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After you’ve finished the hard work and created the book that you’ve always dreamed about, you have to make sure that it sells by creating the most awesome cover design.

That’s where software to create professional book covers comes in handy. We picked up the best tools for creating a book cover to help you with your choice because there is a huge variety of such software on the market and choosing the best one can become a challenge.

Software to create book covers and convince readers to buy your book


Canva’s Free Book Cover Maker

Canva’s Free Book Cover Maker allows you to make book covers and it’s effortless to design them even for beginners. Check out the most important features that you’ll be able to enjoy using this tool:

  • Canva’s Free Book Cover Maker allows you to choose from hundreds of layouts to create a memorable cover.
  • Using this tool, you’ll be able to create a beautiful book cover in under 5 minutes.
  • You’ll get the chance to customize the book cover to suit your book genre.
  • You can change the images, fonts, background, and colors.
  • Canva’s Free Book Cover Maker provides you access to more than 1 million stock images, illustrations, and graphics.

You don’t have to hire a designer to create the best looking cover for your book, and all you have to do is use Canva’s Free Book Cover Maker. It will also allow you to share your creation in order to promote your book. Check it out for yourself on the software’s official website.


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free book cover maker that allows you to craft a vision from your very own writing. Here are the best features that come together with this tool:

  • You’ll be able to find a book cover template that suits your style and genre.
  • You can also customize the template until you get the cover of your dreams.
  • Using Adobe Spark, you can design a cover that really tells your story and creates an emotional impact.
  • You can boost your readership and creativity with this tool.
  • Adobe Spark provides you beautiful typography and a chance to choose from a variety of free professionally designed fonts.
  • Select from thousands of pictures from the web or pick the ones from your personal collection.
  • You can also explore a vast variety of layouts, fonts, colors and easily tweak them with photos, text, and icons.

Head to Adobe Spark’s official website and try this tool for yourself.


3D Box Shot Maker

This is a free and easy tool to virtually design quality box shot for your software. You really need a professional looking box shot in order to attract as many customers as possible to take a look at your product.

Check out the most important features that are packed in this tool:

  • You will be able to create an impressive box shot to make your software outstanding.
  • 3D Box Shot Maker accepts a front image and a side image as input, and it generates the final image on the fly.
  • This tool also offers a shadow and a reflection of the final image.
  • 3D Box Shot Maker will show the preview image instantly as you adjust the size and the other parameters that are involved.

Download 3D Box Shot Maker from its official website and give it a try.



Scribus is a page layout program that encourages beginners and professionals alike to create the perfect book covers and more. Check out the main features that are packed in this useful tool:

  • Scribus is a reliable and free desktop publishing tool.
  • The software is sent to users with over 200 color palettes to offer everyone the opportunity to design the covers just like they imagined.
  • You can rely on the best PDF creation, and this is the key to a successful print run.
  • Scribus is available for most operating systems including Windows.
  • This tool comes in two flavors, development and stable.

It’s recommended that you use the stable version because in the development one, things are regularly changing.

Get Scribus from the official website and enjoy everything that you can do with this software.


eCover Go

The eCover Go is the Photoshop eCover Action Script Package. It uses the latest and the most sophisticated technology that makes creating e-book covers and designs for digital products easier than ever before.

Check out the best features of the program:

  • You’ll be able to create e-books 3D models for your e-book’s cover effortlessly.
  • You can create over 200 different cover types.
  • Your cover will have a web-ready resolution and transparent background as well.
  • You can render more than 75 cover types in just one go.
  • This tool comes with a professional and fast rendering engine.
  • Using eCover Go, you’ll get fantastic and professional results, but it’s best to see this for yourself. Get this tool from its official website to check out more impressive features.

These are the best five tools for creating book covers and either one you choose, it will definitely become a trustworthy partner in your book creation process.



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