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Download Advanced System Care for Windows 10 [Reviewed by Pros]

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Advanced SystemCare has been around for quite some time but the latest version brings in some critical changes. Advanced SystemCare 13 promises to make your PC run up to 200% faster by cleaning up the junk files and privacy traces.

Advanced SystemCare PRO is one of the most popular PC maintenance tools that can help you keep your PC functioning at optimal parameters without breaking a sweat.

It will not only perform the basic quick and deep scans that any ordinary similar software solution can do, but it will also walk the extra mile to shield both you and your system from a wide variety of malicious agents.

System requirements

Although Advanced SystemCare PRO is able to breathe life into your suddenly sluggish computer, it can’t work wonders on any vintage machine you’ll throw its way. As a matter of fact, this tool has a series of system requirements you’re supposed to meet if you want it to work a-ok. Namely:

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP
300 MB of free disk space
1024 x 768 screen resolution and above
As you can see, the list of system requirements isn’t restrictive at all, as many older machines can qualify to support Advanced SystemCare PRO to its fullest extent.


Our Review

Great user experience
The one-click optimization feature can get the job done quickly
Comes at an affordable price
Intuitive workflow
Comprises an outstanding library of features
Includes a useful performance monitor widget
No trial version
Some of its features are separate downloads
Multiple ad banners and upsells

The program apparently employs a deep clean method which is better than the other tools available in the market. The Advanced SystemCare 13 also comes with a FaceID and the optimized algorithm cleans the registry deeper and faster thus resulting in better performance.

The other extremely useful tools include WhatsApp cleaner, Startup Optimisation, Surfing Protection, Resource Manager, protection against cyber threats including ransomware and malware, hardware acceleration, surfing protection, large file finder, and an intuitive resource manager. The Homepage advisor will detect any changes made to your homepage and search engine thus avoiding a potential hijacking attack.

How to set up Advanced SystemCare PRO

It is worth mentioning that Advanced SystemCare PRO is actually the premium, more powerful version of Advanced SystemCare, which features some limitations, but can be downloaded and used for free.

Additionally, you don’t need to download a separate installer for this tool, as you can simply download the unique Advanced SystemCare setup executable on your computer, install the free version of the app, and unlock Advanced SystemCare PRO by using a valid license code.

What it can do to help you

Advanced SystemCare PRO is not just your usual PC maintenance tool, as it encompasses an outstanding collection of extra features that make it stand out in the crowd. Some of these features are:

  • Premium PC cleaning and optimization tools;
  • System crash prevention through deep registry cleaning;
  • PC performance optimization through hard drive data defragmentation;
  • Automatically terminating unused processes and programs to clean up RAM;
  • Scheduled, automated PC maintenance tasks;
  • Real-time system condition monitoring;
  • One-click updating important programs on your PC;
  • Decreasing your PC boot time;
  • Increasing your Internet speed;
  • Basic PC protection that includes spyware removal capabilities;
  • Comprehensive PC protection through deep infection detection and removal;
  • Automatic intruder detection and capture via Face ID;
  • Malicious links and suspicious email-sender blocking;
  • Automatic tracking data clearing;
  • Protecting the privacy of your online behavior;
  • Keeping personal data out of the reach of untrusted programs;
  • Detecting and blocking security threats in real-time;
  • Automatically updating to the latest version;

By comparison, its free counterpart, Advanced SystemCare, can only handle these tasks:

  • Basic PC cleaning and optimization;
  • Monitoring system conditions in real-time;
  • Basic PC protection with spyware removal;
  • Automatically detecting intruders with Face ID;
  • Suspicious email sender and malicious link blocking;

Better safe than sorry

The bottom line is if you don’t feel confident enough to perform a little maintenance work on your computer every now and then, relying on specialized software solutions might be your safest bet.

Advanced SystemCare PRO is for good reason one of the best PC maintenance tools out there, thanks to its comprehensive set of features that go the distance to make sure not only that your PC is functioning well, but that you’re also safe and sound from various cybernetic threats.

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Advanced System Care

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