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As a business owner, you need to file your business tax returns regularly. This can be an arduous and time-consuming task. One major thing is, you have to fill it one after the other accurately and timely.

However, technology has made tax filling as there is numerous tax filling software available.  One advantage of this software is they enable quick automated filling of software which enables you to easily focus on running your business.

Windows Report has compiled some of the best tax filling software which enables the quick and accurate filling of tax.


File your business taxes with these tools


Turbo Tax

best software to file business taxesTurbo Tax is a popular tax software commonly used by small business owners and partnerships. The major advantage of this software is the free federal and state filling options on offer. TurboTax also enables you to create unlimited W-2 and 1099 forms, documents for partners and shareholders.

Meanwhile, you can also request for expert tax advice from tax personnel about your tax situation. It also makes easy for users to prepare taxes for multiple business clients in one place. After filling your tax TurboTax displays a final review of your tax returns prepared with the advice of a CPA agent.

However, TurboTax lacks personal tax features as it only offers business prep version; secondly, the software takes time to install. Turbo Tax cost $169 and offers five free federal tax returns filling as a bonus.

    –  Get now TurboTax from the official website (free)


H&R Block

best software to file business taxesRanked as one of the best software solutions to file business taxes, this popular tax software enables you to fill your tax online easily. Users can easily import data from other tax software and have their custom tax files on the software. H&R enables you to file your tax returns directly to the IRS.

Meanwhile, the software has a unique feature in which you can request to have your tax returns checked by their tax professional for free. In addition, H&R is very easy to install and use, with the program giving users relevant information on financial transactions like buying a car.

However, the major downside of the software is the compatibility problems with printers and some regions are exempted from the software; hence, this may cause difficulty in filing tax returns for those regions.

Furthermore, H&R Block is available in different packages as the self-employed online tax filing costs $74.99 with an additional $36.99 per state filed.

Download H$R Block




TaxAct is an extensive tax filling software that offers many features. Some of its features include audit support and tax prep product for various business. TaxAct is particularly good for small businesses as it enables you to file one federal tax return.

Also, the software is secure as your transactions are encrypted to prevent leak of your personal details. Meanwhile, their customer support is topnotch with email and phone call option available with a specialist which assist with your complaints and requests.

However, the noted downside of this software is that, you need to pay an additional fee to import data from previous year tax returns. TaxAct cost $44.95 with an additional $37 per filling of state returns.

Download TaxAct


Liberty Tax

best software to file business taxesThis software to file business taxes is known for its excellent services rendered. With Liberty Tax, it is easy, accurate and secure to fill tax properly. The software has an excellent user interface which enables users to choose which aspects of the task returns to work on.

Another unique feature is Liberty Tax does not incorporate complex steps. You can easily fill your tax in about 10 minutes with 100% assurance.  The software double-checks your tax returns and ensures your tax return is accurate.

In addition, Liberty Tax has excellent customer support with live chat, email and social media options available. You can also meet one on one with a customer support personnel in any of their 3000 branches worldwide.

However, the major snag of this software is that, sometimes errors are not flagged out until the end of the tax filling process; this makes the customer start the process from the beginning. Liberty Tax is available to get at a cost of $70 and offers good value for money.

Download Liberty Tax



taxslayer tax filling software

If you are self employed and want an affordable tax filling software, TaxSlayer is the recommended software for you. The software enables you to easily prepare and fill your taxes on the go with your Windows PC or your mobile device.

TaxSlayer is easy to navigate as the features are easy to access with all the features arranged properly in the user menu. One major feature that makes the software an attractive option is the refund policy.  This guarantees you the maximum fund entitlement applicable to you.

However, this best software to file business taxes has limited features when compared to other tax filling software; although, this is understandable due to its cheap price.

Also, Tax Slayer comes in two versions the self-employed filling cost $40 and the premium option cost $35 and offers VIP support as a bonus to users.

Download Tax Slayer


eSmart Tax


eSmart Tax Premium is an ideal tax filling software for small business owners. You can easily prepare your tax returns and fill your 1040 form properly with the program. The software is secure and encrypts your information to prevent your information from leaking.

In addition, eSmart Tax also enables you to import W-2 file information and gives you a review of your previous tax returns. With this software,you can check your credits and deductions in search of an ideal refund.

Meanwhile, this program does not have extensive features unlike Turbo Tax and H&R. But the software is available for download at a cost of $58.95 and provides 100% accuracy in tax filing.

Download eSmart

If you have any experience using any of thesebest software to file business taxeswe mentioned above. Please leave a comment below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.