How to Show all Emails in the Windows 8 Mail App

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Windows 8 comes with a built in app designed to synchronize your mail accounts with it. Windows 8 mail is basically a web mail system in which you cannot set any mail rules but of course you get the features to work by going on the mail server which you can access via browser and set the features from there. Concerning Outlook users for the integrated contact list and the calendar they will need to get separate apps to do that for them.
Windows 8 mail app
Either you have a Hotmail account, an Outlook account or a yahoo account you can pretty much synchronize all of these with your Windows 8 mail app. The one big problem with this Windows 8 mail app I see so far is that some users are not able to view all they’re emails at all or they can only view the first 30. In a couple of rows below I will explain what we can do to fix you’re your issue with mails not showing up in Windows 8 mail app.

How to troubleshoot Windows 8 mail app to show your emails

First tutorial:

We will have to do a Clean Boot of the Windows 8 system. This basically will start up your system with only the necessary drivers and programs and will most likely eliminate any conflicts you have in your system.

  1. Log in as administrator when Windows 8 starts
  2. Hover the mouse cursor to the lower right of the screen
  3. Click (left click) on “Search”
  4. Type in the search box “msconfig”
  5. Click (left click) the icon on the left of the screen that says “msconfig”
  6. Click (left click) on the “Services” tab you have on the upper side of the “System Configuration” window.
  7. Click (left click) on the check box next to “Hide all Microsoft services” situated in the lower side of the screen.
  8. Click (left click) on “Disable All” situated in the lower right side of the “System Configuration” window.
  9. Click (left click) on the “Startup” tab situated in the upper side of the “System Configuration” window.
  10. Click (left click) on “Open Task Manager”
  11. In the “Task Manager” window you opened now click (left click) every item you have in that list and click (left click) on “Disable” button in the lower right side of the window.
  12. Close “Task Manager” window.
  13. On the “Startup” tab you have in the “System Configuration” window you have opened click (left click) on “OK” button on the lower side of the window.
  14. Reboot the Windows 8 PC
  15. After the PC restarts check the email on Windows 8
  16. If it doesn’t work, in order to get your computer back to normal parameters go to the “System Configuration” window presented above and in the “General”  tab click (left click) on “Normal Startup” option and click (left click) on “OK”
  17. Restart the PC again
  18. Check if the emails on your Windows 8 mail app are showing now.

Second tutorial:

  1. Open the Windows 8 mail app and press Windows key plus the “C” button on the keyboard to open the Charms bar.
  2. Click (left click) on “Live” account situated under the Content to sync.
  3. Click (left click) in the box to uncheck “Email”
  4. Close the Windows 8 mail .
  5. Reboot the PC
  6. Open again Windows 8 mail app.
  7. Click (left click) on “Live” account .
  8. Under “Content to Sync” click (left click) in the box to check the “Email”
  9. You will have to wait approximately 5 to 10 minutes to see if your “Live” account will sync your emails.

Third tutorial:

  1. Open Windows 8 mail app again and press “Windows” button plus the “C” button on the keyboard to open the Charms bar.
  2. Click (left click) on “Settings” and then click (left click ) on the Live account.
  3. Click (left click) on “Remove accounts” situated on the bottom of the window.
  4. Add the account you removed again and check if you can see your emails now.

Forth tutorial:

This last step you should only do if none of the above worked for you.

  1. Press ”Windows” key to open the Apps.
  2. Click (right click) on the “Mail” app.
  3. Click(left click) on “Uninstall” situated on the lower side of the screen.
  4. The app should uninstall by following the steps presented on screen.
  5. After the app uninstalls reboot the Windows 8 PC
  6. After the PC boots up press and hold the “Windows” button plus the “W” button.
  7. Click (left click) on “Store”
  8. Type in the search box you get in “Store” app the word “Mail”
  9. Choose from there the app that says “Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging”.
  10. Click (left click) on “Install” option.
  11. After the app installs Reboot the PC.
  12. After the PC boots up try to go again and sync your accounts on the mail app for Windows 8 in order to see if it worked.

So these are a few steps that you can try in order to view your emails on Windows 8 mail app. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to write us below.

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