Small Business Diagnostic Tools: Best to Use in 2023

by Ivan Jenic
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small business diagnostic software

Do you own an emerging enterprise? Are you looking for a reliable and affordable means of reviewing your business’ prospect and performance? This article is for you.

In this piece, we’ll be bringing you some of the most trusted small business diagnostic software, any of which can be adapted to “diagnose” (review/analyze) small businesses.

A business diagnostic software is a tool, specially designed for business owners, advisers, consultants, freelancers and so on.

The tool uses a set of algorithms to identify and analyze the growth, trends/changes, patterns and performance of a business, with the aim of identifying the strong and weak points of such business.

Essentially, a standard business diagnostic software seeks to drive up the productivity level of a business. And it is especially important for small business owners, who are looking to improve their production scale and sustainably grow their respective businesses.

However, like most utility tools, a standard small business diagnostic software is hard to come by, as there are numerous substandard diagnostic tools out there. Hence, to avoid falling victim of such tools, we have curated this piece for you.

Herein, we’ll be outlining five of the best small business diagnostic software in the market. Read on!

What’s the best small business diagnostic software?

RapidBI – BIR

small business diagnostic software RapidbiThe BIR – Business Improvement Review software from RapidBI is one of the leading diagnostic tools for small, medium and large businesses across the globe.

It is designed to run full checks on your business’ structure, with a view to identifying the key productive areas and the less productive ones.

The tool is applicable to virtually all businesses; hence, it can be employed by most professionals, including Human Resource managers, Accountants, Plant Managers and Entrepreneurs among others.

The software uses a set of analytical tools to analyze all the key indices of a business, and then present the result in an easy-to-understand graphical illustration, showing the business’ KPI (Key Performance Indicators), staff performance, management style, customer satisfaction, employees confidence and so on.

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BIR’s functions revolve around three basic concepts: Knowledge – Understanding – Action. This means that BIR gathers relevant information about your business, and then ensure you have an adequate understanding of every piece of information gathered, before executing your work functions.

If this template is followed, the end result would be sustained productivity.

BIR is offered in four variants: Coaching Review (BIR-C), Strategic Review (BIR-S), BIR-Solo and BIR-HR. Its pricing, though affordable, is available only by quote (custom pricing).



Tooliers small business diagnostic softwareTooliers is an all-inclusive small business diagnostic software, which is equipped to perform various forms and degrees of functions, with the primary aim of driving up productivity, towards attaining sustainable business growth.

The tool uses a three-pronged technique, which entails diagnosis, action plans, and growth programs.

The tri-faceted tactical formation seeks to drive up the productivity scale of a small business, by first analyzing the key areas of the business (diagnosis), then drawing up executable plans (action plans) based on the analyzed result, before implementing the plans to generate visible growth patterns (growth programs).

These automated checklist software will boost your team’s productivity.

Some of the key diagnostic features of Tooliers include Strategy Evaluation, True Nature, Leader Identity, Staff Motivation Level, Client Perception, Time Use, Borrowing Perspective, Equity Financing and many more.

All these features are summarized under 5 basic categories. These include management, financial, leadership, business growth, and sustainability categories.

Tooliers, like most standard small business diagnostic software, is fairly affordable. However, its pricing is feature-specific i.e. each feature has its own specific pricing rate and is purchased separately.

You can get all the pricing packages here.

CEO Business Diagnostics

business diagnostics small business diagnostic software

CEO Business Diagnostics is another top-rated small business diagnostic software, designed to run comprehensive checks and analyses on SMEs, to generate credible reports on business health, performance, and flaws.

This software is a suite of tools, as it offers a host of unique tools, designed to work in unison to provide you with accurate diagnosis (evaluation) of your business. These tools make up the core features of the software.

Some of these features include: BD Online Assessment, Value Chain Assessment, Ansoff Matrix, SWOT Summary, TOWS Strategy Analysis, CAPE Model, Online & Email Support, Generic Business Strategy, and Competitor Assessment among others.

Of the above-mentioned tools, BD Online Assessment stands out. It is a diagnostic function that analyzes all the KPIs of your business, including your company’s financial integrity, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, client-pull effect, technological innovation and more. All these indicators are aptly analyzed and presented in comprehensive reports.

CEO Business Diagnostics’ pricing information is not made public; it is offered strictly by quote. To get the software, you’ll have to place an order in advance.

Place an order here.

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Diagnostic Tool – BBE

better business expert small business diagnostic softwareDiagnostic Tool from Better Business Express is one of the top diagnostic engines for analyzing the performance and growth of emerging businesses. Hence, it makes our list of the best small business diagnostic software.

This diagnostic tool basically checks five critical areas of a business. These areas include people (employees), strategy, finance, processes, and partnerships. Each of these areas is further broken down into four sub-sections, to facilitate analysis.

After the analysis, comprehensive reports are presented, indicating the weak links that need strengthening, as well as the strong (productive) areas that need utmost attention.

Diagnostic Tool from BBE is fairly easy-to-use, as it hosts an intuitive interface. There is also a video guide (YouTube video) on their website, designed to help you navigate the interface with ease.

To use the software, all you need to do is to input all the relevant information (about your business) and the tool will generate feedback based on the information provided.

This diagnostic tool is available at a starting price of £295 (exclusive of value added tax). There is, however, a membership package, which offers exclusive support and special discounts. The membership package is available for £345.

Buy the software here.

RAN ONE – Business Diagnostic Plus

RAN ONE - Business Diagnostic Plus small business diagnostic software

Business Diagnostic Plus is one of the products of RAN ONE Management Consulting, a leading online consultancy firm. It is a versatile diagnostic software, designed to run comprehensive checks on all levels of businesses, and proffer solutions to identified problems.

The software, upon analysis, provides credible recommendations on how you can improve your business, towards achieving sustainable growth.

Diagnostic Plus is built for flexibility, and it can be applied to various forms of businesses. It analyzes the strategic and operational pattern of your business and presents you with qualitative & quantitative reports on the performance of every key aspect.

Typically, Business Diagnostic Plus analyzes business areas like production techniques, employee performance, financial structure, sales, and marketing among others. Also, it employs a set of unique techniques to analyze external factors that can influence/affect business performance.

Notable features of Diagnostic Plus include SWOT Analysis, Diagnostic questionnaire, Email distribution, PIVOT Table analysis, Flexible diagnostic sessions, Online guide (via Wizard library), Internal & External review, Viability analysis and many more.

Contact RAN ONE here to get Diagnostic Plus.


Small and medium scale businesses spend most of their money on what and how to produce, with little or no effort dedicated to how they can grow their respective businesses.

And for any business to grow, the owner needs to know the status of all the KPIs of his/her business. By understanding this, you can proceed to draw out plans toward growing your business.

Small business diagnostic software is specially designed for this purpose; to offer business diagnostic services to emerging businesses at an affordable cost.

In this article, we have outlined five of the best available small business diagnostic software for you, so feel free to try any of them.


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