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Mixed in Key is a dedicated software solution specially designed for DJs who want to hone on their skills. The name of the tool is pretty suggestive as to what it’s capabilities are. It can pick up on your track’s key and help you mix it more effectively.

Key detection is a pretty big thing to consider, especially if you’re mixing for a lot of people. You can’t lead the party with an optimistic vibe (from a major key) and drop a track in a whole other key that can kill the mood in an instant. That’s exactly the situation that Mixed in Key can help you avoid.

Mixed in Key’s system requirements

As we’re sure you already know, your PC might not be able to run just about any program. This situation strongly depends on your system specifications, which play a crucial part in whether you’re able to run a program and also if the app runs at optimal parameters.

Unfortunately, it appears that the program doesn’t offer any information related to system requirements. That alone is somewhat troubling since you can’t know if your PC qualifies to run the program, to begin with. To make matters worse, this product doesn’t even have a trial version, so you’ll have to take a leap of faith.


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Detects tune's key accurately
Energy level detection
Music cleanup tool
No trial version available

Mixed in Key free trial

Bad news, there’s no way that you can download Mixed in Key and try it before you buy it. No feature-restrictive demo or time-limited trial version is available, so the only way you can get this program on your PC is to purchase a license for it.

However, if you buy a license to run Mixed in Key on your PC and are not entirely satisfied, or the tool just doesn’t work on your PC, you can ask for a refund. A quick lookup on any search engine shows that some users’ requests for a refund have been approved without an issue.

Detect music keys with Mixed in Key

Whenever you prepare a set of tracks to mix for your party, you must consider each track’s key. Combining different keys can prove to be a great idea at times. However, if you’ve got a tough crowd and the mood’s already set, you might want to keep it in key.

Although you could trust your instinct and simply “know” which tracks fit best together, using specialized software such as Mixed in Key might be more effective. This tool analyzes your tunes on the go, so you can know exactly what to play next.

Mixed in Key Energy Level detection

Mixed in Key comes with a handy feature called “Energy Level detection.” This tool performs an automatic scan of your song library and assigns an Energy Level rank between 1 and 10. That way, you’ll know which tracks are absolute “bangers” without even playing them.

Mixed in Key’s Energy Level detection allows you to put together playlists in a quick, effortless manner. You don’t have to spend any more time listening to tracks you didn’t have the chance to play, just create separate playlists for anthems and warm-up sets seamlessly.

Automatically remove unnecessary MP3 content

No matter how clean you might be keeping your music library, sometimes MP3s overflowing with junk comments find their way inside it. We can all agree that having that kind of content can be a real buzz kill.

Mixed in Key allows you to clean your music library without getting rid of the files by removing the useless information. That way, your laptop or player of choice will only display relevant information about your tracks.

Suggests and stores up to 8 cue points

If you’re just beginning your DJ career, you might be intimidated by cues (cue points). These are the desired positions for initial playback. For instance, if you have a song with a long, boring intro, you can set the song to play right after the intro, when the beat commences. That’s a cue point.

Mixed in Key can suggest up to 8 cue points per song automatically and also store them if you want it to. This can save you from a lot of hassle having to find the cue point manually in the DJ booth. If you’re not satisfied with the suggested cues, you can also edit them to your liking.

Export cue points to third-party software tools

If this is not your first contact with DJ software solutions, you might’ve heard about Serato and Traktor. In this situation, you’ll be glad to know that Mixed in Key can export cue point to both these apps. This way, you don’t have to perform this needlessly complicated operation multiple times.

To benefit from this feat, head to the Settings menu of Mixed in Key. In the export cue section, make sure to select the app you want to export the cue points for. Note that if this program can’t detect Traktor or Serato being installed on your PC, this feature won’t work. You might need to configure the installation destination path on your PC for proper detection.

What is Mixed in Key?

In conclusion, Mixed in Key is a Swiss Army Knife for DJs, both amateur and professional ones. Not only it can help you impress your audience with the way you fit songs by key and energy levels, but it can also enhance your overall DJ-ing experience.

You can use Mixed in Key to clean your music library in a few moments. Furthermore, this tool can also help you to create playlists from your favorite tunes, so you’ll find them easily the next time you need them.

FAQ: Learn more about Mixed in Key

  • What does Mixed in Key do?

This program can simplify a DJ-ing technique called harmonic mixing. This might be tough to put in practice for DJs who have no prior training in music theory. By using this tool, DJs can use music theory to their advantage without even studying it.

  • Is Mixed in Key free?

Although Mixed in Key used to be free a while back (last time we checked it was 14 years ago), but now it’s not anymore. You have to purchase a license in order to use this program, there’s no other way around it.

  • How do I use Rekordbox in Mixed in Key?

You can save the Mixed in Key results in Rekordbox. Open Mixed in Key and let it write key results and comments to your tunes via file analysis. Add the analyzed files to Rekordbox, select them all, right-click them and choose “Reload Tags.”

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