-level security and speed

Opera is one of the oldest browsers out there, and it is one of the safest. It is our best pick because it comes with the latest inbuilt VPN and ad blocker.

Another feature of Opera is that it doesn’t slow down the system like other browsers with VPNs does. It is free and doesn’t require any subscription.

Likewise, it allows users to enable and disable VPN on websites depending on their needs.


Thanks to the built-in VPN you can stream SBS on Demand easily in the browser.

Tor Browser – Effective anti-surveillance & inbuilt VPN

Tor is an effective browser with an inbuilt VPN. It is the best for privacy and anti-surveillance internet activities and as such, can be used to access SBS On Demand.

Expert tip:


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It is a light browser that doesn’t consume a lot of space and power. Likewise, it is a multi-platform browser, meaning it is available across different platforms.

Get Tor Browser

UR Browser – Customizable, fast, and reliable

UR browser uses a highly developed security and privacy system to protect your internet connection. It comes with a built-in VPN and ad blocker which makes it a good SBS On Demand browser. You can simply select Australia as your location just to access the services easily.

Though it is among the newest browsers, it has features that put it above other browsers. Furthermore, the UR browser is highly customizable and allows users to access more configurations.

Get UR Browser

Epic Browser – Best for privacy

Epic browser is one of the best when it comes to simplicity. This application has a simple user interface, so anyone can navigate it easily.

Also, it is very efficient in providing a secure passage for your internet connection, allowing you to navigate without being detected.

Get Epic Browser

Aloha Browser – Best for Mobile users

Aloha browser is a light browser that is available on every mobile platform. It offers reliable privacy security because it has an inbuilt VPN. You can this browser on the go to access SBS On Demand, especially for mobile users.

Aloha is simple to use, and it is credible for its speed. Although it can’t be compared with the likes of Opera, it is still one of the best browsers with a VPN service.

Get Aloha Browser

Why is SBS On Demand not working?

1. Network issues

If your internet connection is poor or not stable, it’ll affect the communication of SBS On Demand to its servers. However, this can lead to an SBS on-demand internet browser error when you want to access it on your browser.

2. Geo-blocking tactics

Another thing that can cause SBS On Demand not to work is the location restrictions on non-Australian viewers. In this case, SBS On Demand internet browser will be closed and inaccessible.

In conclusion, you can check our website for the best tips on how to watch IPTV Australia channels from anywhere. Also, it is essential to understand how to fix any VPN error on Windows 10/11 in just a couple of steps.

Let us know your browser choice in the comments area below.

Still experiencing issues?


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