TurboTax Won’t Let Me E-file Tax Return: 6 Ways to Fix It

Try to update the software when TurboTax e-file isn't working

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Key notes

  • TurboTax won't let me e-file - this issue can arise due to how you’ve filled the form, outdated TurboTax software, conflicting software, or even an outage.
  • If the TurboTax server is not found, there could be an outage, which you can check at various outage-monitoring websites.
  • Closing all background programs might also help you fix the e-filling problem on TurboTax.

TurboTax is a U.S. tax return application and web app widely utilized in the United States, providing excellent accessibility to its users.

However, some clients have said the same thing on the TurboTax support forum. TurboTax is not letting me file return forms – is what they claim – with the software or web app.

If TurboTax e-filing isn’t working for you, check out these proven solutions to resolve it quickly.

Does TurboTax allow you to file electronically?

Rest assured that TurboTax allows you to file your tax return electronically in a few simple steps. The process might sound time-consuming, but this is faster and safer than mailing your tax return since it’s transmitted electronically to the IRS computer systems.

We strongly recommend discovering how the TurboTax app takes care of tax returns and trying it.

Why can’t I e-file my taxes on TurboTax?

Several causes are related to this issue:

  • Browser-related problems – Since common characteristics of the browsers compatible with filing software are privacy and speed, make sure to choose one of the best browsers for Turbotax.
  • Cache and cookies – You may need to clear your cache and cookies, so make sure your return is saved in the account, sign out, then clear the cache and delete the cookies on your PC. Using a cookie cleaner tool will help you to free up space, then you may sign back into your account and try entering your information again.
  • An outage – If the TurboTax server is not found, there could be an outage. Check if the server has outage problems for everyone or just for you.

You should also pay attention to how you’ve filled the form, background software, or outdated TurboTax app (especially with so many users saying: TurboTax won’t let me e-file because of update). Let us guide you step by step and get rid of the issue in no time.

What can I do if TurboTax’s e-filing isn’t working?

1. Try a different browser

Opera turbotax won't let me efile

If you’re trying to e-file a return form with the TurboTax web app, try utilizing a different browser. Opera One is a highly-rated browser that’s compatible with TurboTax. In addition, it is a Chromium-based browser with two extension libraries and one of the most original designs.

When you switch to Opera One, you won’t miss Chrome or Firefox much as it incorporates many unique features. Its battery saver, built-in VPN, customizable Speed Dials, integrated YouTube player, and tab search tool are some of the Opera One features you won’t find in Google Chrome.

Other useful Opera One features:

  • It includes an integrated YouTube player within its sidebar
  • Let’s you create workspaces and tab islands
  • Opera One’s built-in ad blocker removes ads for faster browsing
  • Offers a native AI and modular AI-ready design

Opera One

Never encounter e-filling problems on TurboTax by using this great browser software today.

2. Check your tax form

You should double-check how you’ve filled out your return form. A few non-IT issues can stop users from e-filing their return forms. You can’t e-file a TurboTax return form if it:

  • It doesn’t include any taxable income
  • Includes non-final forms
  • Includes override (you’ll need to undo them)
  • Includes a W-2 in which box 16 has a value greater than box 1 or you leave box 1 blank
  • It contains schedules and IRS forms that aren’t among those accepted on the IRS Forms and Schedules list
  • The form is for amended or prior-year returns

3. Check if TurboTax is down

It might just be that TurboTax is down when you’re trying to e-file a return form. To check if there’s a general outage, open Downdetector for TurboTax.

That page tells you if there’s any notable TurboTax outage. If there is, wait a day or two, and then try e-filing your form again.

DownDetector turbotax won't let me efile

4. Update TurboTax

TurboTax won’t let me file without upgrading – that’s what some users claim, but before getting there, make sure your TurboTax software actually is fully updated by clicking its Online menu option. Then you can select the Check for Updates option on that menu.

TurboTax will then check for and install available updates. You can also manually update the Windows software via this TurboTax Help page.

5. Close all background software

  1. Right-click the taskbar to open a menu from which you’ll need to select Task Manager.
  2. Click the Processes Task Manager tab to select it.
  3. Select programs listed under Apps, and click the End task buttons for them.
    The Task Manager turbotax won't let me efile
  4. Some programs might be listed under Background processes. If you see any third-party programs listed, click their End task buttons to close them.
  5. Also, check if background programs are on your system tray (on the right of the taskbar). Right-click system tray programs and select the Exit options on their context menus to close them.

6. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies

Google Chrome

  1. Click the Customize Google Chrome button on the very far right of that browser’s URL toolbar.
  2. Select the More tools submenu.
  3. Then select the Clear browsing data option.
    Chrome's Clear browsing data tool turbotax won't let me efile
  4. Select the Cached images and files checkbox.
  5. Click the Cookies and other site data option to select it.
  6. Press the Clear data button.


  1. Click the Open Application Menu button at the top right of Firefox.
  2. Select Settings on the menu that opens.
  3. Click Privacy & Security on the left side of Firefox’s Settings tab.
  4. Then press the Clear Data button to open the window in the snapshot below.
    Firefox's Clear Data tool turbotax won't let me efile
  5. Select the Cached and Cookies options on that window.
  6. Click the Clear button.


  1. Press the Alt and F keys at the same time in Edge.
  2. Click the Settings option on the menu.
  3. Then click Privacy, search, and services on the left side of Settings.
  4. Press the Choose what to clear button to open the tool below.
    Edge's Clear browsing data tool turbotax won't let me efile
  5. Select the checkbox for Cookies and other site data.
  6. Click the Cached images and files checkbox to select it.
  7. Press the Clear now button to erase Edge’s cache and cookie data.
Note icon NOTE
This resolution is specifically for users trying to e-file returns with the TurboTax web app. Also, note that cookies must be enabled in browsers so that the CAPTCHA appears.

Those resolutions for fixing TurboTax e-filing are undoubtedly worth a shot. However, if you still need other potential fixes, contact TurboTax’s support on its Contact Us page.

And since we know how challenging it is for business owners to do all the accounting work, we encourage you to check out the best tax filing software for small businesses.

Please let us know your pick in the comments area below.