Speech therapy/language training software for Windows

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Speech therapy software
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Language training or speech therapy software assists individuals to regain their speech skills that have been impaired due to brain injury, strokes or learning difficulties.

Fortunately, these days our computers are able to help us with communication, and they can provide necessary therapy to those in need who have issues with their communicating and understanding abilities.

Such speech therapy programs are able to maintain progress following speech therapy, and they can also help patients boost their self-esteem which is an essential factor to consider.

There are various speech therapy tools out there, and we gathered five of the best ones.

Speech therapy software for better articulation skills

  1. Bungalow software

The Bungalow speech and language software works pretty similar to the way a speech therapist provides this kind of therapy.

The program is based on clinically proven therapy techniques, and until now, it managed to help more than 20,000 patients.

Take a look at the most important features of this speech therapy software:

  • The program prompts the patient with a cue that can be a picture, a spoken question, a movie or a story.
  • The patient will respond by answering a question.
  • The software evaluates the answer, and it provides feedback.
  • The patient can try again and again until they provide the right answer.
  • This program can help patients improve their speech and language skills as well.
  • The program is interactive, and it provides feedback and helpful hints for the patient.
  • Patients can work with Bungalow at the limit of their ability to make some real progress.
  • Patients are able to work at their own pace.
  • The program can be used both at home or in the clinic.
  • Bungalow can provide fantastic home therapy practice.
  • The software can help extend speech therapy.

Bungalow’s programs mimic perfectly the practice speech therapy that experts use with their patients.

2. Video Voice Speech Training System

The Video Voice Speech Training System is able to turn your computer into a robust, comprehensive speech development tool.

Its therapist-defined content and the adaptable operation of this service make it really useful for ages ranging from early childhood to geriatric.

Take a look at the most impressive features that come along with this software:

  • This is an innovative and flexible speech therapy software.
  • You will get regular software updates for free.
  • The latest release includes a new International/Simplified operating mode.
  • This service offers a wide variety of entertaining, motivational, and graphics displays.
  • It also includes lots of games and many apps for developing speech skills.
  • There is visual feedback on volume, pitch, vowel production and more.
  • The multi-frequency displays will help work on high-frequency sound distortions.
  • This software is easy to learn and navigate.
  • It comes with built-in documentation.
  • The mouse tool tips and more visual cues make using this tool effortlessly.
  • It also provides recommended strategies for success.

The displays and games improve therapy results with speech issues that are related to apraxia, autism, head injuries, strokes, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, mental or emotional challenges, oral motor articulation deficits and more disabilities.

3. lingWAVES

This is a leading tested product for voice and speech analysis, documentation, and biofeedback. lingWAVES managed to become one of the most popular systems for professional voice and speech analysis on the market.

Check out the service’s most important features below:

  • The program is a combination of standard and the latest technical analysis.
  • It mixes processing together with an easy handling.
  • This system includes different modules that are managed by this software’s user interface.
  • A client manager will allow a patient based analysis and documentation, comparing the results over time.
  • A wide range of users is able to use this system’s speech and language therapy.

The program comes with a really easy to use interface, and this is one of the reasons for which the service has become so popular. lingWAVES includes modules that are all managed by the single Voice Diagnostic Centre interface.

4. React 2

React 2 is created by a team of professional speech therapists and also IT experts who all combined their medical experience and software development skills. The program successfully addresses real-life challenges that people are facing with aphasia after a stroke or a head injury. Take a look at the program’s most important features below:

  • It allows users to work at their own pace and also in their own time.
  • The program is an interactive online tool that works for home users and healthcare professionals.
  • It provides more than 8,000 exercises to choose from.
  • It can be used by patients at all levels, and everyone can get a tailored program of activities.
  • Patients are able to monitor their own progress with how their speech therapy is coming along.
  • Patients are also able to see their results in the result section, and they can see exactly how they are doing.

React 2 provides speech therapy exercises for Aphasia after stroke or brain injury, Communication Disorders, Learning and language difficulties in both adults and children, Autism, Down’s syndrome, Dementia and more.

The program is designed for every patient’s needs, and they can get frequent and intensive therapy exercises in their own home created by experienced professional therapists.

5. Fast ForWord

This speech therapy software provides extra processing and listening practices. The software targets the processing-based deficits that cause speech delays in children. Take a look at the most helpful features that are included in this program:

  • It is excellent for speech-sound disorders that involve problems with articulation, sound patterns, inability to relate stories and so on.
  • The program can also help patients overcome childhood apraxia of speech which is a motor speech disorder.
  • It can help children who know what they want to say but are not able to do it, overcome their problems.
  • The system can also eliminate stuttering which affects the fluency of speech.
  • More benefits if using the software include better reasoning, perception, and knowledge.
  • Improved listening will allow the child to enhance the ability to hear how others communicate and over time this will translate into better overall communication with the others.

Speech and Language pathologists have adopted the Fast ForWord software as a speech therapy program. Now it can also be found online, and it is able to improve language processing skills by using self-paced exercises that will work great. Patients who use this software will find it easier to participate in conversations, will experience significant vocabulary gains, improved articulation and conversational skills as well.

These are the five best speech therapy programs that are compatible with Windows and that are able to be used at home by the patients themselves and by their families.

All of them come with their own features targeted at specific speech issues that have developed due to all kinds of reasons. You will have to take into consideration the exact speech problem you or a member of your family have before being able to pick the ideal speech therapy software for helping you/or loved one overcome the current health-related issues.

Good luck!


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