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We all use all sorts of USB devices on our PCs, but sometimes USB devices can be a security risk. USB flash drives and other storage devices can be infected with viruses, but you can easily protect your PC from USB threats. There are tools that can help you manage your USB devices, and today we’re going to show you the best USB control software for Windows 10.

What is the best USB control software for your PC?

Gilisoft USB Lock

If you’re a home user and you’re looking for an application that can help you prevent data theft, you should consider this app. Using this tool you can prevent storage devices from running on your PC and prevent any chance of malware infection via USB. In addition, you can prevent writing to removable storage and prevent file copying without your permission. It’s worth mentioning that this tool also works with multimedia devices such as Android and iOS devices. Besides removable storage, you can also prevent reading and burning of optical media right from this app.

The software allows you to create a list of trusted devices meaning you’ll be able to use the devices you trust without any restrictions. In addition to USB devices, the application also has a website lock feature. If needed, you can also stop users from changing IP address or disable the network adapter completely. The tool also has a program lock feature and you can use it to prevent users from running certain applications. You can block any third-party application or system applications such as Registry Editor and Task Manager.

The application can also block other devices such as printers, modems, COM & LPT devices, infrared and Bluetooth devices. USB Lock has password protection so users won’t be able to tamper with your security policies. There’s also email notification available, so you’ll know if someone tries to access the application with a wrong password.

This tool has a solid reporting feature so you can keep a close eye on all file operations. In addition, you can also see all removable storage that was connected to your PC along with the list of allowed and denied access attempts.

Gilisoft USB Lock has a simple to use interface but it offers advanced features. The application allows you to set a list of trusted devices, so you won’t have to worry about data loss or malware infection ever again. The software is available for a trial, but you’ll need to get a license to continue using it.

Note: If you find Gilisoft USB Encryptor, do not confuse it with USB Lock. USB Encryptor is another powerful protection tool against any threats, but it uses different algorithms. However, it is up to you to choose the right tool in order to increase your USB protection.

Desktop Central

If you’re a computer administrator and you manage multiple PCs in your network, you might be interested in this application. Using this tool you can automatically install patches on all computers in your network. This feature works with Adobe Acrobat, Firefox, Java and other third-party apps. If needed, you can also choose which applications you want to update. In case there’s a problematic patch available, you can choose not to install it.

In addition to patches, this application is perfect if you need to install certain software on all computers in your network. The installation doesn’t require any user interaction, and you can schedule the installation time, set the parameters and completely automate the process. As for supported formats, you can easily install MSI and EXE applications using this feature.

Desktop Central also supports remote control allowing you to take control over any PC in your network. Remote control is web-based so you can use it from any PC. If needed, you can lock user’s keyboard and mouse in order to stop them from interfering. If you’re working with sensitive information, you can also turn off user’s screen so he can’t see the changes you’re performing. During the remote session you can use Ctrl + Alt + Delete and Alt + Tab commands and transfer files remotely. Of course, 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is available, so your remote sessions will be completely private.

The tool also supports power management so you can easily keep track of power consumption. The tool supports predefined power templates, but you can also remotely turn off screen savers, monitors, hard drives or completely turn off the computer.

Using this tool you can also control the USB devices connected to the computers in your network. The application offers granular control, but it also allows you to enable or disable specific devices. You can also restrict USB usage for all users or all computers in the network to enhance your security. The application works with nine different types of USB devices, so you can easily control them remotely.

The application also has predefined configurations that you can apply to specific computers in your network. If you want to enhance computer performance in your network, you can use many built-in tools such as Disk Defragmenter, Check Disk and Clean Disk. If needed, you can schedule these tools to run automatically ensuring maximum performance from all PCs in your network.

Desktop Central is a solid application if you need to configure all PCs in your network. In addition to computer configuration, you can also control USB devices and protect all network computers. This is a great application, but it’s aimed towards network administrators and advanced users. If you’re just a basic user that wants to control USB devices, you might want to skip this software.

Endpoint Protector Device Control

Another application that can help you control USB devices and protect your PC from data theft or malware is Device Control. If you have sensitive information on your PC, you might want to protect them from unauthorized access with this application.

With this tool you can easily monitor, control or completely block USB storage devices. If needed, you can also block the actual USB port so it won’t work with any USB device. After you define your device policy, you can easily monitor all ports and devices on your remote computers. If needed, you can block devices or enforce encryption in order to protect your files. In case any security policy is violated, you’ll get an instant report via email.

The application allows USB port monitoring and lockdown for all major desktop platforms. It’s important to mention that this service has a web-based interface so you can easily monitor USB ports from any device. In addition, the service is simple to setup, and you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes.

The application offers precise control and you can specify which devices can or can’t be used. In addition, you can create device whitelist or define user rights for each user or group on the PC. If needed, you can grant USB access remotely even if the computers are offline. Of course, you’ll get a detailed report about USB usage once you connect back to the network.

Device Control is a solid USB control application, and it’s perfect for network administrators. If you want to try this application out, feel free to request a demo from the developer’s website.

Lumension Device Control

Another great tool for network administrators that can protect your PC from data theft is Lumension Device Control. Using this application you can set security policies for removable storage and optical discs.

The application allows you to see which user is using removable storage so you can easily monitor all endpoints in your network. In addition, you can easily see which endpoints have a removable storage connected to them. There’s also a detailed log so you can see all allowed or blocked events, policies by devices, machine or user and all file metadata. Thanks to this feature you’ll be sure that nobody is installing any malicious applications or copying files without a permission.

If needed, you can also change permissions for USB devices and allow users temporary access. Speaking of access control, you can also completely block all USB storage devices from running on endpoint computers. To enhance the security, you can prevent reading or writing from USB devices and set enforced encryption. Speaking of encryption, the application uses FIPS 140-2 technology to protect your data.

This is a rather useful feature because you can force all users to encrypt their data before transferring it to a removable storage. As a result, all transferred data will remain protected even if the removable storage is lost or stolen. If needed, you can set data limit for file transfer ensuring that users can’t copy large files to removable storage. As a result, you can minimize the damaged caused by data theft. Of course, you can see the list of all files that are written or read from the removable storage or optical drives. Thanks to this feature you’ll always know what type of files are your users copying or running from removable storage.

To protect your network from malware, you can also set the list of trusted devices in order to minimize the chance of malware infection. If needed, you can also set the type of files that can be transfer from and to the removable storage.

Lumension Device Control is a great application that allows you to have full control over all USB ports and devices in your network. This is a powerful tool for network and system administrators, and if you want to try it out you can download the free trial version.

McAfee Device Control

USB storage devices are useful, but they can be a security risk in your network. If you own a business, it’s important to protect your data and prevent any chance for data theft. Using this tool you can easily monitor and control data transfers on all PCs in your network.

The application offers enhanced control management system that allows you to prevent copying of classified data. You can control all USB devices based on their product and vendor ID, serial number, device class, and device name. Using these parameters you can allow data transfer only for specific USB devices that you trust.

McAfee Device Control can completely block removable storage devices or force them to work in read-only mode. By doing so, you’ll eliminate the chance of data theft in your network. The application also offers content-aware protection for removable devices, and there’s full integration with McAfee Endpoint Encryption available. In order to protect your files, the application offers file access protection for removable storage. Thanks to this feature, your files will remain protected even if the removable storage is lost or stolen. If needed, you can also block copying of specific files and eliminate the chance for data theft.

There’s also a Citrix device rule that can block access to local drives, removable storage, printers, optical drives, clipboard, etc. The application can also block read-only files and provide you with detailed information regarding user activity. Speaking of user monitoring, the application works with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator allowing you to keep track of events in real-time. With this tool you can see information such as used data, sender, recipient, timestamp and data evidence. Thanks to this feature you’ll be sure to find about data theft as soon as it occurs.

McAfee Device Control is a great application and it will help you control all USB devices in your network. The application is designed for system and network administrators, so if you want to enhance the security in your network, you might want to consider using this tool.

PA File Sight

Another great application that can help you monitor your files and control USB devices is PA File Sight. Using this tool you can keep a close eye on all your files and see who’s using them. In addition, you can see when a specific file was created, renamed, moved or deleted. In fact, you can also find which user deleted a file and from which device.

Using this tool you can monitor all files or specific files and see even the slightest file changes. In fact, you can also see permission changes as well as both successful and failed actions. To keep an absolute control over the files in your network there’s a real-time monitoring feature that allows you to see changes as soon as they occur.

The application also supports different types of notifications, so you can receive an email or SMS message when a security violation occurs. In addition, there’s support for an SNPP pager, but you can also run any application once the security violation occurs. Of course, all security violations will be recorded in a log file, so you can see detailed information about any infractions.

The application supports remote monitoring so you can easily monitor remote servers with ease. Speaking of which, there’s also a Remote Desktop feature available so you can take control over the remote server and fix any potential issues.

It’s worth mentioning that PA File Sight supports USB control so you can prevent USB devices such as flash drives from running on your PC. The application also works with optical drives, and you can automatically eject them once they are inserted. Of course, you can also automatically disconnect storage devices as soon as they are added or disable AutoRun for drives and optical discs. There’s also support for trusted devices, and to register a trusted device you just have to add its serial number to the list of exceptions.

We also have to mention that this tool supports action URLs, so you can open a specific URL with desired parameters once an infraction occurs. There’s also a Desktop Notifier feature that will show you alerts in the system tray. The application also offers additional types of actions so you’ll never miss an important alert.

PA File Sight is a great file monitoring tool, and it’s perfect for network and system administrators. There are two versions available, Lite and Ultra, and both of them offer different features. Both versions are available for a 30-day trial, so feel free to try them out.


If you’re looking for a USB control software, you might be interested in MyUSBOnly. The application allows you to create a list of trusted USB storage devices so you can rest assured that nobody will be able to copy files from your PC. MyUSBOnly logs all USB activity so you can easily see when removable storage was connected or disconnected from your PC. In addition, you can also see all copied, modified and deleted files.

You can also set up email notifications and receive an email if an unauthorized storage device is connected to your PC. The application is lightweight and almost invisible so users won’t even know that it’s running in the background.

MyUSBOnly is perfect for home users that want to protect their data, but it’s also suitable for business users. The application can keep track of your network PCs and workstations, so it’s perfect for network administrators. It’s worth mentioning that this application requires a password, so users without the password can’t disable it or uninstall it. MyUSBOnly is rather simple to use, and with its friendly user interface even the basic users will be able to protect their PC from data theft.

It’s worth mentioning that this device can block removable storage devices, but it can also disable optical drives and various smart devices. It can also prevent USB Wi-Fi adapters or Bluetooth devices from working. As a result, the chance for data theft using USB devices is almost nonexistent. There’s also a cloud version that allows you to monitor all your computers remotely. In addition, you can also remotely authorize devices for all your computers.

MyUSBOnly is a decent application, and unlike previous entries on our list, it’s simple enough so even the home users can use it without any problems. If you need to protect multiple computers, there’s also a special version optimized for businesses. The application is available for a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, you need to purchase a license or pay a yearly subscription.

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