How to Use ChatGPT in WhatsApp [Step-by-Step Integration]

Follow these steps to integrate ChatGPT to your WhatsApp

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  • ChatGPT is a powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool that aids language processing and communication.
  • Users can integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp by using the chatbot to send chat conversations generated by ChatGPT.
  • You can integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp by creating a WhatsApp Bot and connecting it to ChatGPT.
use chatGPT in WhatsApp

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ChatGPT is a recently launched powerful language processing Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained to interact conversationally. It is a chatbot that can write essays and reply to conversations based on human knowledge.

An interesting thing is that you can use ChatGPT in WhatsApp by integrating it. Read on to find out how to do this.

Can ChatGPT be integrated into other messenger apps?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that implements advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) for language processing. The chatbot allows users to incorporate the model of ChatGPT into other messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

However, integrating ChatGPT into other messenger apps can be tricky. Nonetheless, users can integrate the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) language model into messenger apps by following the appropriate steps.

How can I use ChatGPT on WhatsApp?

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Users should note that there are chances of WhatsApp blocking them if it detects that the integration is not genuine.

1. Create a WhatsApp Bot and connect it to ChatGPT

  1. Register WhatsApp Business API.
  2. Create a flow or conversation for the chat.
  3. Use a chat builder to create a language model.
  4. Test your chatbot to see if it works as intended, then put the API chatbot on your phone.
  5. Create an OpenAI account.
  6. Go to the API key page, create a new secret key, and click OK to save the changes.
  7. Then, use the OpenAI API to connect to ChatGPT WhatsApp Bot to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp.

If everything goes smoothly with the steps above, your ChatGPT can send responses to WhatsApp users by using WhatsApp API.

2. Set your WhatsApp number using a Python Script and launch ChatGPT at the same time

  1. Download the Whatsapp-gpt-main code from GitHub by clicking on the download button.
  2. Click download zip, and then the file will be downloaded.
  3. Execute the Whatsapp-gpt-main file in the terminal, and then Execute the file from the download in the terminal.
  4. Type the following and press Enter: ls
  5. Then type in: python
  6. After then, your phone number will be automatically configured to the OpenAI chat page.
  7. Check the Verify I am a human box to confirm that you’re not a robot.
  8. Go to your WhatsApp account, and you will find OpenAI ChatGPT.
  9. Try to use the chatbot to see how it responds.

The above steps will allow you to integrate ChatGPT with WhatsApp by using a python script and running ChatGPT simultaneously.

3. Use the SendGPT Chrome extension to send ChatGPT conversations with WhatsApp

  1. Launch Chrome browser on your PC.
  2. Go to the Chrome extension store and search for Send GPT with the WhatsApp extension.
  3. Click Add to Chrome and select Add Extension from the popup box.
  4. Click the Extension from the Extensions on your browser to launch and select Open Whatsapp to access your Whatsapp chats.

Using a Chrome browser extension like SendGPT with WhatsApp allows you to send using ChatGPT.

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In conclusion, this guide has explained the various ways to use ChatGPT in WhatsApp. Should you have further questions or suggestions, kindly drop them in the comments section.

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