This ultra-small USB module enables fingerprint authentication on any computer

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If you store sensitive and confidential data on your computer and you want to enhance its overall security, you can use Synaptics’ new ultra-small USB module to enable fingerprint authentication. This small device is compatible with any notebook and desktop computer.

You can now stop feeling sorry for not having purchased a computer with an integrated biometric sensor, because this module allows you to outfit any device with one. The dongle is ready-to-use fingerprint module you can connect to any USB port. When you first connect it to your computer, you have to follow an enrollment procedure. After, the only action needed is to touch the sensor with your finger. This turnkey USB dongle can also be used with Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport.

Fingerprint authentication is more secure than typing passwords. Another major advantage of this method is that you don’t have to make efforts to remember multiple passwords, eliminating the risk of forgetting the access password for your computer. The manufacturer further explains that notebook buying cycles are much longer compared to smartphones, and the new USB-based fingerprint module provides a cost effective and simple entry point to  Windows users.

The rapid growth of online payments combined with the critical need for protecting access to PC data for businesses and consumers alike is driving the need for high performance biometric authentication. Our new USB fingerprint reader expands our line-up of PC peripherals, enabling our customers to offer consumers myriad options for adding fingerprint sensing to existing notebook and desktop PCs.

synaptics USB fingerprint reader

Synaptics’ new turnkey USB dongle will hit mass production in the last quarter of 2016, but no information is available about its price.

The manufacturer perfectly aligned its production schedule with Microsoft’s Anniversary Update. Redmond confirmed that fingerprint support for Windows 10 Mobile would land this summer. In this manner, Windows 10 users will be able to access both their phones and computers using fingerprint authentication.


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