Surface Pro 6/ 7 battery drain issues are only getting worse

by Matthew Adams
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surface pro 7 battery problems

Users have complained about Microsoft Surface device battery issues for years. It does not seem that things are getting much better despite recent firmware updates that were supposed to enhance Surface Pro 6 and 7 battery performance. Numerous users have stated on the Microsoft forum that Surface battery drain has actually got worse since those updates.

Before the updates, some users found Surface Pro 6 battery life to be somewhat shorter than the advertised. However, the most notable complaints pertain to Surface Pro 7 batteries draining with the devices switched off.

The Surface Pro 7 battery life saga continues

One user stated the following:

I have the sp7 i5 128gb 8gb and i average around 5 hours when using the default recommended power plan and 60% brightness. No games, just onenote, word, and edge. I’ve been to the store, they’ve reviewed my cfg battery report and say it’s what’s expected. It’s roughly 50% of the suggested time, but there ain’t no way any sp is getting 10 hours.

Microsoft rolled out firmware updates that were expected to enhance Surface device battery performance. However, some Surface users have said their batteries drained more quickly after those firmware updates.

Microsoft has not provided any kind of official response. In fact, the big M has not even acknowledged there is a Surface battery drain issue.

This is not the first time Surface devices have had battery woes. In 2016, Microsoft released a firmware update to fix Surface Pro 3 batteries draining quickly. That time, however, a firmware update actually resolved the issue. Microsoft cited that the SP 3 battery drain issue was due to its driver not reporting the correct battery status.

How to fix Microsoft Surface battery drain issues

While there is no specific fix for this issue, we recommend checking out the guides below:

So, does lightning strike twice? At the moment, it remains unclear why more recent Surface devices now have battery woes. For now, users are still waiting for Microsoft to give the matter greater attention.

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