Spring Creators Update reportedly coming in the second week of April

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Microsoft usually launches major updates for Windows 10 in April and September, which are otherwise the spring and fall updates. Redstone 4 is the next major update for Windows 10 that has now reached the RTM (released to manufacturers) milestone. As such, Redstone 4 will most likely start rolling out on Windows 10 devices in April 2018.

Microsoft has just signed off the final build for Redstone 4. Build 17133 is the latest RTM version of Redstone 4 that Microsoft is now sending out for pre-installation on devices. However, the software giant still needs to check for any issues in build 17133. A post on the Windows blog stated:

We’re just now beginning the phase of checking in final code to prepare for the final release.

As such, the Redstone 4 update, which might otherwise be officially titled the Spring Creators Update, is almost upon us. First, the update will roll out for the Windows Insider software-testing program, which has various rings categories, before a more general release. The update could start rolling out more generally from April 10.

The latest update includes some exciting new things for Windows 10. Timeline, which was left out of the last update, is perhaps the most notable new addition to the platform that Redstone 4 will deliver.

The Timeline is basically a history of your recently opened apps on all Windows 10 devices from which you can then open the software again. 

Aside from the Timeline, the latest update will add new options to Windows 10. For example, the build’s new graphics settings enables users with multi-GPU systems to select a GPU for software to utilize from the Settings app.

There’s a new Fix scaling for apps option to fix blurry apps with. The update also adds a Stream HDR video option with which you can also check if your device supports HDR. Furthermore, Settings is getting updated with new font management options so you can add and remove fonts from the app instead of Control Panel.

The Redstone 4 Windows 10 update will enhance Edge. The update gives that browser a redesigned hub popup for bookmarks, page history, etc. The updated Edge will also include a Mute Tab option on its tab context menu. A new printing option that enables users to print website pages without ads and other superfluous page elements is another handy update addition to Edge.

The update is also bringing Progressive Web Apps to Win 10. Progressive Web Apps are a new type of web app that you can open in a separate window. For example, instead of opening Gmail in browser you could open its PWA in a window instead. Redstone will update Edge to support the required web technologies for PWAs.

So the Redstone 4 update will provide numerous new enhancements for Windows 10 and Edge. Now that the update is at the RTM stage, it’s already available for insiders in the Fast Ring. The rest of us can expect it to roll out from April into the summer. You can check out this post for further Redstone 4 update details.



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