10+ best USB-C to micro USB adapters to get today

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USB-C Micro-USB adapters

USB-C connector is slowly becoming a standard and we already saw desktop computers and laptops that use this type of connector. USB-C standard is similar in size to micro USB, and today we’re going to show you the best USB-C to micro USB cables and adapters.

What are the best USB-C to micro USB cables and adapters?

Cable Matters USB C to Micro USB Cable

  • Connects a computer with a Type-C port to a smartphone, tablet, digital camera, and more
  • Supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps
  • Lightweight USB C to USB Micro cable is easy to handle
  • Braided jacket design
  • Fully shielded
  • May have problems working on controllers

Topping off our list is the Cable Matters USB to Micro USB cable, and for good reason, since it balances performance and design.

You can use it to power the battery of a device, or use it to connect two devices together, such as your phone to your PC.

The cable is sturdy and covered by a sturdy braided jacket that offers both physical resistance and isolation from external power influences.

Ailun USB Type C Adapter 5-Pack

  • Meets all USB-C technical standards
  • Easily turn USB-C port into a Micro USB port
  • The type-C adapter has a 56k ohm pull-up resistor
  • It is tested and inspected to meet USB C standards
  • Constructed with high-quality materials for maximum reliability and durability
  • They can be easy to lose

If you’re not much into bulky cables and are only interested in the adapters per say, then you should give the Ailun USB Type C Adapter a try.

Not only is it small and portable, but it also comes with a small keychain, allowing for even easier transportation than before.

Additionally, the order comes with 5 adapters, so you can use multiple devices at once, or have replacements at hand if one gets broken or lost.

UGREEN USB C to Micro USB Adapter

  • Max 480Mbps data syncing rate
  • Support QC 2.0 and Huawei FCP quick charge
  • Convert a Micro USB port to a female USB Type C
  • Reduce the number of cables that you need to carry around
  • Widely compatible with Micro USB 2.0 mobile phones or tablets
  • Better at charging than at data transfer

Yet another small-sized USB-C adapter, the UGREEN USB C to Micro USB Adapter is great if you have plenty of USB-C devices, but lack the necessary number of chargers or data transfer cables compatible with them.

Additionally, they too come with special sockets where you can put key chains, making this adapter easy to carry around and have with you anywhere.

More so, they are quite good at data transfer as well, although they tend to be better at charging.

FANISY Type C USB-C Adapter

  • The adapters meet all USB-C technical standards for use with Type C devices
  • Allows you to connect the adapter into the USB-C devices in any orientation
  • Use it to you can sync, charge and transfer data from your USB-C devices
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones with USB Type-C connectors
  • Type-C port into a Micro USB port for convenient connection
  • Not all adapters are the same in a pack, so you need to find the right ones

By definition, a USB adapter is something that you put on top of a type of USB cable in order to turn it into a different kind, and the FANISY USB C converter follows the definition to the later.

It is purely an adapter of minute size, with no cables or cases or extra features that aren’t actually needed, making them the most compact type of adapters around.

However, they don’t sacrifice size for quality, since they can easily connect your USB-C devices to your non-USB-C chargers or ports.

Fasgear USB C to Micro USB Cable

  • Conforms to Type C Specification version 1.1
  • Tough nylon braided jacket cover the cables
  • Maximum capacity currently reached 3A
  • The transfer rate is up to 480 M/bps
  • NOT compatible with some DJI controllers

Adapters sometimes come in the form of cables as well, and one problem with many cables is how they resist to physical handling and bending.

Well, the Fasgear USB C to Micro USB Cable is made to last, since it is made of ultra-durable materials that will make it impervious to wear and tear and bending damage.

This is all thanks to the high-quality braided jacket, the metallic shell, and isolation measures that ensure no power is lost during transfers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A USB-C adapter is a small device that allows a USB 2.0 cable to connect to a USB-C port, and vice-versa. Check out this list of the best USB-C converters.12

  • Yes, they can, as long as you use a good USB-C to micro-USB adapter.

  • If you don’t have a headphone jack port on your phone, but your headphones do have one, then you will need a USB-C to headphone adapter.

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