The Snipping Tool may be broken according to Windows 11 users

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Windows 11 recently launched with new features, but it also has a few hiccups.
  • According to some users, the Snipping Tool is failing to open.
  • The Snipping Tool had received a facelift earlier.

As users are basking in the recently launched OS, it appears that they are also having a share of problems in equal measure. 

The Snipping Tool received a facelift sometime back, but users are now complaining that they are experiencing some difficulties when trying to use it. 

The Snipping Tool had huge improvements, such as dark mode and other key features for Windows 11.

Launch issues

While the OS is fairly new, it turns out that the Snipping Tool is unable to launch. The problem appears to be widespread given the number of users who have complained about the issue.

Users are getting the message ‘This app can’t open. A problem with Windows is preventing Screen Snipping from opening. Refreshing your PC might help fix it.’ whenever they try to launch.

Only for a while

Discussion forums have plenty of users sharing similar predicaments on the issue, but Microsoft is yet to issue a statement on the same.

Users on this thread seemed to share similar sentiments as they tried to offer each other tips and tricks on how to work around the issue.

Temporary solution

Users seem to have found an easy bypass, but only if you upgraded from Windows 10. Apparently, you can use the Windows 10 version of the Snipping Tool if you still have Windows 10 on your device.

Check C:/Windows.old/Windows/System32/SnippingTool.exe and see whether you still have access.

While the OS is still in the roll out, it is impossible to map out those who are affected and those who aren’t affected by this hiccup. The update should, however reach all eligible devices by Summer 2022. 

You can check whether your device meets the system requirements on the PC Health Check app. 

Have you experienced any problems with the Snipping Tool? Let us know in the comment section below.