Twitch unable to reset password: Here’s what you need to do!

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Twitch unable to reset password

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Twitch brought millions of viewers and thousands of streamers together making the latter pop stars of modern society. However, although the platform usually works without major issues, some Twitch users were unable to reset the password after a lot of tries.

The procedure is as simple as it usually is with all account-based services, but, seemingly, it just won’t work for some. Firstly, make sure you navigate to the Password Reset Request page, here, and try from there. If that doesn’t help, follow the steps below.

How do I reset my password on Twitch?

1. Clear browser cache and cookies

Chrome and Mozilla

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Delete to open the “Clear browsing data” menu.
  2. Choose “All time” as the time range.
  3. Focus on deleting ‘Cookies’, ‘Cached Images and Files‘, and other site data.
  4. Click on the Clear Data button.Twitch unable to reset password

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Edge.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.
  3. Check all the boxes and click Clear.

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2. Try another browser

  • If you are, for some reason, unable to get the access to the password reset section on one browser, we suggest switching to an alternative. There might be a temporary bug in the current version of Chrome and Mozilla, so we highly suggest switching to UR Browser. This is a privacy-oriented browser that brings all the features of Chrome, while not sacrificing online safety.
    Editor's recommendation
    ur browser
    • Fast page loading
    • VPN-level privacy
    • Enhanced security
    • Built-in virus scanner

  • On the other hand, you can factory reset Chrome or Mozilla and try resetting the Twitch password that way. Here’s how to do it.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Click on the 3-line menu and select Help > Troubleshooting information.
  3. Click on the Refresh Firefox button.Twitch unable to reset password
  4. Confirm selection to reset Firefox to its default values.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click on the 3-dots menu and open Settings.
  3. In the Search bar, type Reset and scroll down until you reach the Restore settings to their original defaults option.
  4. Click on the said option and then click Reset settings.Twitch unable to reset password

3. Send the ticket to Twitch support

  1. Finally, if none of the previous steps fixed the issue, we are most likely looking at the server-related issue or temporary bug with Twitch. The only way to proceed, if you are in a hurry, is to send a report ticket to Twitch and ask for the email link that will allow you to reset your Twitch password.
  2. You can send the report ticket to Twitch support, here. Just fill in the form and wait for the answer.Twitch unable to reset password

That should be enough to allow you to reset your Twitch password. If you are still unable to reset your account password on Twitch, we suggest waiting for some time and trying again on the dedicated link, here.

Twitch unable to reset password



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