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Download Hindi Indic Input 3 & 2 for Windows 10 [32/64 bit]

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It’s challenging to write articles, emails and messages in a non-English languageusing your keyboard, especially if the language contains special characters that aren’t available in English.

To quickly resolve this, some users look up the special symbols of their native tongue on Google to copy and paste them into their text. But it’s certainly not a convenient solution. Instead, it’s more practical to install a new language on your Windows PC, in order to instantly switch to it using Alt+Shift.

When it comes to the Hindi language, you should give a shot to Indic Input. Developed by Microsoft, Indic Input is a Hindi typing software solution that provides you with multiple languages from India. It integrates into the systray and transforms your entire keyboard into a Hindi typing tool, thanks to the fact that it remaps all keys.


Our Review

Supports 12 Hindu languages
Gets integrated into the Windows language bar
Works with any application
Completely free to use
Supports only QWERTY keyboards

Indic Input is completely free to use. It comes with extensive help documentation that explains everything there is to know about Indic Input. Let’s take a look at the system requirements and supported languages of Indic Input before finding out how it works, how to use it, and good it really is when it comes to Hindi typing software.

Indic Input system requirements

Before you download and set up Indic Input on your PC, check if you meet these prerequisites:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or newer (including Access)
  • Administrative rights

Indic Input languages

Indic Input supports multiple language families from India: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Separate setup files are available for download, depending on the preferred language and your computer’s architecture type: 32-bit or 64-bit. To find out what you need on Windows 10, go to Settings -> System -> About and take a look at the System type.

How Indic Input works

When it comes to the installation process, Indic Input is incredibly straightforward. You can choose the preferred setup folder and proceed with the immediate unpacking of the tool. Worth noting is that you can install multiple Indic Input languages at the same time.

Indic Input gets integrated into the Windows language settings so that you can easily activate it by clicking the language icon in the system tray and by selecting the language. To quickly do this, press Alt+Shift, regardless of the application you’re currently in.

How to use Indic Input

Your entire keyboard will be mapped to the language you selected from Indic Input. As such, you can begin writing in the new language right away. And this works no matter what text editor you’re using, whether you launched Notepad to write a few notes or your web browser to send an email.

Furthermore, if you want to get familiarized with the Indic Input key mappings, you can fire up the Windows virtual keyboard to see what you will be typing. It’s particularly useful when toggling multiple languages, in order to easily notice the differences between the Hindu language families.

Great typing software tool for Indian languages

All aspects considered, Indic Input is an easy-to-use software solution that can help you type in Indian languages, regardless of the application you’re using. Its effects are global, affecting the entire computer and applications.

The tool works like any other language installed by Microsoft: you just have to select it from the language bar. It doesn’t affect the computer’s performance at all. Furthermore, it doesn’t require an active Internet connection because it works offline. On the downside, it only supports QWERTY keyboards.

Indic Input FAQ

  • Is Indic Input free?

Yes, Indic Input is 100% freeware.

  • Is Indic Input safe?

Indic Input is a legitimate software solution created by Microsoft, and there is no malware bundled with it. To be safe, make sure to always download applications from their official sources.

  • What is the best Hindi typing software?

We think that Indic Input is one of the best Hindi typing software tools for your Windows PC. However, if you want to check out other similar products, we suggest starting with India Typing Software, Hindi Indic IME, and Anop – Hindi Typing Tutor.

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