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A good number of Mozilla’s Thunderbird users have been reporting problems in Windows 8.1. We go through some of them and report them to the community below.
mozilla thunderbird windows 8.1
Mozilla’s Thunderbird is compatible with Windows 8.1, but there are some versions that seem to be creating problems for some Windows 8.1 users. One of the users says that Thunderbird was working with Windows 8.1 but after switching to Thunderbird 24.2, it has stopped working, new mails weren’t arriving and it could not connect to server.

Thunderbird was working with Windows 8.1 but when I upgraded to Thunderbird 24.2 it stopped receiving new mails and could not connect to server.

I’ve check the Thunderbird forums and found that there was a very simple cause that was generating this problem. Also, some Windows 8.1 users have been reporting similar problems when playing the online game Grepolis. The solution is just to check with your firewall and make sure it isn’t blocking Thunderbird. Let us know by leaving your comment if you are having other problems with Thunderbird in Windows 8.1 and we’ll try to find a working fix together.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows 8.1

How to fix various Mozilla Thunderbird issues in Windows 10 (Update)

Here is a little round up for the most annoying and often-seen errors that appear in Windows 10. Don’t worry, we also have the right solutions in order to fix them inside the links below:

These are some of them but there are always more that can occur. In case you have too many troubles with Mozilla Thunderbird, you may consider switching to other mail client app. If you do, we have gathered the best mail clients and apps for Windows 10 users in this list (+ a brief review).

Also, check What email client is best for Windows 10

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I am working with Windows 10 and finding it takes a LONG time to send mail – won’t let me do anything while it thinks about it for a few minutes. Is there a quick answer to this? Would appreciate help urgently!

i’m having a problem composing an email while in Thunderbird. Has this happened to anyone else? I have windows 10 OS BTW

A few days ago, following updates in some programs including Java, my computer is ‘weird’ especially Thunderbird which will not open mail with the simple click of a mouse; the only way I can open a mail is to select ‘open in new tab’ from the dropdown menu. Grrrr.

My email responses very slow. Every time, I try to open my email, it shows ‘not responding’ for long time. It is very annoying. What is the possible cause? I just updated my Thunderbird to 31.5 and still shows the same problem. Thanks

Have excately the same problem and am not using Mcafee which I in other forums can see is a challenge. Also when I try to delete mails it hangs. Sometimes so long time, that I need to kill the proces in task manager. Any advice would be highly appreciated, as this will make me look fro other solutions tan Thunderbird for my emails of not solved. Thanks

under 8.1 win -when I click on email link to open automatically, nothing happens even if I go to open in new window. Can you help please?

I have similar problems, just bought 2 days ago a new laptop which (unfortunately) has already windoes 8.1 installed. Now thunderbird remains hanging every couple of minutes and some e-mail folders are not even shown. I re-installed TB with the version 24.5 (after removing the 30) and still show problems

Thunderbird-24.x outright freezes and hangs several times during email downloads on Windows 8.1. It is not the firewall causing problems, because I can connect to the servers and download my emails.

Does anyone have a solution for that?