Reached Daily Limit to Chat with Bing AI: How to Prevent It

Switch to other browsers and use Bing chat AI

by Claire Moraa
Claire Moraa
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  • Bing has made it easy for users to chat with a bot and get answers to their questions. 
  • However, some users have been complaining about their daily chat limit. They are unable to chat with the Bing AI bot more than once a day due to this limit.
  • If this sounds like something familiar, we share tips to prevent the daily limit messages.
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Unless you live under a rock, you know how business entities are slowly or rather quickly embracing AI technology. Bing is not to be left behind, as users have been using the Microsoft Bing chat to get answers to various topics.

It’s an easy way to find information, but it has its own set of limitations. Users have reported that they are getting sorry you’ve reached your daily limit to chat bing message. This prevents further communication, so let’s learn how to prevent it.

What is the limit on Microsoft Bing Chat?

Microsoft Bing AI is a chatbot that lets you ask questions and gets answers from the Bing search engine. If you are a regular user of Bing’s chatbot, you may have noticed that there is a limit of 15 chats per day. 

This is not a bug but is a feature by Microsoft. It was introduced to restrict the use of Bing’s AI chatbot by some users who were abusing it. 

If you want to get information from the chatbot, you’re limited to 15 tries on the same topic. It might seem like the limit is insufficient. Given how wide some topics are, it looks that way. However, Microsoft says it is a way for Bing to prevent the AI from getting overwhelmed.

According to Microsoft, too much of the same information being fed to the chatbot may confuse the laid down model.

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As a user, with the set limits, it is imperative first to break down your topic into sections. You can then prioritize the sections with which you would like the chatbot to help you. This way, you get all the information you need in one session and move to another when the limits have expired.

Why does Bing chat AI say I’ve reached my daily limit?

A section of users has reported that even though they have not used up all 15 tries per session when using the Bing AI, they get the sorry you’ve reached your daily limit to chat bing message. Some of the main causes include:

  • Exhausted quota per session – You may have reached the daily limit per search conversation.
  • Daily limit – It is possible you have already searched for the maximum number of queries within one day.
  • Inappropriate content – If you asked too many questions about topics that are banned from its service or other inappropriate content, your account may be flagged, and you’ll get a similar message.

How can I prevent the daily chat limit with Bing AI?

1. Don’t overload your bot with unnecessary information

Bing AI has a set of rules that determine how many chats a user can have with a bot per day. If you try to give too much information in each conversation, your 15 tries will be used up, and you may not have gotten the intended information within the set limits.

Before you start chatting with the chatbot, narrow down your topic and do not ask more than 15 questions on the same topic. Any attempts to use up more than 15 tries could put your account at risk, and you may end up blocked.

Sticking to the 15 tries will ensure you can swiftly start afresh with a new topic. Since you have 150 overall tries in a day, you can easily cover up to ten topics as long as you adhere to the set limits.

2. Use an incognito tab/window

Some users who wanted to bypass the sorry you’ve reached your daily limit to chat bing message recommended using incognito mode. This feature allows you to browse privately without keeping your search history.

incognito-chrome there was a problem playing this video

This can assist you in asking more than 15 questions, and the bot won’t keep track. Most browsers have this feature, so you have to switch to a new incognito tab or window. Also, find out more about the differences between Firefox’s private mode and Chrome’s incognito mode.

3. Create multiple accounts

Another workaround is to have different accounts. This way, you can easily switch to another once you hit your daily limit on one.

This also allows you to ask more than 15 questions as you can easily switch to the other account and continue with the superfluous queries you couldn’t complete in one account.

4. Use other apps

Bing chat AI is not only available on the web version. You can also use it on Android apps, giving you more room to expand your search queries. 

If you have exhausted your limits on the Edge browser, you can move on to your phone. Check out our article on how to integrate Bing chat AI with Edge and Skype mobile.

You can also use Bing chat AI with other browsers if you’ve exceeded your limits with the Edge browser. Hopefully, with these tips, you can get more out of the Bing chat AI.

The technology is still fairly new, and Microsoft is listening to users as they make more improvements. For instance, the 15 daily limit is an upgrade from 5, so it’s likely more will be added in the future. At the moment, you have to make do with the limits or use the tips presented above.

We’d love your feedback on Bing chat AI and how you’re coping with the limits in the comment section below.

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