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  • If you're a music artist, a podcast creator, sound engineer, or just someone who likes to record his/her voice, and you're looking for the right audio recorder for your needs, look no further.
  • To record perfect vocals, you need a really good microphone and a powerful audio recording and editing software.
  • One excellent example of such a tool is Adobe Audition. We'll talk about it and many other vocal recording software in the guide below. 
  • Visit our hub dedicated to audio software for more useful guides and tips.
best vocal recording software

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the best music software for recording vocals. So, if you are a music artist, audio engineer or just someone who wants to keep audio records of his/her call logs, this piece is specially designed for you.

Voice recording has been a conventional procedure for quite some time now, as virtually all digital gadgets are equipped (in varying degrees) to, one way or the other, record audio/sounds.

Typically, all computer systems, smartphones, tablets, and even old analog mobile brands come with built-in audio system, designed to record vocals or sound.

However, most of these inbuilt audio recorders are too simple to handle the demand and quality standard of required vocal output today.

More often than not, system-recorded vocals are blighted by issues like background noise, unwanted breaks, distorted speaker, voice cracks and so on.

The ultimate solution to this is to edit audio during and/or after recording, and the built-in audio recorders are not equipped to execute this function.

Therefore, to facilitate the production of quality, error-free, recordings, a myriad of audio recording tools/music software have been developed.

However, only a handful of these tools are of the standard, and we’ll be looking at five of the standard ones in this article.

Read on to get a good grip on some of the best music software for recording vocals, as we bring you a comprehensive review on each of them.

Music software for recording vocals on professional and entry level

Adobe Audition

adobe audition

Adobe Audition is an excellent vocal recording and audio editing software for both Windows and Mac.

You can record audio from any device or microphone. Before starting to record, don’t forget to adjust the signal‑to‑noise levels so as to clear the input signal as much as possible.

The Multitrack Editor is a nifty Adobe Audition feature that automatically saves your audio recordings into WAV files. Moreover, you can also use this tool for overdubbing and record audio on multiple tracks.

The Essential Sound panel offers you a wide array of features to achieve professional-quality audio. Enjoy clear and pristine vocal recordings without any noise interferences.

Adobe Audition is perfect for creating podcasts. This all-in-one tool lets you record, edit and export audio recordings. Combine Audition with a top-notch microphone and your podcasts will mesmerize your audience.

Sometimes, your vocal recording may not be of the best quality. The good news is that Adobe Audition comes with a set of built-in audio repair tools that you can use to diagnose and repair audio issues.

Other key features include:

  • Seamless integration with other Adobe products
  • Support for overlapped clips
  • Manual keyframe entry support
  • Punch and roll recording for voiceover

Download Adobe Audition Here


RecordPad best music software for recording vocalsRecordPad, from NCH Software, is a popular music software for recording vocals, with a commendable – huge – userbase across the globe. The software hosts multiplatform support for PC (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10) and MacOS computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

RecordPad features broad sets of recording and audio-enhancing features, which can easily be employed to record, refine/edit, rip and burn vocals. With this, you are able to produce near-perfect audio notes, demo songs, announcements, voice messages and so on.

One significant feature of this software is its “voice-activated” setting, which enables you to auto-erase a long period of silence during a voice recording.

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This feature makes RecordPad very ideal for music artists, as they are afforded the opportunity of going over their lyrics (during recording), without altering the music flow.

Other notable features of RecordPad include: pitch shifting, noise reduction, equalizer, multi-format support (MP3, WAV & FLAC), FTP upload, MPEG layer-3 encoding, wave encoding (6000 to 19600 MHz) and many more.

RecordPad is offered at license rates of $29.99 and $34.99, for personal and professional editions respectively.

Download now RecordPad


WavePad best music software for recording vocalsWavepad, from NCH software, is probably the most widely used music software for recording vocals, and it conveniently stands out as one of most reliable recording software for Windows PC.

Specifically, it is compatible with all Windows versions between Windows XP and Windows 10. It is also supported on macOS and mobile platforms (Android & iOS).

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WavePad is arguably the best recording tool out there, in terms of feature packages and ease of usage. It hosts a clean and intuitive interface, which is simple enough for anyone to use, irrespective of technical proficiency or audio system familiarity.

This software offers you in excess of twenty audio filters and effects during recording. With this, you are easily able to manipulate just about any aspect of a recording, to produce desired voice outputs.

Other noteworthy features of WavePad include tone generator, audio mixing & splitting, auto-trim, temporal & frequency analyses, text-to-speech (speech synthesis), noise reduction, reverberation, spectral analysis, multi-format compatibility (MP3, WAV, RSS, WMA, FLAC, AIFF and lots more), batch processor/converter, sound library, analog & digital rip, file compression, VST support, pop/click removal, user guide/manual, customer support and more.

WavePad is available for free, albeit for limited home use only. The paid editions are offered at a starting price of $39.95. Other editions – Master’s and Master’s Quarterly – go for $69.95 and $5.50 (per month) respectively.

Download now WavePad free

Mixcraft 8

Mixcraft 8 best music software for recording vocalsMixcraft 8 Pro Studio, from Acoustica, is a top quality music software for recording vocals. It hosts a fairly intuitive UI, with an akin reflection of a digital audio workstation.

With this, it is probably the best software for recording music, as it offers you an imitated DAW platform to work on.

The software is currently supported on only Windows OS, with exclusive support for all versions between Windows XP and Windows 10.

Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is one of the most versatile vocal recording tools out there, having 7500+ loops, 28+ audio effects, samples. filters and so on.

Essentially, you are provided with an all-inclusive package to record, edit, improve and burn audio works. The end result is error-free, top-quality sound output.

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Other notable features of Mixcraft 8 include pitch correction, equalizer, recording timer, click-pop removal, reverberation tools, noise reduction, silence gauging, audio warping, MIDI scoring, broad format support (WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG etc.), and more.

One of the obvious downsides of this software is its pricing. Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is one of the most expensive audio recording/editing software out there.

Currently, the software is offered at a discount price of $99. The original price is, however, pegged at $179.

Buy Mixcraft 8 Now

i – Sound Recorder 7

i - Sound Recorder 7 best music software for recording vocalsi – Sound Recorder 7 is simple. yet powerful, sound recorder, designed to run on all Windows versions from Windows 10 all the way down to Windows XP.

i – Sound Recorder stands out as one of the best music software for recording vocals, with respect to its highly intuitive UI, as well as its unrivaled ease of usage.

Furthermore, it features some advanced functions like recording scheduler and voice-only recording, which is an essential component of noise reduction.

Other key functions and features of i – Sound Recorder 7 include: timer, multi-format support (MP3, WAV, FLAC and more), live compression, audio conversion, voice-activated recording, auto-gain control (AGC), free sound editor, User guide, Customer support, free trial and lots more.

i – Sound Recorder is offered at a starting price of $29.95. There is, however, a trial version on offer for a limited period.

Download Trial Version

Buy i – Sound Recorder 7


Audacity best music software for recording vocalsAudacity is a special purpose recording software, built exclusively for voice recording and multi-track sound editing. The software is compatible with all major computer OS, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Audacity’s platform, though simple, is packed with a broad set of powerful recording and audio manipulation features. Basically, you are offered a set of advanced tools to record and manipulate sound elements like treble, frequency, bass, and the likes.

Some of the key features of this software include: sequential undo/redo, audio effects, live preview, frequency analysis, live recording, VST support, Vamp analysis (plug-in), import/export setup, advanced resampling, and more.

Audacity is an open source program, which is financed by donations from all over the world. In light of this, it is offered to prospective users at absolutely no cost.

Download Audacity Free (Windows)


Today, recording vocals/audio has been made easy with the advent of audio recording software. Voice notes, music demos, soundtracks, and the likes can now be recorded and manipulated with ease (in quick time) to generate near-perfect audio files, in desired output format(s).

To better enlighten you on the suitability of these tools, we have reviewed five music software in this article, with succinct descriptions of their flexibility of usage, affordability, compatibility, and functionality among others.

Hence, if you need an audio recording software for your PC, the above-listed tools are the recommended software for you.

FAQ: Learn more about vocal recording software

  • How do I get the best sound when recording vocals?

To get the best possible sound when recording vocals, soundproof the room you’re recording in, set the right microphone level and settings, enable noise filtering on the software you’re using to record vocals with and then edit the recording without processing your vocal sound too much.

  • What microphone is best for recording vocals?

The best microphones for recording vocals are the following: Blue Snowball, Blue Yeti USB microphone, BLUE condenser microphone, and Samson Meteorite USB condenser microphone. If you’re looking for a microphone with a particular purpose in mind, check out our microphone buying guides.

  • Does Windows 10 have an audio recorder?

Windows 10 comes with a built-in audio recorder app called Voice Recorder. You can use it to record conversations, interviews or podcasts.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2019 and has since been updated for freshness and accuracy.