Syberia 3 bugs: Game won’t launch, FPS drops, and more

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The wait is finally over: Syberia 3 is now live. This adventure game takes you inside a harsh universe full of mystery. After abandoning an island, Kate is found dying on the edge of a river by the Youkole tribe.

Kate and the Youkole tribe get stuck in Valsembor village and must join forces in order to continue their journey. Unexpected enemies and obstacles will make their task very difficult. To make things worse, Kate’s past starts catching up with her.

Many Siberia 3 players have reported that the game is affected by a series of issues, limiting the gaming experience. In this article, we’re going to list the most common bugs reported by players as well as their corresponding workarounds, if available.

Syberia 3 reported issues

Syberia 3 won’t launch

When I launch the game, I get the beginning screen for resolution, etc., then click play. It then goes to a black screen. My computer meets the requirements. Any suggestions or should I get a refund?

PC reboots automatically

Hey guys anyone experiencing this problem when inside elevator at clinic. My system keeps rebooting. I tried lowering resolution, i tried playing in window but every time the same thing occurs. When inside elevator and i push the button my pc reboots. I just want to know if anyone else experiences this. All the other games i play never had this problem.

FPS drops

I have a problem with big FPS drops and at this point, I’m way too disappointed ;/
My computer meets all the requirements: gtx960 and i5 4460, and it doesn’t matter if I run this game on low/high setting, it’s just the same everytime. […] Lags and freezes can be seen sometimes during the cutscenes, and when I want to interact with something

If you’re experiencing low FPS issues, update your graphics drivers. Also, don’t forget to install the latest Windows updates.

Mouse is glitching and blinking

I’m having a horrible time with a glitchy mouse cursor. I’m on a PC, playing with a mouse and keyboard. The mouse cursor is glitching and blinking all the time, and I am unable to select actions properly when hovering over interactive items.

Controller won’t work

OK it says it’s best to play the game with a controller. I have an XBox 360 controller. In the menu it shows what each stick and button does but when I get into the game not one single button or stick works !!! WTF !!! Is there some way to activate the controller ???

These are the most common Syberia 3 bugs reported by gamers. As you can see, for the time being, there are no specific workarounds available to fix these issues.

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If you’ve come across various solutions to fix the bugs mentioned above, feel free to list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.



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