5 best speech therapy software for Windows 10

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Speech therapy software is used by patients to practice at home in between sessions. It can help them improve their language on their own. Such digital tools are becoming more commonly accepted these days as legit forms of home practice, maximizing the benefits of speech therapy.

Speech therapy software is becoming increasingly popular because patients are presented with tons of ways to make the most of their practice time.

On the other hand, speech therapy software can help business improve their operational, clinical and billing functionalities and efficiency. Such tools help practices, and health centers eliminate all the time-consuming paperwork and improve the clinical productivity.

Here are five of the best speech therapy tools that come with extremely useful features for both patients and businesses.

5 speech therapy software to improve sound articulation

1. PT Practice Pro by PT Billing Solution

This is a fully-integrated Practice management program that is explicitly designed for Rehab sciences, and it can provide solutions and growth. PT Practice Pro is a really evolved practice management software.

It is a web-based system that allows patients’ practice to handle documentation, reports, scheduling, and billing. Check out the program’s most important features:

  • The software is best used in practices that focus on the Rehabilitation Sciences.
  • It serves all disciplines from Physical Therapy all the way to Aquatic Therapy.
  • The program comes with fully customizable documentation.
  • It provides scheduling features that allow doctors and staff members to schedule appointments.
  • PT Practice Pro has an easy-to-use interface.
  • It is one of the most robust and reliable systems on today’s market.

With this program, you don’t need to manage multiple systems together. The PT Practice Pro also comes with features including auto posting ERAs, care plan management, insurance management, patient records, patient scheduling and registration, progress tracking, and practice management.

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2. APTA Connect by Cedaron Medical

This is an occupational and speech therapy practice management system that comes with CPT codes, libraries of diagnosis and assessment tools. APTA Connect is one of the best on-premise practice management solutions for rehabilitative practices of all sizes. Take a look at this tool’s essential features:

  • It focuses on methods that provide medical services including physical therapy speech therapy, and occupational medicine.
  • APTA Connect is built around an Electronic Medical Records app that offers procedure workflows, a patient portal, and tablet support.
  • Entering patients’ data via point-and-click drop-down menus is effortless.
  • The tool comes with a scheduling module that allows you to view schedules by the clinic, therapist or clinician.
  • APTA Connect comes with a picture archiving system.
  • Users can upload and store any types of documents or images from a patient’s medical record.
  • The system also includes a full library of diagnosis codes.

The tool comes with integration with hospital HER, billing and patient permanent medical records. You can use this tool specifically for rehab with lots of features for the physical, occupational and speech therapists as well without having any issues communicating with the central hospital system. The automated processes will save therapists and administrators lots of time.

3. Mercury Medical by CrisSoft

This is a modular medical solution that offers credential management, patient record management, appointment scheduling and claims processing. Mercury Medical is a practice management solution ideal for a variety of specialties and practices provided on SaaS or On-Site. Take a look at the most impressive features of this system:

  • It allows users to customize solutions with an easy interface.
  • Mercury Medical has 63 reports that are configured with filters and that provide data analytics.
  • It lets users supplement business decisions.
  • It comes with business-intelligent reporting that can offer information to negotiate contract terms and ensure compliance.
  • The interface of this system integrates with electronic clinical systems.
  • Users can also manage bundled payments.
  • The program is entirely HIPAA compliant.

This solution comes with a table-driven interface to meet operational designations for any RCM process including CMS 1500 and UB04 claim requirements. This is an excellent solution for billing companies that are looking for a reliable and proven professional Accounts Receivable solution that drastically reduces processing times, shortens payment cycles and increases cash flow.

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4. ReDoc powered by xfit Software

ReDoc powered by xfit Software is a cloud-based rehab therapy documentation, scheduling and practice management software. This is a fully-integrated solution from Net Health, and it drives PT, OT and SLP workflow that helps practices move through the day quickly and efficiently. Here are the best features of this software:

  • It ensures compliance and boosts efficiency.
  • It supplies enough tools to grow the revenue.
  • It provides users access to over eleven million therapy episodes of care.
  • The program is straightforward to use and very functional.
  • ReDoc powered by xfit Software is flexible and adaptable to your clinic procedures.
  • The program gets regular updates and security measures.
  • This solution includes functional assessments and configurable workflow.
  • ReDoc powered by xfit Software comes with options such as integrated fax management, appointment reminders, and an integrated home exercise program.
  • It comes with an excellent infrastructure for communication and issue resolution.

Besides software, more services are available such as the one for billing and collections and workflow optimization consulting. This program will turn out to be all you need for scheduling, billing and electronic medical records.

5. Optima Therapy by Optima Healthcare Solutions

Optima Therapy by Optima Healthcare Solutions offers streamlined workflows and compliance tools to improve clinical, operational and billing efficiencies. This cloud-based solution provides electronic medical records, patient scheduling, and billing to speech therapy, physical therapy, and rehabilitation practices. It is ideal for practices of all sizes. Check out its essential features below:

  • It provides case management features.
  • Optima Therapy includes integration with software such as MatrixCare, PointClickCare, and HealthMEDX.
  • You can use this program to set up therapy plans based on various disciplines and diagnosis codes.
  • It comes with automated scheduling tools.
  • The system includes configurable calendar views.
  • It provides capacity alerts for therapists.
  • You can enter therapy notes while you are offline and they will be synced once you go online.
  • You can use the tool to manage billings, denials and appeals, eligibility, invoicing, and e-signatures.
  • The business intelligence module offers reporting and role-based dashboards.
  • Users can access features using Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Overall, Optima Therapy is the leading therapy management solution for contract therapy businesses and skilled nursing facilities as well. It comes with integration with more than thirty software systems, and it will help your business thrive, and your patients get the best care. The system is easy to deploy, and it comes with customizable and secure functionalities. It’s continuously updated in order to comply with regulatory requirements.


Here is where our roundup of five best services for speech therapy comes to an end. Each solution presented above comes with its unique set of features targeted at different needs and clients.

Analyze them all and choose the one that seems the best suited for your needs and for increasing your medical business efficiency and productivity and for helping your patients.

All these software solutions provide most necessary tools to run your practice and to help you deliver the best quality medical care. Speech therapy software and services also help you communicate better with compliant documentation and boost workflow and efficiency between the financial and the clinical side of your practice.