5 best video encryption software for Windows PCs

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by Ivan Jenic
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video encryption tools

Audiovisuals are viewed by many as the most credible means of transmitting information. This is especially important in the line of marketing and advertisement. As a result of this, sensitive information are constantly being stored and transmitted in audiovisual format (videos). Hence, there is a growing awareness on the importance of protecting sensitive video files. To secure your video files, video encryption becomes a necessity.

Today, video encryption has been made very easy. Unlike in the past when you need different set of sophisticated tools to encrypt files, there are now several video encryption software, which are equipped to execute this function in a matter of minutes. In this post, Windows Report team has compiled five of the best video encryption software available.

Encryption your videos with these tools


Folder Lock

video encryption softwareFolder Lock is an encryption software that provides encryption options for video files (and other files) on your computer. The software is developed by NewSoftware, which is famous for its durable digital security solutions.

Typically, Folder Lock allows users to encrypt personal files, like photographs, videos, contacts and so on, on their computers. This video encryption software, like most encryption tools, adopts the AES 256-bit encryption system. You are also afforded the opportunity of creating storage lockers for highly sensitive (classified) files (including videos).

In addition, Folder Lock has the capability to connect with any cloud server. This allows you to upload encrypted videos directly from your storage lockers to any connected cloud server. which provides you with a reliable backup option, as changes made to files in the storage locker are synched to the cloud server.

Furthermore, Folder Lock is compatible with mobile devices, most especially Windows Mobile. With this, you can easily encrypt your files from the convenience of your palms, irrespective of your location.

Nevertheless, Folder Lock is free to download. However, you are required to subscribe to a premium plan, before you can access its myriad of features.

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video encryption softwareAxCrypt is arguably one of the best video encryption software in the market. It hosts a set of versatile encryption features, which makes it suitable for both personal and business use. AxCrypt enjoys global prominence, as evident in its diverse client-base.

Besides that, this video encryption software is designed to protect video files against hacks. To do this, it uses different encryption protocols, which range from the simple 128-bit protocol to the more advanced 256-bit encryption, which is widely used by top-grade firms.

AxCrypt hosts a set of tools, which enables it to integrate perfectly with any cloud Storage service, be it OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox. Upon integration, it encrypts the files and folders, backed up on the cloud service(s).

In addition, the software is fairly easy to use, requiring only simple steps to effectively encrypt video files. You are also afforded the opportunity of sharing encrypted videos directly from AxCrypt to your email or other media hubs.

Furthermore, AxCrypt comes with mobile applications which allows you to encrypt and view encrypted video files on your mobile phones and tablets, wherever you are (even on the go).

Nevertheless, AxCrypt offers a free version, albeit with restricted access. However, the premium version (with the full features) is available at an affordable rate of $27 per year.

Download AxCrypt


Idoo File Encryption software

video encryption softwareIdoo File Encryption software is one of the topmost encryption tools in the market, which reinforces the security of video files against unauthorized access. The software is equipped with best-in-class encryption protocols, which can lock, hide or encrypt videos on your computer, as you see fit.

In addition, Idoo File Encryption can encrypt private DVDs, and it can also execute batch encryption of videos. This video encryption software also allows you to monitor access to every video file on your computer. With this, you are easily able to identity when and how your videos were accessed.

Furthermore, this software hosts an advanced encryption protocol (AES 256-bit), which formidably protects all encrypted video files from unauthorized access. Also, the software is equipped with a setup wizard that guides you through the encryption process, from start to finish.

Idoo File Encryption software offers a free trial version, with limited features, for a period of one month. To access the full features, you will be required to pay a one-time fee of $60.

Download Idoo File Encryption software


AES Crypt

AES Crypt software

offer. AES Crypt features a set of advanced security protocols, which make it one of the most durable video encryption tools available. It hosts the 256-bit encryption algorithm, which formidably protects your video files against forced entry or hacks.

In addition, the software host a user-friendly interface, which makes it fairly easy to navigate. Its encryption process is automated and all you are required to do is to input your password, and the software takes over from there. Also, this video encryption software is compatible with virtually all computer OS, most especially Windows OS.

Besides that, AES Crypt is flexibly built, with respect to its open-source nature. This means that, you are able to incorporate additional features into its default setup. The software features a storage bank, which serves as a retention storage for encrypted videos, before synching them to the cloud storage. With this, every encrypted video is securely backed up on the cloud.

In essence, AES Crypt is an effective video encryption software, which is best suited for basic encryption purposes. Its open-source functionality, however, ensures that you can extend the platform, to further enhance the performance of the software.

Download AES Crypt


Password Protect Video Master

video encryption softwarePassword Protect Video master ranks among the best video encryption software. The software basically converts a video file to EXE file format, which is durably protected by a playback password. This ensures that encrypted files are not, in any way, compressed or tampered with during encryption.

Typically, Password Protect Video Master hosts a unique feature, which enables encrypted video files to be played on only authorized computer systems.

With this, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access, as your video files are practically useless on unauthorized computers. There is also a feature, which protects your video files from unauthorized screen capture or recording.

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Furthermore, this video encryption software protects video files with best-in-class encryption system, and you are afforded the opportunity of selecting from a pool of dynamic password formats. Also, certain automated functions can be set. For instance, you can instruct the system to encrypt a particular video file after a specific number of playbacks.

Lastly, Password Protect Video Master offers a free trial version to new users, which is only available for a brief period. Upon expiration of the trial period, new users are subsequently offered the premium plan, which is available for $99.

Download Password Protect Video Master

Have you made use of any of the aforementioned video encryption software? Or do you know of any tools which did not make our list? Feel free to let us know by commenting below.