How to install a Windows 11 skin on your Steam app

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Windows 11's new fluent design is one of the features that really stands out when looking at the new OS.
  • However, this fresh design isn't yet available to all the apps we used on Windows 10, as users expected.
  • However, there is now an unofficial patch that you can use to redesign your Steam app and give it the same fluent design.
  • This article contains the full list of instructions needed to download and also apply this software.
Steam Windows 11

We already know that the fresh, fluent look that Microsoft introduced to the world with Windows 11 is much appreciated by many users that were already expecting a whole makeover for Windows 10.

However, since the upcoming OS is still in its testing phase, some apps that we’ve grown accustomed to using still haven’t made it to the new system, or made it and don’t share the same fluent aspect.

We are now going to talk about Steam since it’s such a used app. You might be pleased to know that a Steam user has developed a patch that will bring that Windows 11 look to your beloved application.

Remember that this is not an official Valve software product.

This unofficial patch changes the look of your Steam app

This idea comes from a Reddit user by the name of elpurogamer, who recently shared an image of the patch in action and also added instructions on how to download and use it.

If you also want to use the patch, you have to first download the Metro for Steam skin. After that, you have to swap some files around to get the new look.

To get your hands on this software, head on over to GitHub and follow the instructions that its developer listed.

Also, before you take any action, make sure you read and understand the important specifications about the patch you are about to use.

If you decided that you want to use it and customize your Steam application, the next thing you have to do is carefully follow the steps required for installing it.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Download Metro for Steam 4.4 from official website and Download Inter Font from Google Fonts and install it.
  2. Unzip and drag it in the \Steam\Skins\ folder found in the Steam folder, if it does not exist create it.
  3. Download the latest release of Unofficial Windows 11 Patch for Metro for Steam 4.4
  4. Unzip and replace the files in the folder Steam\skins\metro-for-steam-4.4\
  5. After these steps you must start steam, go to settings, select interface and in this panel you have to choose metro-for-steam-4.4.
  6. Finally restart Steam.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that this is the first release of the patch, so you may run into some bugs.

This patch will bring an Overlay with new icons to adapt to the new style of windows 11, to your Steam app.

The user hat designed this patch also did some work on Steam’s download section, where he also performed a few tweaks and brought the fluent look as well.

So, if you are already using Microsoft’s new operating system and want Steam to look the same as everything on your desktop, download and apply this patch.

Have you already redesigned your Steam app to look more like a Windows 11 native? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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