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As technology evolved, we realized that we can perform a lot more tasks within the same time window. Ironically, we also ended up understanding that we don’t actually have as much time as before, and that it’s easy to forget the things that you planned on doing.

Given the variables, its no wonder that time management tools, schedulers and calendar tools have become extremely popular.

The only real problem now is centralization, since it is easy to schedule an appointment on one calendar app, and then miss it because you were watching another calendar tool.

Well, that will soon be a thing of the past, especially if you use a tool like SyncGo Desktop Calendar.

What is SyncGo Desktop Calendar and how can it help me?

SyncGo Desktop Calendar, also known as Desktop iCalendar for veteran users, is a desktop tool that anyone can use whose sole purpose is to bring together your Google Calendar, Office365 Calendar, iCloud Calendar on your Windows desktop.

Simply download and install the service, connect it to the appropriate calendar services, and all of the tasks, events and to-dos spread out across those services will be brought together into a single place.

The service is available not just on your desktop, but also on your smartphone as well, and scheduling and deleting tasks can be done from both devices, since two-way synchronization is supported.

Speaking of synching, you don’t have to worry about always being in places with Internet service, since the tool can be used offline, and it will sync and update later with the latest changes.

A calendar tool with an elegant design

Given that this tool will be used mostly for work and productivity purposes, you’re probably expecting some kind of boring UI that is reminiscent of excel tables or spreadsheets, but that isn’t the case.

Those of you that used Windows Vista at some point of their life will probably remember the cool calendar and weather app that they could use that looked ultra-modern on the side of the desktop.

Well, SyncGo Desktop Calendar borrows from that design and greatly improves upon it thanks to the latest GUI (Graphical User Interface) rendering framework.

This makes SyncGo Desktop Calendar clearer and sharper , and it allows you to easily customize the skin of the calendar, such as change the font, color, and background.

Speaking of the old Vista calendar and weather tool, SyncGo Desktop Calendar will also display the local weather conditions for you in the form of a live 5-day weather forecast by using your current location, using Windows’ Location Services.

SyncGo has all the tools a calendar app may ever need

SyncGo Desktop Calendar can be downloaded in to form of an exe file, or as an AWP, but regardless of your choice, you’ll benefit from the same reliable and resourceful tool.

Your calendar can be easily managed at a micro or macro level by shifting between Day, Week, Month, Year, and List Views.

New entries can be added and cancelled events can be removed just as easily via drag-and-drop, and SyncGo Desktop Calendar also lets you print out your entire schedule if you need a physical version at hand.

SyncGo Desktop Calendar

SyncGo Desktop Calendar

Organize your time better and sync all events and tasks you have across several calendar apps into one single elegant UI.

Free trialVisit website

Download SyncGo Desktop Calendar from the Microsoft Store

Closing thoughts on SyncGo Desktop Calendar

Great for syncing events and schedules across several calendar service
Intuitive, minimalist, and familiar design
Available as an exe and an AWP
Lightweight and always at hand
Works offline as well
Highly customizable
Some may not the Vista-like look

Having a busy schedule is something that we all face these days, so keeping track of all events and making use of what little time we have is the closest thing to 100% efficiency as possible.

However, it is impossible to remember everything that you have planned ahead of time, and not everyone can hire a secretary, so a good calendar app that can bring together all other calendar apps is the next best thing.

Thus, if you find yourself in the above-mentioned scenario, go ahead and give SyncGo Desktop Calendar a try. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but you can also test it for free during a 30-day Trial during which you have more than enough time to figure out whether the investment is worth it or not.

Do you need a tool like SyncGo Desktop Calendar in your life? Let us know by leaving your feedback in the comments section below.

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