Vanquish game bugs: black screen, mouse and keyboard issues, and more

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Vanquish is a revolutionary sci-fi action shooter where legions of future-tech enemies battle against one another for supremacy. As it often happens with many newly launched games, Vanquish is affected by a series of issues that sometimes limit the gaming experience.

In this article, we’re going to list the most common Vanquish bugs reported by gamers, as well as their corresponding workarounds, whenever available.

Vanquish reported bugs

1. Audio issues

Gamers report that the game’s audio settings won’t work. The volume is stuck to zero, leaving them unable to play the game with sound.

I recently bought vanquish and I am unable to raise the volume sliders in the systems menu. They are stuck in zero and are unable to move at all.

Other players complain that the characters’ voices can be a little too low, while the gunfire and the cutscenes are too loud. If you’re also experiencing poor audio balance, check your audio settings. If it’s on 5.1, set it to stereo.

So, im getting an issue where ill either get just the music/soundeffects and no dialoge. Or ill get all three, but the dialoge is so low that the the other sounds overide it. Have messed with sliders etc to no avail.

2. Mouse, keyboard and controller issues

There are quite many mouse, KB and controller bugs affecting Vanquish. For example, gaming keypads are identified as controllers. This causes the camera not to work unless players hold the right button down.

Mice are also detected as controllers. It appears that the controller driver is constantly interfering with the mouse and keypad input. To fix this problem, go to the control panel and disable the controller driver.

3. The game won’t launch

no trouble running NieR: Automata or Bayonetta at all, but Vanquish will not launch at all! My computer more than meets the recommended specs.[…] Vanquish just opens then immediately closes.

If you can’t start Vanquish, try the following workarounds:

  1. Verify the integrity of your game files
  2. Run the game as the admin
  3. Run the game in compatibility mode
  4. Disable overlay programs
  5. Remove all peripherals when launching the game
  6. Install Directx, vc_redist_x86 and vc_redist_x64 in Vanquish’s folder

4. “Failed to create save data” error

Everytime the game does anything saving related(changing the options, auto saving), the game freezes up. I alt+tab out, and I get a write data error “Failed to write save data” message. Any idea to fix this?

To fix this problem, check your antivirus and list the Steam Folder as trusted.

5. Black screen when exiting the game

The game runs great, but whenever I exit to my desktop it’s completely black and I can’t seem to make the picture come back. Anyone else experiencing this?[…] I dont really want to shut down or restart my PC everytime I play.

Switching G-Sync off should fix this problem.

These are the most common Vanquish issues reported by gamers. If you encountered other bugs, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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