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Surfing is one of the biggest beach sports, yet it’s still among the smallest sports game genres. There are precious few surf games on consoles, and even fewer available for Windows. In fact, Climax Studios’ announcement of Surf World Series in 2016 was the first time a major publisher has confirmed the launch of a serious surfing game for consoles since about 2002. Surf World Series will also be coming out on Windows in 2017. The publisher hasn’t confirmed more specific launch date yet, but these are a few other PC surfing games you can play in Windows before the release of Surf World Series.

Are you looking for an amazing surfing PC game? Check our list

  1. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer
  2. Virtual Surfing
  3. Surfingers
  4. California Games
  5. T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage
  6. Surf World Series

1. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer has rated the best surfing game ever. It made a ‘splash’ on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, Windows XP and GameCube in 2002/2003. This is the best surfing game probably because world-surfing champion Kelly Slater provided his own design input to make Pro Surfer the most realistic surfing gaming yet. No two waves are the same in Pro Surfer, which has fluid waves of water for players to pull surf tricks. The game features Kelly Slater’s own narrative and eight other pro surfers for players to select from. It includes real-world events and a diverse range of exotic locations as Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, North America, Spain and even Antarctica across 30 levels. It’s surprising Pro Surfer didn’t kick-start the genre as it’s still one of the most recent surf game titles.

2. Virtual Surfing

Virtual Surfing

Virtual Surfing offers you a realistic surf simulation created with stunning 3D graphics. Immersive elements like the real-time foam generation, breaking waves, and the water splash effects make it possible for you to experience the adrenaline of this sport.

The game allows users to customize their surfboard and characters, as well as enter the wave at the desired position. It features medium size and big waves, so it’s easy to perform various surfing maneuvers by changing the weight distribution of your body on the board. Moreover, you can enter competitions or simply admire the scenery by paddling around and changing the camera to see the surroundings.

Virtual Surfing is compatible with Windows 10 and the minimum system requirements include a 2.5 GHz processor and 4 GB RAM.

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3. Surfingers


Surfingers is an arcade game and it was developed by the producers of the successful Timberman game.

The game allows you to surf in various environments, including snow, desert, caves, or even hell. The goal is to bypass obstacles like ships or pyramids by changing the height of the wave using up-and-down movement. There are over 20 characters you need to unlock and the progressive gameplay is enhanced by surfing sounds, as well as the charming arcade graphics.

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Surfingers is compatible with Windows  7/10 and it requires a processor of 1.0 GHz

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4. California Games

California Games

California Games was the first surfing game launched in 1987 on the Atari Lynx. Ok, so this isn’t really a Windows game; nor is it even specifically a surfing title. It is, in fact, a collection of California sports that consist of surfing, BMX riding, skateboarding, roller skating, and flying disc. However, the surfing in California Games was undoubtedly one of the best sports in which players clocked up points by making well-timed jumps from off the waves. It was a more basic 2D surfing game, but actually lots of fun. The publisher ported California games to various consoles, and you can now play it in Windows with a console emulator or from this page in your browser. Check out this Windows Report post for further details on some of the best retro game emulators.

5. T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage

T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage

Yes, this is another surf game that has never been released on Windows. T&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage was among the first surfing games on non-portable consoles. This game launched on the NES, and the Town & Country surfboard designer sponsored it. As such, Wood & Water Rage includes T&C’s mascot Da Boy characters for players to surf with. In the game‘s Big Wave Surfing section players surf giant waves all the way to the beach. You can also play this game with Windows NES emulators.

6. Surf World Series

Surf World Series

It’s not often it can be said there’s an exciting upcoming Windows surfing game, but Surf World Series is it! As mentioned, Climax has confirmed a Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch for 2017. The game will include five of the most iconic shorelines from Bell’s Beach, Australia to Waimea Bay, Hawaii and six surfers for players to select from. Surf World Series will also have three multiplayer modes and online play that supports up to 15 players. Surf World Series will, at least, certainly have the best graphics ever seen in a surfing game. Climax CEO, Simon Gardner, stated, “Surfing is an amazing sport that’s been pretty underrepresented in games for some time, so we wanted to bring surfing fans a fun, arcade-style experience that’s all about mastering waves and racking up huge high scores.

Those are six games that bring all the thrills and spills of surfing to Windows. When Climax releases Surf World Series, that could be the best surfing game for Windows to date. If Surf World Series has some impact, it might revitalize the surf genre. And on that note, we can wrap it up. We’re quite fond of your opinion, so make sure to tell us about your favorite titles in the comments section below.


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