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Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Google Chrome is the most popular browser among Windows users. Nowadays, hackers are extremely clever and use every possible gateway to reach their goals. In many cases, the main malware entry point is your browser.

As a result, using only an antivirus program to protect your computer is no longer enough: You should also secure your browser and install an anti-malware tool or a security extension as well.

Secure your Chrome browser against attacks

In order to secure your Chrome browser, you can install the Avast Online Security extension. This extension has over 10 million users and highly positive reviews.

This tool allows you to browse without worry or fear. Avast remains in your browser‘s corner and scans each and every site you visit. In this manner, you can detect security threats earlier and take the necessary measures.

The Avast Online Security extension stops phishing attacks and shows user reviews so that you can have more information about the websites you are visiting. In this manner, the tool uses the community’s experience to analyze the security level of the websites you’re visiting.

When you’re visiting a website with a bad reputation, the extension immediately warns you about it. You can also add your contribution to the community and rate the websites you’ve visited with a thumbs up or thumbs down note.

Avast‘s security extension blocks all phishing attempts and prevents hackers from stealing your data. The tool also blocks cookies from tracking your online activity and collect information about your behavior.

At the same time, it also fixes any typos you may make when typing in the URL bar. It is worth mentioning that if you have the Avast SafeZone Browser installed, the extension launches it automatically when you connect to particular websites.

You can download the Avast Online Security extension from Google’s Web Store.

UR Browser has a built-in antivirus

Browser extensions are essential if you want to take the maximum from your browser. However, they still come from a third-party source and then the issues arise.

Adding an extension to Chrome that’s already resource-hungry might take a toll on your system. Not with the UR browser that has a built-in antivirus.

ur browser

The antivirus tends to downloaded files, but that’s only the beginning. Similar to the Avast Online Security extension, there’s a mixture of protective features on UR Browser.

You’re automatically alerted to suspicious sites and always redirected to the safe HTTPS version of a website. That way, you’ll never be the victim of phishing. Add the 2048 bit RSA encryption key for SSL certificates to the list, and you have a paramount safety while browsing the internet.

Learn more about this amazing, privacy-oriented browser today. The best way to do it? Give it a try.

Editor's recommendation
ur browser
  • Fast page loading
  • VPN-level privacy
  • Enhanced security
  • Built-in virus scanner


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.