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Some time ago, the skills of a DJ consisted in knowing how to mix the vinyl and manage a console. Nowadays, thanks to a simple PC, it is possible to replace numerous buttons. Nowadays, DJs should know how to manage DJ software and use sound effects.

In this guide, we’ll list some of the best DJ programs that can help you to create great party vibes. We have picked 5 programs that you can use if you are a beginner, intermediate or professional DJ. This article focuses on DJ software that does not use turntables.

What are the best DJ software with no turntables?


Zulu (recommended)



If you are not a total beginner or a maybe a professional DJ with few pretensions, you can try Zulu. It is a nice free software that can also help beginners to “mix” their songs with a few clicks.

Zulu DJ Audio Software mixes music and live audio recordings. This means that you can play a musical base, or another kind of music and singing on it, make out a master with a lot of semi-professional effects.

As soon as you start a music track, the program scans the file and assigns a beat for minute (BPM). In this way, it offers the possibility to change the time in order to perfectly synchronize two audio tracks.

You can listen to a preview of the next music track by using headphones connected to the secondary audio output of the sound card installed on your PC.

Zulu DJ Audio Software allows you to apply effects to audio tracks (Distortion, High Pass Filter, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Delay). It supports numerous audio formats including WAV (multiple codecs), MP3, VOX, GSM, Real Audio, AU, FLAC, OGG and many others.

In short, you can record your performances, even without knowing how to play an instrument. Thus, this is a tool that you should definitely to try!

    –  Download now Zulu DJ Software free




If Virtual DJ is a software that allows you to start your DJ journey, DEX 3 is a professional DJ Software for both Mac and Windows. This software has three functions included: it enables the user to mix and manage videos, music and to host karaoke shows.

Music and sounds have high quality standards. You can mix manually or automatically, thanks to the Automix or Shuffle Play function. You can play music coming from your PC, from video libraries (you can import iTunes automatically) or from over 100 DJ controllers supported. The latter provide hands-on tactile control on DEX 3, enhancing the creativity while mixing.

For what concerns the interface, you can use a 2-Deck or a 4-Deck interface. You can create all the mix you want and keep them in the “history”, ready to be used the next time.

If you want to register your songs or videos, DEX 3 has well developed built-in recording features.

If you are a karaoke fan, you will love using this software. In fact, DEX 3 + Party Time Karaoke is the ideal option for making karaoke with a library hosting over 15,300 songs, constantly upgraded.

The service works with online subscription for a $ 99.99 /month cost. You can listen to the tracks in streaming or download them from the Karaoke.net store.

Do you want to organize a karaoke night with many people? In this case, you can create a list automatically run by the software with the song and the singer associated. DEX 3 Party Time Karaoke counts on a wide effects grid (e.g. delay, flanger, phaser etc) able to enhance the singer experience.

Despite its numerous functions, DEX 3 appears easy to use. Moreover, within the website there are simple tutorial videos able to explain how the DJ mixing software works.

It sounds beautiful, but you would normally look for the cost, at this point. About that, there is the possibility to subscribe for a 30 days trial period, at no cost. At the end of the trial, the price will be $ 19.99 per month.

    –  Download here DEX 3 trial version


Virtual DJ


virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a software that allows you to emulate more turntables connected to a mixer with your PC. Atomix is the provider of this successful software. Instead of classic discs, the software uses audio files such as MP3 and WAV or CD.

Thanks to the two sound cards or a sound card with multiple outputs, you can also hear the preview.

There are numerous versions of Virtual DJ that remains the best-known software for mixing music. The pro versions, some downloadable for free, are easy to use even by those who are still beginners. Those are also compatible with applications such as iTunes.

The program has both musical and visual effects (also available from the manufacturer’s website), useful for mixing the various pieces. On the website, there are also various skins that change the appearance of the software. Virtual DJ can also mix music videos with separate audio and video management with numerous transition effects.

This program can represent a first approach to the world of DJing, without the cost that a traditional console involves. Clearly, when you decide to use this type of software on a professional level, you find out that a digital console does not cost less than a “traditional” console.

For non-commercial purposes, a freeware version with no particularly advanced tools of Virtual DJ is also available. This version does not entail an evaluation periods, and contains all the essential basic functions.

Download Virtual DJ




Many internationally renowned DJs trust Traktor as a very professional and stable program. It is compatible with all operating systems.

There is a basic version, useful for trying the virtual console quality, but the complete one has a better quality. The interface can appear a bit complex. It has professional sound effects, including the CD effect or the pins on the vinyl.

Traktor can provide you with the ability to “see” the music through the waveforms for each piece, which line up on grids. This helps selecting perfectly the point from which you want to start to play a track.

Tracktor can support many controllers. Nevertheless, picking the controller that suits best for you will be important to get your audience amused by your music.

If you have an iPad, try Traktor’s iPad program. You can integrate that with your DJ setup to synchronize loops, starting points and other effects.





Last but not least, if you are looking for an audio editing application that allows you to “clean up” some recordings you’ve made, Audacity is an interesting choice. If you wish to quickly mix two music tracks but you do not intend to spend money Audacity is for you. Moreover, you can pick Audacity if you are not ready yet to try complex professional software.

If you have never heard of it, Audacity is one of the best free audio editing programs. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux and is distributed under an open source license. Its interface is extremely intuitive. Therefore, you can use it without any problem even if you are a beginner with this type of software

It is worth mentioning that Audacity has the function of training beginner DJs. You can use the tool to edit music, equalize sounds and add the main sound effects, as well as to save your compositions in numerous formats. The only flaw is that you can work only on individual tracks.

Pick the best fit for you

This article intended to help any user, DJs or aspiring DJs, to navigate the jungle of software to mix music and sounds without turntables. Along the 5 software analysed, there are some for beginners, some for intermediate and some for professionals.

It is up to you now to pick the one that fits your needs. Let us know if this article was useful by dropping a comment below.



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