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Download Google Ads Editor is to create, set up, manage, and run your Google ad campaigns. It’s a free tool you can download to your desktop and use to monitor multiple Google accounts in charge of ad campaigns.

If you’ve ever run a business and had to run an ad campaign, you probably know how hard it is to keep everything in line.

However, with a bit of help from specialized software assistance tools, such as Google Ads Editor, things can go really smoothly. If you want to find out more about this product, all you have to do is keep on reading. But you can get started with downloading Google Ads Editor since it’s 100% free.

Google Ads Editor system requirements

Here’s what you need to download Google Ads Editor:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
  • Architecture: only supports 64-bit versions of Windows

Note that older versions of Google Ads Editor (before 1.0) can run on 32-bit systems, but might not be as effective. Additionally, there’s absolutely no mention of any kind of hardware requirement.

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll need an Internet connection since Google Ads is an online service. Therefore, it makes sense that accessing this service should require you to be connected to the Internet. Moving on.


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Easy to use
Supports bulk processing
Can work offline

How to download Google Ads Editor

You can download Google Ads Editor and use it for free, meaning that you won’t have to purchase a license. However, the services it grants you access to, well, that’s a completely different story.

If you’re familiar with Google Ads, you probably know that it’s not a free service. Much like any other advertisement service on the market, it’s a money-making machine. So you have to feed it something (i.e. money) so that it can advertise your business effectively.

It goes without saying that the app has no usability if you don’t have a Google Ads account.

How to install Google Ads Editor

Locating the downloader isn’t entirely difficult, but assuming that you’ve moved past that step and retrieved it successfully to your PC, go ahead and launch it. The thing with some of Google’s software solutions is that they’re very easy to use.

So easy that even installing them can be done almost instantly. There’s absolutely no configuration that you need to perform in order to set up Google Ads Editor. After launching the installer, the whole process unfolds automatically, without any kind of extra assistance on your side.

Minimalistic interface

Google Ads Editor’s interface might have a minimalistic look, but the program requires a bit of know-how to operate. Therefore, if you’re not exactly familiar with Google Ads’ functionality, we suggest you give a read to the online help documentation.

The main window of the program lets you manage your Google Ads accounts in a quite straightforward manner. There’s a central section where account info is displayed, a bunch of buttons you can use to perform various account-related action, and a bunch of traditional menus.

How to set up Google accounts in Google Ads Editor

First of all, you’ll need to add an account by using the Add button. Give it a hearty click then fill in the required info (your email address and password associated with that account) and hit the Next button.

Make sure to select the part of the account that you want to download to Google Ads Editor and click the Download button. After the retrieval process has reached the end, you can start managing the ad campaigns.

How to use Google Ads Editor

The purpose of this program is to help you manage your Google Ads campaigns easier. You just download the Google Ads Editor accounts you want to work with, then start making changes to them. The app will send the modifications online as soon as you’re done editing them.

After you download Google Ads Editor accounts, you can start making changes such as modifying keywords, changing the target, modifying the range of an ad, you get the point.

However, what makes Google Ads Editor truly stand out in the crowd is its ability to handle changes in bulk. For instance, you can replace the text content across multiple ads, or even import a list of campaigns you just updated. You can even share the changes you’ve done with others that might be involved in the campaigns, but that’s an optional step.

The last two steps of the process would be performing a check on your changes and actually posting them.

Indispensable to Google Ads campaigns with multiple Google accounts

All in all, if you frequently use Google Ads for your business, the first step is to download Google Ads Editor to your PC. It offers you everything Google Ads does.

More importantly, you can set up multiple Google accounts to keep track of all campaigns from a single interface.

You can use Google Ads Editor to manage one or multiple campaigns, or accounts, depending on your needs. It can also let you share modifications with other members who are involved in the campaign and perform various tasks in bulk.

Last, but not least, Google Ads Editor is 100% free. As long as you have a Google Ads account to connect to, you can use this program without any restrictions.

FAQ: Learn more about Google Ads Editor

  • How do I download Google Ads?

Click the Add button, type your email address and the password, and select the part of the account that you want to retrieve. You can select a subset of campaigns easily by using the buttons at the bottom of the dialog.

  • Is Google Ads Editor free?

Yes, Google Ads Editor is entirely free to use. However, you’ll need to connect it to a Google Ads account, which is a paid Google service.

  • Is there a Bing ads editor like Google?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Advertising Editor for Windows and Mac to manage your Bing ad campaigns.

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Google Ads Editor

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