Steam Deck is coming soon and it is official – Valve announces

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Valve estimates that the first players will soon have access to the new Valve platform
  • It seems very likely that everything will go according to the manufacturer’s plan, and Steam Deck will not have any delays.
  • Fans are in for a good time from what is yet to come if the snippets are anything to go by.

Valve had earlier announced that Steam Deck running on Windows 11 OS will be a walk in the park as it already meets compatibility requirements.

It seems like Valve is going to bring out God of War and you stay in for a good deal if you wait for the platform to launch.

Valve already has Steam Deck on the market, and right now it is only a matter of time. Earlier on, there were some delays but all seems to be good again and the plan is back on track.

Steam Deck is coming

In late 2021, Valve planned to ship the hardware, however, difficulties in the supply chain caused the launch to be postponed. 

Now Valve has resolved all problems and will proceed with delivering a portable proposal according to a predetermined schedule. Soon, people will experience the quality of this device themselves.

Most importantly, we are working to begin shipping the Steam Deck devices on schedule. Despite the global pandemic and the supply and transportation problems, it looks like we’ll be able to have them shipped by the end of February.

Steam Deck is ready for release! Although there are still some bugs to fix, the creators are taking their time so that the application is as reliable and easy to use as possible. 

The Steam Deck team has created a compatibility program that helps players check which productions work with the device. 

There are four factors taken into account: data entry, trouble-free operation, image display, and system operation.

Will you be purchasing Steam Deck once it is released? Let us know some of your top features in the comment section below.